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tation of the Rules of Definition in Logic, Professor Alfred H. Lloyd.

Saturday, December 28, 10 A. M.—Discussion on Consciousness and Evolution, Professors William James, E. D. Cope, J. Mark Baldwin and G. S. Ladd.

2.30 P. M.-An Experiment on the Effects of Loss of Sleep, Professor G. T. W. Patrick; Further Researches on the Psychic Development of Young Animals, and its Physical Correlation, Professor Wesley Mills; Variations in the Patellar Reflex as an Aid in Mental Analysis, Professor Lightner Witmer ; Experiments on Induced Hallucinations, Professor James H. Hyslop; A Case of Dream Reasoning, Professor W. Romaine Newbold.

Informial communications were made at various times during the sessions.

A fuller account of the papers and discussions will be found in our department of Psychology; 9. v.

Indiana Academy of Science. --The eleventh Annual Meeting of the Indiana Academy of Science was held at Indianapolis, December 27th and 28th.

The session was of unusual interest and the attendance good. Forty two new members were elected. This indicates the interest that is being aroused in the State in scientific lines.

The address of the retiring President, A. W. Butler, of Brookville, on “Indiana : A Century of Changes in the Aspects of Nature,” met with enthusiastic applause.

A poem on the “Naturalist” recited by W. W. Pfrimmer was a novel, yet enjoyable feature.

The report of the biological Survey of Turkey Lake was another new feature of the meeting, and attracted much favorable attention.

The following papers were presented:

Unconscious Mental Cerebration, C. E. Newlin; Human Physiology in its Relation to Biology, Guido Bell; A means of preventing Hog Cholera, D. W. Dennis; The Hopkins Seaside Laboratory at Pacific Grove, Cal., B. M. Davis; Glacial and Eolian Sands of the Iroquois and Tippecanoe River Valleys, A. H. Purdue; The recent earthquakes east of the Rocky Mountains, A. H. Purdue; Some minor processes of Erosion, J. T. Scoville ; Kettle Holes at Maxinkuckee, J. T. Scoville; Fossils from sewer trenches in the Glacial Drift, Wm. M. Whitten; Relief map of Arkansas, John F. Newsom ; Notes on the Fauna of the black shales of Bartholomew and Jackson Counties, V. F. Marsters; Botanical Literature of the State Library, John S. Wright; Microscope slides of vegetable material for use in Determinative work, John S. Wright; Embryology of Hydrastis canadensis, Geo. W. Martin ; Some determinative factors underlying Plant Variation, Geo. W. Martin; Variations in the cleavage of the Fundulus Egg, Geo. W. Martin ; Hæmoglobin and its Derivatives, A. J. Bigney; Effects of heat upon the Irritability of Muscle, A. J. Bigney ; The evolution of sex in Cymatogaster, C. H. Eigenmann; The circulation of protoplasm in the manubrium of Chara fragilis, D. W. Dennis; A new Subterranean Crustacean from Indiana, W. P. Hay; A peculiar crawfish from southern Indiana, W. P. Hay; A note on the breeding habits of the cave salamander, Speterpes maculicaudus, W. P. Hay; Notes on a collection of fishes from Dubois County, Indiana, W. J. Moen k haus; The geographical variation of Etheostoma nigrum and E. olmstedi, W. J. Moenkhaus ; A revision and synonomy of the Parrus group of Unionide, with 6 plates, R. Ellsworth Call; The fishes of the Missouri River Basin, B. W. Evermann and J. T. Scoville; Recent investigations concerning the Redfish (Oncorhynchus nerka) at its spawning grounds in Idaho, B. W. Evermann and J. T. Scoville ; Additional notes on Indiana birds, A. W. Butler; A mammal new to Indiana, A. W. Butler; Some beneficial results from the use of Fungicides as a preventive of Corn Smut, Wm. Stuart ; Ratio of alcohol to yeast in Fermentation, Katherine E. Golden ; Distribution of Orchidacece in Indiana, Alida M. Cunnigbam ; A new station for Pleodorina, Severance Burrage; Additional notes on Animal Parasites collected in the State, A. W. Bitting ; Report upon certain collections presented to State Biological Survey, Stanley Coulter; Infection by Bread, Katherine E. Golden; Certain plants as an index of Soil Character, Stanley Coulter; Forms of Xanthium canadense and X. strumarium, J. C. Arthur; A new hab. itat for Gastrophilus, A. W. Bitting ; Noteworthy Indiana Phanerogams, Stanley Coulter.

