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Página 183 - This also we humbly and earnestly beg, that human things may not prejudice such as are Divine ; neither that from the unlocking of the gates of sense, and the kindling of a greater natural light, anything of incredulity, or intellectual night, may arise in our minds towards Divine mysteries.
Página 5 - At a Meeting of the President and Fellows of Harvard College in Boston, March 12(A, 1877.
Página 494 - FORCE (MF) Some Early Notices of the Indians of Ohio. To What Race did the Mound Builders belong.
Página 47 - ... rested, and which was subsequently removed by water action, except where thus protected. At any rate we may accept Professor Shaler's conclusion : — ' If these remains are really those of man, they prove the existence of inter-Glacial man on this part of our shore.
Página 77 - All around the inside of the building, betwixt the second range of pillars and the wall, is a range of cabins or sophas, consisting of two or three steps, one above or behind the other, in theatrical order, where the assembly sit or lean down; these sophas are covered with mats or carpets, very curiously made of thin splints of Ash or Oak, woven or platted together...
Página 183 - ... of incredulity, or intellectual night, may arise in our minds towards divine mysteries. But rather, that by our mind thoroughly cleansed and purged from fancy and vanities, and yet subject and perfectly given up to the divine oracles, there may be given unto faith the things that are faith's.
Página 404 - They are separated by ditches of three or four yards, and are made by taking the soil from the intervening ditch and throwing it on the chinampa, by which means the ground is raised generally about a yard, and thus forms a small fertile garden, covered with the finest culinary vegetables, fruits, and flowers...
Página 718 - Under the burnt clay, in each chamber, were found the remains of several human skeletons, all of which had been burnt to such an extent as to leave but small fragments of the bones, which were mixed with the ashes and charcoal. Mr. Curtiss thought that in one chamber he found the remains of five skeletons and in another thirteen. With...
Página 750 - Annual Report of the Curator of the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard College, for 1878-7'J.
Página 698 - Taking all this together, and adding to it the results of our investigations into the military organization of the ancient Mexicans, as well as of their communal mode of holding and enjoying the soil, we feel authorized to conclude that the social organization and mode of government of the ancient Mexicans was a military democracy, originally based upon communism in living.

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