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The prices, while well within the current values, are in many cases an advance on those of the former decade. The one certain point in the future of prices for Americana isthey will never be lower, simply because America has yet room to grow in knowledge of her history.


appended are :-explanations of the author's meaning in the many cases of inefficient titles; locations of the districts described in books of travel ; opinions of the press on the worth of the volumes described; biographical notes of authorship. The brief extracts from books usually indicate the point of view (often biassed by a patriotism which is but a synonym for prejudice”) in works on history, politics, social matters, etc. THE ABORIGINES have received special attention; in every case where a work treats of any nation or tribe incidentally, we have endeavoured to draw attention to this portion of the book's interest.

COLLATIONS are given where none have been found already easily accessible, or where an existing collation can be rectified.

A good selection of MAPS, valuable for historical and topographical purposes, is included; excepting the finer series by Jefferys, Moll and other famed geographers, maps appear under their principal geographical title.

Being an American catalogue for Americans, the prices are given in American currency. The advance circulation of the list is entirely to Americans, and we hope we have redeemed our promise made to Americans years ago that our next "Americana” should not be picked in Britain first. How to obtain the books is explained on next page.

The circulation of this list not being confined to known booklovers some copies will fall into hands which have no present use for them; we shall be greatly obliged to those who pass such copies on to any home where books are read.

Those who do not care to part with their copy, but would like a book-loving friend to have one, can favour him and us by sending to Bristol, promptly, his address and twenty-five cents in stamps.






1. QUICKEST; NO EXTRA EXPENSE. PRICES NET CASH. All orders should be accompanied by the

total prices of the lots asked for; should any be already sold, the amount sent for them will be at once returned. International money-orders, drafts on London, greenbacks, or postage stamps

(for fractions of $1), will be accepted in payment. The very large majority of these books will come through the mail at

a ridiculously cheap rate. The few large books which are too heavy we have marked with an asterisk (*). Orders for books marked with an asterisk should say how the books are to be

forwarded. The letter postage from the United States to England is five cents per half ounce. The stamp required is blue,

with Garfield's head. The green stamp with Washington's head is no doubt equally well engraved, but it is for two centsonlyand we have seen it so many times with “threepence to pay " pleasantly added by the postmaster, that we must tell our U.S. correspondents to stick on the blue.

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INVOICE AGAINST DEPOSIT. A remittance, amounting to about 10% of the price, must be sent in

with order. In this case we send invoice shewing total balance, and hold the books for return mail (say 30 days for U.S.) As this deposit secures the books the invoice must be paid in its entirety and to time. The charge for reserving books which are not purchased is 10%.

3. COLLECTION ON DELIVERY. Parcels on which a deposit of 10% has been paid will be sent out to

any American town with which we can make connection through Liverpool; the balance and express charges to be C.O.D.


AGENCIES. Accounts may be opened on receipt and verification of references. BOOKSELLERS abroad will execute orders from this catalogue, they will

be entitled to a commission for their trouble. Orders may also be sent to British agencies. Buyers adopting either of these courses are asked to duplicate their orders by direct advice, it saves a mail in every case. The duplicate to us should state through whom ordered, to provide for the contingency of a similar order per same

mail. Our telegraphic address is “GEORGE, BRISTOL.” The “Bookbuyer's

Code" (Woodward, N.Y.), or the “A.B.C.” may be used, but cabled orders are not promised any priority of mailed orders with remittance.



All imprints not otherwise located are LONDON. Sizes follow the English scale. The standard modern octavo (89) being

the 'demy' (9 inches high). MAPS. Each description of a map begins with the word Map," so

avoiding the possibility of mistaking a map for a book (such cases, caused by too “clever” cataloguing, have become common). We think the most ardent collector cannot mistake any map in this list for a book. The size of each map is carefully statedthe size of the copper, where possible. The measure standing first is that taken parallel to the engraved title.


Otherwise "Whitson's Harbour " or "Plymouth Rock.” Illustrative of Pring's 1603 voyage; see no. 1604.

A Portrait of SEBASTIAN CABOT, following the only original (now

destroyed). Drawn by E. C. Lavars (in 1878, and printed on stone, with a slight tint. Beneath is an extract from EDEN (see no. 639), reciting Cabot's statement to him as to his birth. An octavo leaf, price 25 cents. Drawn for William George and presented by him to the

Bristol and Gloucestershire Archæological Society(vol. iii p. 21); a few extra copies just found.



