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Professor of Pedagogy in Ohio University, Athens, Ohio,

and Author of "Lessons in Psychology."



Entered, According to Act of Congress, in the Year 1895,


In the Omice of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington.

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HIS book is written, primarily, for the teacher who

has not had the advantage of a higher education. Believing, as the author does, that the history of the United States is second in importance to no subject taught in the public school, it has seemed to him desirable that books should be put within the reach of public school teachers, the study of which would enable them to teach the subject intelligently. Until normal school training is required of American teachers, a considerable part of their training must be obtained through private study. To help them to prepare themselves to teach United States History is the primary object of this book. The author has aimed to treat his subject in such a way that the thoughtful reader, without much previous knowledge of it, could get some insight into the causes that have determined the political history of the country. For this reason, everything that is merely episodical in its nature, such as Burr's expedition against New Orleans, has been omitted. The author has wished to keep the attention of the reader concentrated on those phases of history which it is important for American citizens to know in order that they may perform their duties as American citizens intelligently.

He has hoped also that the book might commend itself to some of that large class of Americans-business


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