Memorials of Westcott Barton, in the County of Oxford

J.R. Smith, 1870 - 74 páginas
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It was phenomenol.

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Página 61 - Testes autem, qui fuerint nominati, si se gratia odio vel timore subtraxerint, censura simili appellatione cessante cogatis veritati testimonium perhibere. Quod si non omnes hiis exequendis potueritis interesse, duo vestrum ea nichilominus exequantur. Dat.
Página 34 - The lords, as Christianity spread itself, began to build churches upon their own demesnes, or wastes, to accommodate their tenants in one or two adjoining lordships : and, in order to have divine service regularly performed therein, obliged all their tenants to appropriate their tithes to the maintenance of the one officiating minister, instead of leaving them at liberty to distribute the tithes among the clergy of the diocese in general : and this tract of land, the tithes whereof were so appropriated,...
Página 34 - For it seems pretty clear and certain, that the boundaries of parishes were originally ascertained by those of a manor or manors : since it very seldom happens that a manor extends itself over more parishes than one, though there are often many manors in one parish.
Página 34 - Which will well enough account for the frequent intermixture of parishes one with another. For, if a lord had a parcel of land detached from the main of his estate, but not sufficient to form a parish of itself, it was natural for him to endow his newly erected church with the tithes of those disjointed lands ; especially if no church was then built in any lordship adjoining to those outlying parcels.
Página 51 - the roads of Oxfordshire," says an accurate observer, " were in a condition formidable to the bones of all who travelled on wheels. The two great turnpikes which crossed the country by Witney and Chipping Norton, by Henley and Wycombe, were repaired in some places with stones as large as they could be brought from the quarry, and, when broken, left so rough as to be calculated for dislocation rather than exercise.
Página 12 - Other persons also, at the time of dedication, often contributed small portions of ground ; which is the reason why, in many parishes, the glib.
Página 34 - An Act for dividing and inclosing the open and common Fields, common...
Página 13 - England, in many parishes, the glebe is not only distant from the manor, but lies in remote, divided parcels ; Ken.

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