ADAMS. A Briefe Description of the Whole World, Histoire Naturelle et Moralle des Indes, tant wherein is particularly described all the Mon Orientalles qu' Occidentalles, composée archies, Empires, and Kingdoms, with their Castillan par Joseph Acosta, et traduite par Academies, by George Abbot, late Archbishop Robert Kegnault. Paris, 1598 of Canterbury, elaborate title by W. Marshall. Thick 80, limpvellum, A LARGE COPY, (lower margin 1656 or 1664

of two leaves slightly burnt), brilliant armorial 12°, calf, 1.50

[1 | bookplate of André Felibien, dated 1650, 10.00 [8 One quarter of this quaint little tome relates to "the Acosta. Another; smaller margins, and new found Countries towards the West." Includes

many leaves water-stained, old calf, 4.00 (9 a long lament for “the vaine and wanton use

Relates chiefly to the INDIANS of SOUTH AMERICA : which many of our country-men have of late taken

Acosta was a Jesuit Father, for some time Second up in receiving of TOBACCO.”

Provincial in Peru, Blue Jackets of '61, a History of the AMERICAN NAVY, by Willis J. Abbott, coţiously illustrated Colonizacion de la NUEVA GRANADA en al siglo

Compendio Historico del Descubrimiento y with capital delineations of Sea Fights. N.Y., XVI por el coronel Joaquin Acosta. Large 1887 Thick sm. 4°, navy-blue cloth, an attractive map (including Panama), and woodcuts of anii.

quities. Paris, 1848 volume, 2.00

8°, wrapper, 3.50

[10 The performances and exploits of the FedERAL NAVY during the Civil War graphically described, with

Act for Importing Salt from Europe into the spirited illustrations and a peculiarly nautical Colony of New York in America, 1730. Act binding.

for Preservation of H.M. Woods in America, Aborigines. The Journal of Civilization, Vol I, 1729. Black Letter (all published], woodcuts illustrating the natives In one vol, thin fo, new half calf, gilt, 2.00 [u of America, Australasia, and Africa, and their Actes et Mémoires concernant les Négociations works. 1841

qui ont eu lieu entre la France et les Etats-Unis Impl. 8°, cloth, 1.50

[3 de l'Amérique, depuis 1793 jusqu'à la Convention About a dozen of the articles and a good many of the

du 30 Sept., 1800. 1807
illustrations relate to America: a larger portion
devoted to Australasia and the Pacific.

3 vols, sm. 89, calf, with the Duke of Portland's The Colonial Intelligencer, or Aborigines' bookplate, 2.50

[12 Friend, 1847-1854, comprising the Transactions Voyages and Discoveries in South America : of the Aborigines' Protection Society, Interesting the First up the River of Amazons to Quito, Intelligence concerning Aborigines, Articles upon perform'd

by Christopher d' Acugna, the Second Colonial Affairs, and Comments upon the Pro- up the River of Plata, by Acarete, and the ceedings of Government and of Colonists towards Third from Cayenne to Guiana, by Grillet and Native Tribes, a few woodcuts. 1847-54

Bechamel, two folding maps. 1698 4 vols, 8o, cloth, 8.00 [4 8o, contemporary calf, 8.00

[13 A valuable repository of information relating chiefly “Done into English from the Originals, being the

to the NORTH AMERICAN INDIANS, the Maoris of only Accounts of those Parts hitherto extant.
New Zealand, and the Aborigines of AUSTRALIA The History of the AMERICAN INDIANS, par.

and the South Sea Islands.
"In the nineteenth century the work of aborigina! ticularly those Nations adjoining to the Missisippi,
destruction, like many other processes of civilised Florida Georgia, the Carolinas and Virginia,
art, has been wonderfully expedited; in various containing a complete Indian System, with Des-
petrated, and the slighted fact causes far less cription of the Floridas and the Missisippi Lands,
emotion than is often exhibited when a minor by James Adair, an Indian Trader and Resident

catastrophe has befallen any private individual." Forly Years, fulding map. 1775 Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences 4°, calf (voided centres), 25.00

[14 of Philadelphia, numerous fine natural history A most valuable book on the North American Indians plates. Phila., 1817-24