The following reports relating to the State Biological Survey were made:

Second contribution to the knowledge of Indiana Mollusca, R. Ellsworth Call; Contributions to the Biological Survey of Wabash County, Albert B. Ulrey; Report of the Biological Survey, Zoology, C. H. Eigenmann.

Turkey Lake has been taken as a station for exhaustive study of a limit of environment and the variation of its inhabitants, and the following reports represent the first seasons work:

First Report of the Biological Station, C. H. Eigenmann; Some of the physical features of Turkey Lake, D. C. Ridgley; Hydrographic map of Turkey Lake, J. Juday ; Temperatures of Turkey Lake, J. P. Dolan; Inhabitants of Turkey Lake in general, C. H. Eigenmann; Hirudinea of Turkey Lake, Bessie C. Ridgley ; Rotifera of Turkey Lake, D. C. Kellicott; Clodocera of Turkey Lake, E. S. Birge; Mollusca of Turkey Lake, R. Ellsworth Call; Odonata of Turkey Lake, D. C. Kellicott; Fishes and tailed batrachians of Turkey Lake, C. H. Eigenmann; Tailless batrachians of Turkey Lake, C. Atkinson ; Snakes of Turkey Lake, H. G. Reddick; Turtles of Turkey Lake, C. H. Eigenmann; Water birds of Turkey Lake, N. M. Chamberlain ; Flora of Turkey Lake, O. H. Meincke; Methods of determining Variations, C. H. Eigenmann; Variation of Etheostoma of Turkey and Tippecanoe Lakes, W. J. Moenkhaus.

The officers for the next year are as follows:

President, Stanley Coulter of Purdue University ; Vice-President, Thos. C. Gray of Rose Polytechnic; Secretary, John S. Wright of Indianapolis ; Assistant Secretary, A. J. Bigney of Moores Hill College ; Treasurer, W. P. Shannon of Greensburg.

A. J. BIGNEY, Assistant Secretary. The Biological Society of Washington.-November 30th, the following communications were read: Edw. L. Greene, Some Fundamentals of Nomenclature; Theo. Holm, Contributions to the flora of the District of Columbia ; David White, The Mode of Development of Exogenous Structure in Paleozoic Lycopods, a review of Williamson and Renault.


Notice Concerning the Geological Map of Europe, Published Under the Auspices of the International Congress of Geologists.-At the Third Session of the International Congress of Geologists, held in Berlin in 1885, the committee on a geological map of Europe made a report, in which the following conditions of publication were announced (Berlin Volume, page LXII): “The house of Reimer & Co., undertakes the publication at its own expense on the sole condition that the international committee guarantee the sale of 900 copies at 100 francs per copy, and furnishes the sum in advance.

The subscription price of 100 francs will be augmented to 125 francs in the regular book trade.

The committee has divided this guarantee subscription as follows: Each one of the large countries of Europe (to wit: Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Austro-Hungary, Germany, Scandinavia and Russia) agrees to take 100 copies. The six small countries (i. e., Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Switzerland, Portugal, Roumania) will divide among them the remaining 100 copies, etc."

In the Fourth Session of the Congress held in London in 1888, the following note occurs in the report of the proceedings of the committee on the geological map of Europe (London Volume, 59).

“The American committee requested of the Directory to be admitted as a subscriber to the map of Europe on the same terms as the great countries of Europe (“sic') i. e.. for at least one hundred copies and at the same price.”

Dr. Frazer, the Secretary of the American Committee, obtained the names of American subscribers to the “one hundred copies at the same price" (100 francs), within a short time of the granting of this request, and promptly notified the publication committee in Berlin, Messrs. Beyrich and Hauchecorne, of the fact.

It appears, however, the map is being offered for sale in the German catalogues at the price mentioned in the Berlin resolution as that accorded to original subscribers.

