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Less than six weeks having been allowed for the revising, printing, and binding of this catalogue, it is not so free from error as it had been our desire to make it. It may readily be imagined what despatch has been necessary to complete the work in that length of time, and moreover we have labored under other disadvantages. On account of the State Printing Office being closed, the printing and proof-reading have been done in San Francisco, where it has not been possible to consult the books in case of doubt, which, as every one who has printed a catalogue knows, is very apt to arise. We had entertainel different ideas in regard to the style of type, but owing to the very short time allowed for the printing, were obliged to adopt the style that could be employed most expeditiously. As this catalogue is supplementary to the Author's l'atalogue published in 1889 we have followed the plan of that pablication quite closely. There were then registered in the two departments of the State Library 77,000 volumes, which number has been increased to 106,500, exclusive of a number of pamphlets which have not yet been bound. We have herein recorded the volcmes contained in the General Department.


State Librarian. Feb. 19, 1897.




AARON, Eugene Murray. The butterfly hunters in the Caribbees.

N. Y., 1894. pl. 0.
ABAILARD or Abélard, Pierre, abbot of Ruys.

COMPAYRÉ, G. Abelard and the origin and early history of universi

ties. N. Y., 1893. D. (Great educators.) ABBE, Cleveland. The mechanics of the earth's atmosphere: a

collection of translations. Wash., 1893. O. (Smithsonian

Inst. Misc. coll. v. 34.) ABBON, monk of St.-Germain-des-Prés, Paris, surnamed Cernuus, or Le

Courbé. Siége de Paris par les Normands, poéme. (In Col.

des mém. rel. à l'hist. de France. s. 3., v. 6.) ABBOT, Francis Ellingwood. The scientific method. (In Brook

lyn Ethical Assoc. Evolution in science, philosophy, and


ABBOT, Henry Larcom. Notes on mortars in harbor defence;

March 3, 1869. (Essayons Club; printed papers, v. 1, no. 11.) Notes on the practical gauging of rivers; April 13, 1868. (Es

sayons Club; printed papers, v. 1, no. 2.) ABBOT, Willis J. Battle fields and camp fires: a narrative of the

principal military operations of the civil war, from the removal of McClellan to the accession of Grant, 1862-63. N.Y.,

[c. 1890]. il. O. Battle-fields of '61: a narrative of the military operations of

the war for the Union up to the end of the peninsular cam

paign. N. Y., (c. 1889]. pl. maps. sq. O.

The naval history of the United States. N. Y., 1896. il. O. ABBOTT, A. C. Principles of bacteriology. Phil., 1894. il. D. ABBOTT, Charles Conrad. M. D. Bird-land echoes. Phil., 1896.

il. D. The birds about us. Phil., 1895. pl. D. Recent rambles; or In touch with nature. Phil., 1892. il. D. Upland and meadows; a Poaetquissings chronicle. N. Y.,

1886. D. ABBOTT, Rev. Edwin Abbott. The Anglican career of Cardinal

Newman. Lond., 1892. 2 v. 0. ABBOTT, Emma.

MARTIN, S. E. The life and professional career of Emma Abbott.

Minneapolis, 1891. pors. 0.

ABBOTT, Evelyn. A history of Greece (continuation); pt. 2. From

the Ionian revolt to the thirty years peace, 500-445 B. C. N.

Y., 1892. maps. plans. 0.
Pericles and the golden age of Athens. N. Y., 1891. pors. D.

(Heroes of the nations.)
ed. Heroes of the nations. N. Y., 1890-96. 9 v. D. For list

sce Heroes of the nations. and Campbell, Lewis. Life and letters of Benjamin Jowett;

master of Balliol College, Oxford. Lond., 1897. il. pors.

2 v. 0. ABBOTT, James, capt. Narrative of a journey from Heraut to

Khiva, Moscow, and St. Petersburgh during the late Russian invasion of Khiva; with some account of the court of Khiva and the kingdom of Khaurism. Lond., 1843. 2 v. por.

map. O.

pors. 0.

ABBOTT, John Stevens Cabot. History of the civil war in America. Norwich, Conn., 1883. 2 v. pl. pors. maps.

0. ABBOTT, Rer. Lyman. Christianity and social problems. Bost.,

1897. S.
Education of women. (In Woman's book, v. 1.)
The evolution of Christianity. Bost. and N. Y.,

1892. D. Introduction. (In Campbell, Mrs. H. Knox, T: and Byrnes, T:

Darkness and daylight of New York life.)
Popular commentary on the gospels according to Matthew and

Mark. N. Y., etc., 1876. il. pl. map. O.
Same; according to Luke and John. N. Y., etc., [c. 1879). il.

pl. map. 0.
Popular commentary on the New Testament; v. 3: Acts of the
Apostles and the Epistle to the Romans. N. Y. and Chic.,
[c. 1888]. il. pl. maps.

0. ABBOTT, Stephen G. The First Regiment New Hampshire volun

teers in the great rebellion. Keene, 1890. il. ABBOTT, Thomas Kingsmill, tr. Kant, I. Critique of practical

reason. ABD AL-RAHMAN IBN AHMAD, Núr Al-Din Abú Muhammad,

called Al Jámí. Yusuf and Zulaikha; tr. from the Persian into English verse, by R. T. H. Griffith. Lond., 1882. 0.

(Trübner's orient. ser.) ABDUL HAMID II. sultan of Turkey.

LUSIGNAN, A. de. The twelve years' reign of His Imperial Majesty

Abdul Hamid II, sultan of Turkey. Lond., 1889. pl. D. ABDY, John Thomas. Feudalism; its rise, progress, and conse

quences. Lond., 1890. D. ABELOUS, J. Émile. Recherches sur les microbes de l'estomac a

l'etat normal et leur action sur les substances alimentaires.

Paris, 1889. O. ABER, Mary R. Alling. An experiment in education; also the

ideas which inspired it and were inspired by it. N. Y.,

1897. D. ABERCONWAY, Abbey of.

Register and chronicle of the Abbey of A. from the Harleian ms.; ed.

by Sir H. Ellis. Lond., 1847. 23p. 0. (In Camden Misc., v. 1. Camden Soc., v. 39.)

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