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Interstate Land Sales Registration, Office of

Low Rent Public Housing

Research and Technology, Office of Assistant Secretary for
Secretary, Office of

Housing Management, Office of Assistant Secretary for

Housing Production and Mortgage Credit-Federal Housing
Commissioner [Federal Housing Administration], Office of

Assistant Secretary for

Human Development Office

Immigration and Naturalization Service

Import Programs, Office of

Indian Affairs, Bureau of

Indian Claims Commission

Indian Arts and Crafts Board

Inspector General, Office of the

Interagency Classification Review Committee

Inter-American Foundation

Intergovernmental Relations, Advisory Commission on

Interim Compliance Panel (Coal Mine Health and Safety)

Interior Department

Federal Procurement Regulations System

Federal Property Management Regulations System

Fish and Wildlife Service

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24, X

41, 24

24, III

24, IV

24, II

24, IX

24, VIII

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Low-Emission Vehicle Certification Board

Low Rent Public Housing, Department of Housing and Urban

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41, 60

41, 29, 50

29, IV

29, II

20, V

29, XVII

41, 50

29, Subtitle A

29, V

29, IV

43, II

36, VII

37, II

40, IV

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[blocks in formation]

Procurement Regulations System, Federal

Products and Services of the Blind and Other Severely Handi

capped, Committee for Purchase of

Property Management Regulations System, Federal

Public Buildings Service

Public Contracts, Department of Labor

Public Health Service

Railroad Adjustment Board, National

Railroad Administration, Federal

Railroad Retirement Board

Reclamation, Bureau of

Renegotiation Board

Research and Technology, Office of Assistant Secretary for

Rural Electrification Administration

Rural Telephone Bank

St. Elizabeths Hospital

32, VI

29, XVII

29, XX 32A, X 32A, XI 32A, XII 22, VII

9. II

35, I

37, I 6, II

22, III

39, III

39, I

3, IV, V

3, IV; 3A, II
3, IV; 3A, I
6, III

41, Subtitle A

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[blocks in formation]

17, II

32, XVI
13, I

36, V

45, II, IV
20, III

7, VI
15, XX
50, I
22, I

22, II; 41, 7
41, 6

7, XII
18, VIII

Telecommunications Policy, Office of

Tennessee Valley Authority

Trade Adjustment Assistance, Office of

Trade Negotiations, Office of Special Representative

Transport Mobilization Staff, Interstate Commerce Commission

Transportation, Department of

Coast Guard

Federal Aviation Administration

Federal Highway Administration

Federal Procurement Regulations System

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