(South Nations), but it should be mentioned 4 vols (1 to 4), 89, old hf. cf., 12.00


that some portion is devoted to the “Jewish

Theory” in which the author believed. Account of a Voyage up the River de la Plata

Travels of H.R.H. Prince Adalbert of Prussia and thence over Land to Peru, with Observa- in the S. of Europe and in Brazil, with a Voyage tions on the Inhabitants as well INDIANS and up the AMAZON AND THE XINGU, translated by Spaniards, by Mons. Acarete du Biscay, Sir R. H. Schomburgk and J. E. Taylor, maps folding map. Journal of the Travels of John of Rio de Janeiro, of the Amazon delta, and of GRILLET and Francis BECHAMEL into Guiana the Xingu, litho. front., 1849 in 1674. 1698 Two works in i vol, 8°, new half sheep, 2.50 [6

2 vols, 8°, cloth, 3.50 ; half calf, gilt, 4.00 [15

Field and Forest Rambles, the Natural History Acuna's Quito is usually bound with the above, the three works forming one volume.

of EASTERN CANADA, by A. Leith Adams, A Relation of Mr. Ř. M.'s Voyage to Buenos F.R.S., F.G.S., etc., map and woodcuts (some as Ayres, and from thence by Land to Potosi, plates). 1873 dedicated to the Hon. the Court of Directors of 89, cloth, 1.25

16 the South Sea Company, [translated from the

1. Naturalist's Travels in New Brunswick. II. Birds French of Acarete du Biscay], fulding map by

and Reptiles. III. Fishes. IV. Geology. Appendix

of Fauna Lists, Meteorology, Climate, etc. Herman Moll. 1716

History of the Thomas Adams and Thomas 12°, calf, nice fresh state,

[7 Hastings Families, of Amherst, Mass., by Herbert R. M."

appears to have been a sad plagiarist: this B. Adams, folding pedigree. Amherst, privately 1658-9, is undoubtedly a translation of the cele printed, 1880 brated account of ACARETE. 8°, wrapper, .75




A Defence of the CONSTITUTIONS of Govern- Transatlantic Sketches, comprising Visits to ment of the United States of America, by John the most Interesting Scenes in North and South Adams, Vice-President of the U.S., brilliant America and the W. I., with Notes on Slavery portrait. Stockdale, 1794

and CANADIAN Emigration, by Capt. J. E. 3 vols, 8o, boards, uncut, 7.00; calf, gilt, yellow Alexander, many interesting plates etched by edges, 5.00

(18 Wm. Heath. Bentley, 1833 Adams. The Philadelphia edition. For W.

2 vols in 1, 89, bright half calf, gilt, 2.50 [30 Cobbett, Phila., 1797

L'Acadie, or Seven Years' Explorations in 3 vols, 89, original calf, 4.00


British America, by Sir J. E. Alexander, sketch Adams. Vols. I and II, calf, Phila., 1797 í maps of Canada West and New Brunswick, and vol. III, boards, uncut, Stockdale, 1794

steel plates. 1849 3 vols, 3.00

2 vols, sm. 8°, cloth, 3.00

[31 Adams. Vol. I only, containing the fine por

Almon's Remembrancer. The Rememtrait after COPLEY. 1794

brancer, an Impartial Repository of Public Events, 1.00

a few illustrations ; Vol. I to IX. y. Almon, Letter to the Hon. Harrison Gray Otis on the 1775-80 Present State of our National Affairs, by John 9 vols, 89, EDGES ENTIRELY UNCUT, (except vol. Quincy Adams. 1808

II, which has the edges sprinkled), 40.00 89, pp. 32, new half sheep, 1.50


As the illustrations vary considerably, we give a list A Treatise on Courts Martial, by S. P. Adje,

of the plates in this copy :--Vol. I, folding plan of

Boston; (this vol. is sm. 40 size, and THE EDGES ARE First Lieut. R.A. 1778

NOT CUT OPEN.] IV, map of the Seat of War in N.Y. and Sm. 8°, calf, .75


Penan., and map of Rhode Island. V, portrait of Franklin. Dedicated to General Gage, thanking him for the Almon. Another series, vols. I to X. 1775-80 appointment of Judge-Advocate to H.M. Troops in North America.

