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(Part III is in this volume; Parts 1 and 2 In volume 4.)

1 1653. June 3...... Instructions to John Treworgie, Commissioner for Newfoundland, 511

with Annexed Laws and Ordinances.

2 1660. January 26.. Star Chamber Rules of Charles I and additions by Charles II..



Statute: 12 Charles II, Cap. 18. An Act for the Encouraging and In- 514

creasing of Shipping and Navigation.


Statute: 15 Charles II, Cap. 16. An Act for regulating the Herring 517

and other · Fisheries, and for Repeal of the Act concerning Madder.

6 1670. March 10... Order-in-Council: Charles II......



Statute: 7-8 Wm. III, Cap. 22. An Act for preventing Frauds and 520

regulating Abuses in the Plantation Trade.

7 1699.

Statute: 10-11 Wm. III, Cap. 25. An Act to encourage the trade to 525


8 1705.

Statute: 4 Anne, Cap. 20. An Act for the better enabling the Master, 528

Wardens, and Assistants of Trinity House, to rebuild the Light

House on the Eddystone Rock,


Statute: 8 Anne, Cap. 17. An Act for explaining and making more 528

effectual an Act for the better enabling the Master, Wardens, and

Assistants of Trinity House to rebuild the Light House on the Eddy-

stone Rock,

10 1718. December 19.... Report: The Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations to Ais 529

Majesty relating to the Newsoundland Trade and Fishery. (Ex.


11 1736....

Statute: 9 Geo. II, Cap. 35. An Act for indemnifying persons who 530

have been guilty or offences against the Laws made for securing the

revenues of Customs ind Excise, and for enforcing those Laws for

the future. (Extract.)

12 1763.

Statute: 4 Geo. Ini, Cap. 15. An Act for granting certain duties in 531

the British Colonies and Plantations in America; for continuing,

amending, and making perpetual an Act passed in the sixth year of

the reign of His late Majesty, King George the Second, (intituled, An

Act for the better securing and encouraging the trade of His Majesty's

Sugar Colonies in America). for applying the produce of such duties;

and of the duties to arise by virtue of the said Act toward defraying

the expenses of defending, protecting, and securing the said colonies

and plantations; for explaining an Act made in the twenty-osth

year of the reign of King Charles the Second, (Intituled, An Act lor

the Encouragement of the Greenland and Eastland trades, and for the

better securing the plantation trade), and for altering and disallowing

several drawbacks on exports from this Kingdom, and more effec-

tually preventing the clandestine conveyance of goods to and from

the said colonies and plantations, and improving and securing the

trade between the same and Great Britain. (Extract.)

13 1763. October 7.... Proclamation. (Extract)...


14 1773..

Statute: 13 Geo. III, Cap. 72. An Act to permit the free Importation 534

of cod-fish, ling, and bake, caught and cured in Chaleur Bay, or any

other part of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, or on the coast of Labrador.


15 1774..

Statute: 14 Geo. III, Cap. 83. An Act for making more Effectual


vision for the Government of the Province of Quebec in North


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GREAT BRITAIN-continued.






16 1775..........

Statute: 15 Geo. III, Cap. 10. An Act to restrain the Trade and

Commerce of the Provinces of Massachusetts Bay, and New Hamp

shire, and Colonies of Connecticut and Rhode Island, and Providence

Plantation, in North America, to Great Britain, Ireland, and the

British Islands in the West Indies, and to prohibit such Provinces

and Colonies from carrying on any fishery on the banks of New-

foundland, or other places therein mentioned, under certain condi-

tions and limitations.

17 1775.........

Statute: 15 Geo. III, Cap. 18. An Act to restrain the Trade and

Commerce of the Colonies of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland,

Virginia, and South Carolina, to Great Britain, Ireland, and the

British Islands in the West Indies, under certain conditions and

limitations. (Extract.)

18 1775..

Statute: 15 Geo. III, Cap. 31. An Act for the encouragement of the

Fisheries carried on from Great Britain, Ireland, and the British

dominions in Europe, and for securing the return of the fishermen,

sailors, and others employed in the said fisheries, to the ports

thereof, at the end of the fishing season.

