The American Naturalist, Volumen30

Essex Institute, 1896

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Página 878 - Its power of inducing fermentation in a solution of sugar was entirely destroyed, although no perceptible change in the appearance of the yeast cells could be detected under the microscope. This experiment was repeated several times, and always with the same result, although when the yeast was simply washed in water it readily induced fermentation.
Página 182 - Consequently, if the theory be true, it is indisputable that before the lowest Cambrian stratum was deposited, long periods elapsed, as long as, or probably far longer than, the whole interval from the Cambrian age to the present day; and that during these vast periods the world swarmed with living creatures.
Página 818 - With this, the priest disappeared. I awoke at once and immediately told my wife the dream that I might not forget it. Next morning — Sunday — I examined the fragments once more in the light of these disclosures, and to my astonishment found all the details of the dream precisely verified in so far as the means of verification were in my hands. The original inscription on the votive cylinder read: "To the god Ninib, son of Bel, his lord, has Kurigalzu, pontifex of Bel, presented this.
Página 827 - Assistant Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution and Director of the National Museum, died in Washington, Sept.
Página 643 - ... 3. They show no intimate association in areal distribution with the blue limestone, nor any tendency to grade into it." " 4. The metamorphic changes to which the white limestones have been subjected are general in their nature, and...
Página 525 - With the opposite (withdrawing, depressive affects) in injurious and painful conditions. ments) — but by the reinstatement of it by a discharge of the energies of the organism, concentrated as far as may be for the excessive stimulation of the organs (muscles, etc.) most nearly fitted by former habit to get this stimulation again (in which the " stimulation " stands for the condition favorable to adaptation).
Página 952 - We must therefore picture to ourselves a fertile plain occupying the whole of the Bristol Channel, and supporting herds of reindeer, horses, and bisons, many elephants and rhinoceroses, and now and then being traversed by a stray hippopotamus, which would afford abundant prey to the lions, bears, and hyaenas, inhabiting all the accessible caves, as well as to their great enemy and destroyer, man."* III.
Página 416 - heightened discharge " are capable of formulation of the principle of " motor excess " : " the accommodation of an organism to a new stimulation is secured — not by the selection of this stimulation beforehand (nor of the necessary movements) — but by the reinstatement of it by a discharge of the energies of the organism, concentrated, as far as may be, for the excessive stimulation of the organs (muscles, etc.), most nearly fitted by former habit to get this stimulation again," '' in which...
Página 495 - ... on the way to Pawtucket; he wanted to get away somewhere — he didn't know where — and have rest. He had six or seven hundred dollars with him when he went into the store. He lived very closely, boarded by himself, and did his own cooking. He went to church, and also to one prayer-meeting. At one of these meetings he spoke about a boy who had kneeled down and prayed in the midst of the passengers on a steamboat from Albany to New York [an incident of which he was well aware in the Ansel Bourne...

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