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legislative assembly.

Oct. 13, 1882, 01. $ 2193. That the sessions of the legislative assembly
Sessions of the shall be held biennially at the capitol of the state, and

that the time of meeting be changed from the second
Monday of September, as provided in article 4, section
10, of the constitution of Oregon, to the second Monday
in January, in the year 1885, and on the same day of
every second year thereafter.

See Constitution, art. 4, § 10.







$ 2194. Governor, term of office.
$ 2195. Governor to grant certificates of election to United States Senators

and members of Congress.
8 2196. Private secretary of governor, and salary of.
$ 2197. Governor to offer rewards.

$ 2194. The official term of the governor of this state shall commence on the second Monday of September, 1862, and every four years thereafter, and shall hold his office until his successor is duly elected and qualified.

June 2, 1859, 01.

Governor, term of office of

Note that under $ 2193 the time of the commencement of each biennial ses. sion of the legislative assembly is the second Monday of January. By sections 4 and 5 of article 5 of the constitution, the returns of elections for governor are to be transmitted under seal to the speaker of the house of representa

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election to

tives, who is to open and publish them in the presence of both houses of the Juno 2, 1889, 8L
legislative assembly; and the person having the highest number of votes
"shall be elected.” By section 7 of the same article it is provided that the
governor's term of office "shall be four years, and shall commence at such
times as may be provided by this constitution or prescribed by law.” Tho
governor enters upon the duties of his office in January, notwithstanding the
provisions of this section.

Title of the act. Section 2194 is the first section of an act approved Juno
2, 1859, entitled “An act to regulate the treasury department." The act
embraces a variety of matters besides the regulation of the treasury depart-
ment; and the sections upon each several subject are numbered in order, from
one up, as a separate series. In the marginal references in this compilation,
the sections of this act relating to the secretary of state and treasurer, re-
spectively are distinguished by the letters S and T after the numbers, while
those sections which relate to the governor (being the first series of numbers
in the original act) are indicated by their number alone.
See § 20 of art. 4 of the constitution.

$ 2195. He shall grant certificates to members duly June 2, 1859, 12 elected to the Senate of the United States, and also to Governor to

grant certif. members of Congress, which shall be signed by him, and cates of countersigned by the secretary of state under the seal of Senators, etc. the state.

$ 2196. He shall have power to appoint a private sec- Oct. 26, 1870, 51 retary, who shall hold his office during the pleasure of Private

secretary of the governor. The salary of the private secretary of the governor. governor shall be twelve hundred dollars annually, to be paid quarterly as other salaries are paid.

$ 2197. The governor shall offer a standing reward of Oct. 20, 1876, 9L. three hundred dollars for the arrest of each person who shall place or attempt to place any obstruction on any St. 1876, p. 24 railroad track, or who shall misplace any switch on any such road, whereby the life of any person passing over said road may be endangered, and for the arrest of each person engaged in the robbing or attempting to rob any person upon or having in charge, in whole or in part, any stage-coach, wagon, railroad train, or other conveyance, engaged in carrying passengers, or any private conveyance within this state; the reward to be paid to the person making such arrest out of any money not otherwise appropriated, immediately upon the conviction of the person so arrested; 'but no reward shall be paid except after such conviction.

Governor to offer rewards.

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$ 2198. Bond of secretary of state. Oath of office.
$ 2199. General duties of secretary of state.
§ 2200. Conveyances and securities to be deposited with secretary.
& 2201. Clerical aid to secretary.
8 2202. Qualifications and duties of clerks in secretary's office.
$ 2203. Clerks of assembly to deposit state papers of session.
$ 2204. Enrolled laws, how preserved.
$ 2205. Acts of Congress, how deposited.
$ 2206. Seal of state, record of,
$ 2207. Purchase of state stationery.
$ 2208. Duties of secretary concerning fiscal affairs of state.
$ 2209. Duties of secretary concerning claims against state.
§ 2210. Secretary may require accounts.
$ 2211. Secretary to countersign receipt for money paid treasurer.
$ 2212. Secretary to keep account between state and treasurer.
$ 2213. Secretary may publish laws concerning collection of moneys.
§ 2214. Accounts for publication of laws.
$ 2215. Other duties of secretary.
§ 2216. Secretary to furnish rooms for assembly.

June 2, 1859,
B1, s.

Bond of secretary of state.

Secretary of state, oath of office of.


