Judicial Reform Act: Hearings, Ninety-first Congress, First and Second Sessions. November 24, 1969, April 9 and 13, 1970


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Página 72 - A financial interest is the interest of the employee himself or his spouse, minor child, partner, organization in which he is serving as officer, director, trustee, partner, or employee, or any person or organization with whom he is negotiating or has any arrangement concerning prospective employment.
Página 86 - ... malconduct by the House of Representatives, and tried by the Senate, and, if convicted, may be dismissed from office and disqualified for holding any other. This is the only provision on the point which is consistent with the necessary independence of the judicial character, and is the only one which we find in our own Constitution in respect to our own judges.
Página 137 - The conference shall make a comprehensive survey of the condition of business in the courts of the United States and prepare plans for assignment of judges to or from circuits or districts where necessary, and shall submit suggestions to the various courts, in the interest of uniformity and expedition of business.
Página 90 - States may be designated and assigned by the Chief Justice to perform such judicial duties as he is willing and able to undertake...
Página 139 - RESOLVED : No justice or judge appointed under the authority of the United States shall serve in the capacity of an officer, director, or employee of a corporation organized for profit.
Página 96 - Act, other than subsection (h) of section 1, shall apply in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia and the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. The provisions of this Act shall not apply to the Superior Court of the District of Columbia and the District of Columbia Court of Appeals.
Página 58 - The court shall order such person to appear before it at a specified time and place and then and there show cause why he has not attended or testified or produced the writings or things as required. A copy of the order shall be served upon him. If it appears to the court that the...
Página 120 - Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure of the Judicial Conference of the United States, to which the various advisory committees report.
Página 137 - The Conference shall also carry on a continuous study of the operation and effect of the general rules of practice and procedure now or hereafter in use as prescribed by the Supreme Court for the other courts of the United States pursuant to law.
Página 63 - SEC. 202. (a) Section 294 (b) of title 28, United States 8 Code, is amended by striking out the phrase "retired from 9 regular active service under section 371 (b) or 372 (a) of 10 this title", and inserting in lieu thereof the following: "retired 11 voluntarily from regular active service under section 371 (b) 12 or 372 (a) of this title, or who has been involuntarily retired 13 under section 372 (b) of this title,".

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