19 1776..

Statute: 16 Geo. III, Cap. 5. An Act to prohibit all trade and inter-

course with the colonies of New Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay,

Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania,

the three lower counties on Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North

Carolina, South Carolina, and (ieorgia, during the continuance of

the present rebellion within the said colonies respectively; for

repealing an Act, made in the fourteenth year of the reign of His

present Majesty, to discontinue the landing and discharging, lading

or shipping, of goods, wares, and merchandise, at the town and within

the harbour of Boston, in the prosince of Massachusetts Bay; and

also two Acts, made in the last session of Parliament, for restrain-

ing the trade and commerce of the colonies in the said Acts respec-

tively mentioned; and to enable any person or persons, appointed

and authorised by His Majesty to grant pardons, to issue procla-

mations, in the cases and for the purposes therein mentioned.


20 1778....

Statute: 18 Geo. III, Cap. 42. An Act to enable the Corporation of

Trinity House of Deptford

Strond to establish and maintain a light-

house on the Rocks called The Smalls in Saint George's Channel.

21 1782.

Statute: 22 Geo. III, Cap. 46. An Act to enable His Majesty to

conclude a Peace or Truce with certain Colonies in North America

therein mentioned.

22 1785. July 25... Instructions to Frederick Haldimand, Governor of Quebec.

23 1786.

Statute: 26 Geo. III, Cap. 26. An Act to amend and render more

effectual the several laws now in force for encouraging the Fisheries

carried on at Newfoundland and Parts adjacent, from Great Britain,

Ireland, and the British Dominions in Europe; and for granting

Bounties for a limited time, on certain Terms and Conditions.

24 | 1788..

Statute: 28 Geo. III, Cap. 35. An Act to enable His Majesty to make

such Regulations as may be necessary to prevent the inconven-

ience which might arise from the competition of His Majesty's sub-

jects and those of the Most Christian King, in carrying on the

Fishery on the Coasts of the Island of Newfoundland.

25 1789..

Statute: 29 Geo. III, Cap. 53. An Act for further Encouraging and

Regulating the Newfoundland, Greenland, and Southern Whale

Fisheries. (Extract.)

26 1802. May 7.... Statute: 42 Geo. III, Cap. 43. An Act for granting to His Majesty

certain duties on Goods imported into and exported from Great

Britain, and on the Tonnage of Ships and vessels entering outwards

or Inwards in any port of Great Britain to or from Foreign Parts.


27 1819. June 14... Statute: 59 Geo. III, Cap. 38. An Act to enable His Majesty to make

Regulations with respect to the taking and curing Fish on certain

parts of the Coasts of Newfoundland, Labrador, and His Majesty's

other possessions in North America, according to a Convention made

between His Majesty and the United States of America.

28 1819. June 19.. Order-in-Council: Instructions with reference to the treaty of 1818..

29 1824. June 3.... Statute: 5 Geo. IV, Cap.51. An Act to repeal several Laws relating to

the Fisheries carried on upon the Banks and Shores of Newfound-

land, and to make Provision for the better conduct of the said Fish-

eries for Five Years, and from thence to the end of the then next

Session of Parliament.

30 1830. November 5.... Order-in-Council: Regulating the Commercial Intercourse between

the United States and the British Colonial Possessions.

31 1836. July 6.... Order-in-Council: Relating to the Nova Scotia Statute of 1836.

32 1844. September 3.... Order-in-Council: Confirming rules, &c., of Statute of Prince Edward

Island of 1843.

33 1851. August 7. Statute: 14-15 Vict., Cap. 63. An Act for the settlement of the boun-

daries between the Provinces of Canada and New Brunswick.

34 1855. August 14. Statute: 18-19 Vict., Cap. 91. An Act to facilitate the Erection and

Maintenance of Colonial Lighthouses, and otherwise to amend the

Merchant Shipping Act, 1854. (Extract.)








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