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I. An historical Account of the sty has had the Honour to
Earls and Dukes of York. § give Birth.

ŠIV. A Survey of the Ainsty,
II. Exact Catalogues of the
High Sheriffs of the County v. An alphabetical Lift of the

Ś or County of the City.
of York-the City's Repre-

Monumental inscriptions in
sentatives in Parliament-

the Churches of York.
Mayors, Lord Mayors, Bai-Švi. The Acts for cleansing and
liffs, Sheriffs, and Recorders

enlightening the Streets----for
of York.

preventing Abuses in weigh-
III. A short Account of the ing and packing of Butter-

Lives of some great and fa- $ and for improving the Navi.
mous Men to whom the Ci- § gation of the River Oufe.

Y O R K :
Printed by A. WARD; and sold by W. TESSÉYMAN,

and R. Spence, Booksellers.


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An Hiftorical Account of the Earls and Dukes of

York. An exact List of all the High Sheriffs of the County from 1069: The City's Representatives in Parliament from 1295: A Catalogue of the Mayors, Bailiffs, and Lord Mayors from about the rear 1140; and of the Sheriffs from 1397 :

With a short Account of the Lives of some great and famous Men; to whom this City has had the Honour to give Birthi

HE Reader may observe, in the Annals

of this Work, that, before the Conquest,
T the Comites, or Earls of Northumberland,

were also Governors of the City of York;
which, as it had been, during the Hede

tarchy, the Capital and chief Residence of
the Northumbrian Kings, so it continued to be the Seat
of the Earls of that place. These presided over the
County and City of York, as well as over the County of
Northumberlamd, &c. till the Confessor, in the Year 1056,
after the Death of Siward, gave the Earldom of North
umberland to Tosty, Brother to Earl Harold, and Son to
Goodwin Earl of Kent *. We have mentioned Morchar
to be the laft Earl of Northumberland before the Con-
Vol. III.

queft, * Comitatum Eboraci Toftio fratri comitis Haraldi, &c. Vide Ingulfum edit. antiq. f. 510. n. 40.

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