Franchise Lead Generation: Learn How to Generate Quality Franchise Leads using this Step-by-Step Process

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Let’s assume for the moment that you have a great business idea or maybe you’re already a budding Franchisor with a great concept, a few franchises, some manuals and you’re business model is profitable! And now you’re looking to blow the roof off of your concept and expand beyond your wildest dreams. This eBook focuses specifically on breaking down and teaching you the critical pieces involved in Franchise Lead Generation. You will learn how to attract leads, when and how to advance leads, and how to qualify a lead from the initial email/call/text en route towards opening another one of your franchisees' businesses.

The answer to Franchise Expansion & Growth is found in effective Franchise Lead Generation. Getting a lead to contact you is the very first challenge because franchising is a numbers game and you need to entice potential leads to click or call and take action in your concept. You may have an amazing Franchise, but ultimately, no one will ever know until you entice that potential lead to take action.

Let's not kid ourselves, we are all in sales and selling something, and to massively expand your concept you have to dial in your sales cycle which includes your Lead Generation techniques. The key objective for successful Lead Generation is Marketing to Attract Interest and Action to entice the Lead to Contact You!  This is accomplished by speaking to the lead emotionally and addressing their real-life pains and problems.

First look at your messaging, is it emotional, does it resonate with the lead, are you addressing pain points the lead is experiencing and are you offering a solution? As a Lead, why should I click or call you?  How can your Franchise help me? The question you need to ask yourself when preparing your Lead Generation messaging is – what are the pain points in my Leads Life? Can my Franchise Solve those Pain Points? 

Most Franchisors and businesses invest money into buying leads or investing enormous amounts of money into advertising for leads, yet the majority neglect the most important aspect of Lead Generation – the Messaging. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you this – but nobody cares about how cool your franchise is, or how awesome your business analytics are, or how connected your employees are to your brand and vision. Those are important topics – but not topics that will entice a lead to take action and physically click or call on your Franchise offer.

Your franchise messaging must get leads to reach out and contact you, and that’s achievable once you speak to Leads on an emotional level and address their pains and problems. Your messaging must also offer solutions and when you emotionally connect with a lead using a real pain or problem in their life, and your franchise presents a logical solution – congratulations you generated a Lead! 

Effective and successful Lead Generation is accomplished through developing a lead generation program. Are you a Franchisor or Executive Team Member of a Franchise System interested in the further development of your Lead Generation System; Access the knowledge of a former Franchisor and 20 year Franchise Veteran to teach you How to Generate Franchise Leads; Would access to Proven System Optimization Techniques help you improve your existing franchise system;

The world of the franchisor is often a lonely one and few have a resource or mentor that they trust where they can turn for answers. It's important to remember that all franchise systems need to evolve while being fluid enough to work together with all other micro and macro systems within your franchise.  As a former Franchisor with over 20 years of franchise experience, I learned that success doesn’t come without some pain & failures. It was through those failures that I garnered my deep franchise knowledge and grasp of the critical link between efficiency and profitability. It’s as simple as having relevant systems others can follow easily.


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♦ With over 20 years of franchise experience, I understand that success doesn’t come without some pain & failures, and it’s those painful failures that formed the foundation of my extensive franchise knowledge and understanding the critical link between franchise system efficiencies and profitability.

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