to vols, half buund (not uniform), 35.00 [33

Illustrations:-Vol. I (sm. 4°], folding plan of Boston, map The Prometheus and Agamemnon of Æschylus, of Penan., and plan of New York. II, veRY BRILLIANT translated into English Verse by Henry w. MEZZOTINT PORTRAIT OF Joun HANCOCK, map of the Herbert, ["FRANK FORESTER.”] Cambridge,

Seat 'of War from Quebeck to Fort Du Quesne, map of the

country between Crown Point and Albany, and map of the Mass., 1849

Island of Orleans and Quebec. _V, portrait of Franklin. P. 8°, cloth, 1.00

[24 Almon. For 1776, part II (i.e. vol. III) Journal of an African Cruiser, by an Officer 8°, edges uncut, 4.00

[34 of the U.S. Navy, edited by Nathaniel Haw- Almon. For 1776, part III (vol. IV) thorne, Aberdeen, 1848

80, half bound, 3.00

[35 P. 89, cloth, 1.00

[25 Almon. For 1777 (vol. V) Comprising Sketches of the Canaries, Liberia, Sierra 8°, half bound, 3.00

[36 Leone, and other places on the W. Coast of Africa. The “Invaluable Repository

" of the Documents Included in the vol, is a complete reprint of the relating to the War of Independence. “ The

Narrative of the Hon. John Byron (Patagonia, etc.) AMERICAN WAR gave rise to it. Every authentic A Comparative View of the CONSTITUTIONS of

paper relative to that War, whether published in

England or America, by the British Ministry or the Great Britain and the U.S. of America, in Six AMERICAN CONGRESS, are all carefully preserved in it.” Lectures, by P. F. Aiken, Advocate. 1842

Almon. A Collection of INTERESTING, P. 8°, cloth, .75

[26 AUTHENTIC PAPERS, relative to the Dispute The comparison of our Limited Monarchy with the between Great Britain and AMERICA, shewing

greatest Modern Republic, not in order to disparage the Causes and Progress of that Misunderstanding,

either, but to elucidate both in a popular manner. Papers relating to Foreign Affairs, First Session from 1764 to 1775, [being the famous " PRIOR of 38th Congress, (chiefly Diplomatic Correspon

DOCUMENTS,” forming an Introduction to the dence with England re the Alabama, Sumter, 8o, half bound, 10.00 ; boards, EDGES ENTIRELY

“Remembrancer"]. 7. Almon, 1775 and other privateers]. Washington, 1864

UNCUT, 15.00

(37 2 thick vols, 8o, cloth, 1.75


Almon. Journal of the Proceedings of CONOriginal Chart.

“A Map or Plan of the GRESS, held at PHILADELPHIA, from September Mouth of Alatamaha River [GEORGIA] with the 5, 1775, to April 30, 1776. Phila., rep. for Adjacent Lands." N.D. (ca. 1730 ?)

7. Almon, 1778 Drawn in indian ink, with ink writing and go, half bound, 3.00; boards, uncut, 4.00 [38 soundings; 18.1 X 17., 4.50

[28 Appears to have been printed by Almon as a SuppleVery early chart on a coast but little mapped. Lays ment to his Remembrancer: we have three copies

down "Fort King George," with the trading roads bound (contemporary binding) uniformly with to the “Okonees” and to “Pallachucolas," also

volumes of that set. proposed Fort at the southern estuary.

Almon. The CHARTERS of the BRITISH Geographical and Historical Dictionary of COLONIES in AMERICA. 7. Almon, N.D. AMERICA and the West Indies, an entire Trans- (ca. 1775] lation from the Spanish of Alcedo, with Large 8°, half bound, 4.00

[39 Additions from Modern VOYAGES AND TRAVELS JOHN Almon, the friend and confidant of JOHN by G. A. THOMPSON. 1812-15

Wilkes, distinguished himself as the editor and

publisher of many valuable works relating to *5 vols, 4°, half calf, 8.00


AMERICAN AFFairs, especially to the War of Supplement includes the text of the Treaty of Ghent INDEPENDENCE. He was an ardent supporter of the

(1814). Appendix is a Dictionary of Spanish and claims of the Colonies, and almost every book that other peculiarly American words and of Natural bears his name as publisher will be found to contain History.

some more or less interesting information relative Infinitely more valuable than the original.-LOWNDES. to "the Birth-throes of the Great Republic."

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