The Journal of the British Archaeological Association

British Archaeological Association., 1904
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Página 132 - Shepherd delivering the lamb out of the paw of a bear, on the right the figure of the pelican in her piety. Two new pillars have been added by Mr. Pearson on the old basement discovered. The carved stones lying on the grass may have originally belonged to the porch. They were found blocking up the lower of the two west windows. Outside the porch...
Página 76 - of Sheffield, meaning, apparently, public meetings of Freeholders or " Burgesses" electing a "Town Collector." A Royal Charter of 1554 established a second body, the " Twelve Capital Burgesses and Commonalty of the Town and Parish of Sheffield...
Página i - Archaeological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, for the Encouragement and Prosecution of Researches into the Arts and Monuments of the Early and Middle Ages.
Página 89 - If the owner, instead of hiding the treasure, casually lost it, or purposely parted with it, in such a manner that it is evident he intended to abandon the property altogether, and did not purpose to resume it on another occasion, as if he threw it on the ground, or other public place, or in the sea, the first finder is entitled to the property, as against every one but the owner, and the King's prerogative does not in this respect obtain.
Página 105 - The next to be placed among the regiment of fools are such as make a trade of telling or inquiring after incredible stories of miracles and prodigies : never doubting that a lie will choke them, they will muster up a thousand several strange relations of spirits, ghosts, apparitions, raising of the devil, and such like bugbears of superstition, which the farther they are from being probably true, the more greedily they are swallowed...
Página 88 - Treasure trove is when any gold or silver in coin, plate or bullyon ' hath been of ancient time hidden, wheresoever it be found, whereof no person can prove any property, it doth belong to the King or to some Lord or other by the King's grant or prescription.
Página 12 - with an exact, though by no means so manifest, enumeration of the associates who, according to the Saga, accompanied Karlsefne's expedition to Vinland, in AD 1007." Finally, Mr. Schoolcraft submitted a copy of it to Chingwauk, an intelligent Indian chief, who " interpreted it as the record of an Indian triumph over some rival native tribe," but without offering any opinion as to its antiquity.
Página 61 - One would think that compositors would be as sick of reading as a grocer's boy is of treacle ; but that this is not the case is proved by the fact, that they...
Página 88 - As to the place where the finding is ; it seems not material, whether it be hidden in the ground, or in the roof, or walls, or other part of a castle, house, building, ruins, or elsewhere.
Página 222 - It must be remembered that these ceremonies are performed by naked, howling savages, who have no idea of permanent abodes, no clothing, no knowledge of any implements save those fashioned out of wood, bone, and stone, no idea whatever of the...

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