§ 2198. The secretary of state shall, within twenty days after receiving notice of his election, and before entering upon the duties of his office, take and subscribe the oath required by the constitution, and give a bond, with sufficient sureties, to the state of Oregon, in the sum of ten thousand dollars, conditioned for the faithful discharge of the duties of his office, as secretary of state, and also as auditor, and that he will deliver over to his successor in office, or to any other person authorized by law to receive the same, all moneys, books, records, and all papers pertaining to his said office, which bond shall be approved by the governor, and, together with the oath of office, be preserved in the executive office.

§ 2199. It shall be the duty of the secretary of state:

1. To keep a record of the official acts of the executive department of the state; and he shall, when required, lay the same and all matters relative thereto before each branch of the legislature;

2. He shall affix the seal of the state to, and countersign all commissions and other official acts issued or

June 2, 1859,
B2, s.

General duties
of secretary
of state.

D2, .

General duties


D3, S.

to be deposited

done by the governor, his approbation of the laws ex- June 2, 1859, cepted; and he shall also make a register of such commissions, specifying to whom given or granted, the of secretary of office conferred, with the date and tenor of the commission, in a book to be provided for that purpose;

3. He shall be charged with the safe-keeping of all enrolled laws and resolutions, and shall not permit the same or any of them to be taken out of his office or inspected, except in his presence, unless by order of the governor, or by resolution of one or both houses of the legislature, under penalty of one hundred dollars;

4. He shall keep his office open during business hours at all times, Sundays excepted.

$ 2200. All deeds, conveyances, leases, bonds, mort- June 2, 1859, gages, and other securities for money belonging to this

Conveyances state, shall, unless otherwise specially directed, be de- and securities posited and be preserved in the office of the secretary of with secretary. state, and open to public inspection.

§ 2201. The secretary of state shall be empowered Feb. 20, 1891,$1. to employ and appoint clerks to aid in the performance Clerks for secof the duties of his office; provided, that the expenditure of moneys for the pay of such clerks shall not exceed the appropriation of the legislative assembly therefor, and that such clerks shall be paid out of the state treasury as other officers are paid.

§ 2202. Such clerks shall perform such duties as the id.,82 secretary of state may direct, and shall take an oath to Duties of support the constitution of this state, and faithfully to discharge the duties of their positions.

$ 2203. The chief clerk of the senate and house of June 2, 1859 representatives, at the close of each session of the legislature, shall deposit for safe-keeping in the office of sec- assembly to retary of state all books, bills, documents, and papers in papers of the possession of the legislature, correctly labeled, folded, and classified.

$ 2204. It shall be the duty of the secretary of state to Id., $ 7, . cause the original enrolled laws and joint resolutions,



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Clerks of

deposit state


June 2, 1859, 07, S.

Enrolled laws, how preserved.

Id., 08, s.

Acts of Congress and states, how deposited. Id., 9, S.

Seal of state recorded.

Id., Ø 10, s.

Notice for bids for state stationery

Notice published sixty days.

passed at each session of the legislature, to be bound in a volume, in a substantial manner, and in the order in which they are approved, and no further record of the official acts of the legislature, so far as relates to acts and joint resolutions, shall be required of said secretary, and he shall index the same, and cause the title thereof, with the session at which the same shall have been passed, to be written or printed on the back of such volume.

$ 2205. He shall cause the acts of the Congress of the United States, and of the several states, which may be received at his office, to be deposited in the state library.

§ 2206. The description in writing of the seal of this state shall be deposited and recorded in the secretary's office, and shall remain a public record.

$ 2207. The secretary of state shall cause notice to be published in the official paper of the state that bids will be received at the office of the said secretary for furnishing all stationery required for the use of the state, which notice shall be published at least sixty days before such bids shall be received, setting forth what stationery is required. The secretary, on the day named in the notice, shall proceed to open such proposals as shall be received by him in pursuance of such notice, and the person or persons making the lowest bids, if deemed responsibie, shall have the contract for furnishing such stationery, and the secretary of state shall audit such account, and draw a warrant on the treasury for the same.

$ 2208. The secretary of state shall superintend the fiscal concerns of the state, and manage the same, in the manner prescribed by law:

1. To keep fair, clear, distinct, and separate accounts of all the funds and revenues of the state; and also, of all expenditures, disbursements, and investments thereof, showing the particulars of every expenditure, disbursement, and investment;

2. To carefully examine semi-annually, the books and accounts, and accounts of the treasurer, and the moneys on hand in

the treasury, and immediately thereupon report the re

Lowest bid to have contract.

Warrants in payment of.

Id., D 11, s.

Secretary to manage fiscal concerns.

To keep

account of funds, etc.

To examine books,


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