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ANALYTICAL CONCORDANCE OF THE HOLY SCRIPTURES; or, The Bible presented under Distinct and Classified Heads or Tepics. By JOHN EADIE, D. D., LL. D., Author of "Biblical Cyclopædia," "Dictionary of the Bible," &c., &c. One volume, royal octavo, 836 pp. Cloth, $3.00; sheep, $3.50. Just published.

The publishers would call the special attention of clergymen and others to some of the peculiar features of this great work.

1. It is a concordance of subjects, not of words. In this it differs from the common concordance, which, of course, it does not supersede. Both are necessary to the Biblical student.

2. It embraces all the topics, both secular and religious, which are naturally suggested by the entire contents of the Bible. In this it differs from Scripture Manuals and Topical Text-books, which are confined to religious or doctrinal topics.

3. It contains the whole of the Bible without abridgment, differing in no respect from the Bible in common use, except in the classification of its contents.

4. It contains a synopsis, separate from the concordance, presenting within the compass of a few pages a bird's-eye view of the whole contents.

5. It contains a table of contents, embracing nearly two thousand heads, arranged in alphabetical order.

6. It is much superior to the only other work in the lang age prepared on the same general plan, and is offered to the public at much less cost.

The purchaser gets not only a Concordance, but also a Bible, in this volume. The superior convenience arising out of this fact, saving, as it does, the necessity of having two books at hand and of making two references, instead of one, will be readily apparent.

The general subjects (under each of which there are a vast number of sub-divisions) are arranged. as follows, viz. :

[blocks in formation]

That such a work as this is of exceeding great convenience is matter of obvious remark. But it is much more than that; it is also an instructive work. It is adapted not only to assist the student in prosecuting the investigation of preconceived ideas, but also to impart ideas which the most careful reading of the Bible in its ordinary arrangement might not suggest. Let him take up any one of the subjects" Agriculture," for example- and see if such be not the case. This feature places the work in a higher grade than that of the common Concordance. It shows it to be, so to speak, a work of more mind.

No Biblical student would willingly dispense with this Concordance when once possessed. It is adapted to the necessities of all classes, -- clergymen and theological students; Sabbath-school superintendents and teachers; authors engaged in the composition of religious and even secular works; and, in fine, common readers of the Bible, intent only on their own improvement.

A COMMENTARY ON THE ORIGINAL TEXT OF THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES. By Horatio B. Hackett, D. D., Professor of Biblical Literature and Interpretation, in the Newton Theological Institution. A new, revised, and enlarged edition. Octavo, cloth. In Press.

This most important and very popular work, has been throughly revised (some parts being entirely rewritten), and considerably enlarged by the introduction of important new matter, the result of the Author's continued, laborious investigations since the publication of the first edition, aided by the more recent published criticisms on this portion of the Divine Word, by other distinguished Biblical Scholars, in this country and in Europe. (Y)


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