On this account the undersigned advises the survivors of those who 80 patriotically came forward in 1888 to enable the geologists of the United States to enjoy same privileges as those of the great countries of Europe, to send through their own agents for the geological map of Europe, since there would no longer be any advantage in obtaining them through a single channel.

List of subscribers to the geological map of Europe in the order of their subscriptions, with number of copies :

Williams College, 1; Obio State Univ., Columbus, 1 ; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1; University of Virginia, 1; Am. Inst. of Mining Engineers, 1; Amherst College, 1 ; Cornell University Library, 1; Provincial Museum, Halifax, 1 ; Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn., 1; Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pa., 1; Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, 1; Univ. of California, Berkely, Cal., 1; Prof. C. H. Hitchcock, for Dartmouth College, 1; Prof. J. S. Newberry (dead), 1; Indiana University, 1 ; Smith College, Northampton, Mass., 1; U. S. Geological Survey, Washington, D. C., 3 ; Rutgers College, New Brunswick, N. J., 1; Yale University Library, 1; American Gengraphical Society, 1; Peter Redpath Museum, McGill College, Montreal, 1; U. S. Military Academy, West Point, N. Y., 1; Prof. G.


A. König, 1; N. Y. State Library, Capitol, Albany, 2 ; Eckley B. Coxe, Drifton, Pa. (dead), 2; University of Nebraska, 1; Kansas State Library, 1; B. S. Lyman, 1; Johns Hopkins University, 1; F. W. Matthieson, La Salle, II., 1; Lehigh Valley R. R. Co., Philadelphia, 1; E. V. d'Invilliers, Philadelphia, 1; University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis., 1; Second Geological Survey of Pennsylvania, 2; State Mining Bureau of California, 1 ; Washington University, 1 ; Dr. R. W. Raymond, 1; Franklin Institute, Phila., 1; Harvard College Library, 1; University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1; University of the City of New York, 1; Massachusetts Agric. College, Amherst, 1; W. S. Keyes, San Francisco, Cal., 1; R. D. Baker, Philadelphia, 2; 6. F. Emmons, U. S. Geological Survey, Washington, D.C., 1; H. M. Sims, Shenandoah, Page Co., Va., 1; American Museum of Natural History, N. Y., I; Prof. Alexander Winchell, Univ. of Mich., Ann Arbor (dead), 1; H. Huber, Argentine, Kansas, 1 ; Jas. E. Mills, E. Quincy, Cal., 1 ; Cooper Union, N. Y.,1; Collegiate and Polytechnic Institute, Brooklyn, 1 ; Cornell University, N. Y., 1; Joseph D. Potts, Philadelphia (dead), 1; Prof. J. C. Fales, Danville, Ky., Centre College, 1 ; T. H. Aldrich, Blocton, Ala., 1; Chas. Paine, Pittsburg, 1 ; Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Col., 1; Western Reserve Univ. (d. E. W. Morley), Cleveland, Ohio, 1; F. Klepotoko, Houghton, Michigan, 1; Thos. Macfarlane, Ottawa, Canada, 1 ; Arkansas Geological Survey, Little Rock, 1; Buchtel College, Akron, Ohio, 1; Mercantile Library, Philadelphia, 1; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1; Alabama Geological Survey, University of Alabama, 1; E. S. Whelen, Philadelphia (dead), 1; Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1 ; Julius Bien, N. Y., 1; W. A. Ingham, 1; Dr. Jas. P. Kimball, 109 East 15th St., N. Y. City, 1; Dr. J. S. Newberry, N. Y., Dec. 29, '87, 1; New Harmony Institution, Ind., 1; R. Ellsworth Call, Des Moines, Iowa, 1 ; Bost. Soc. Nat. Hist., 1 ; Hastings, Jno. B., Ketchum, Alturas Co., Idaho, 1; Geol. Surv. of Minn., Minneapolis, Mino., 1; Lacoe, R. D., Pittston, Luzerne Co., Penna., 1 ; Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 1; Mt. Holyoke Seminary, South Hadley, Mass., 1 ; Colby University, Waterville, Me., 1; Cincinnati Soc. of Nat. History, 1 ; Packer Collegiate Institution, Brooklyn, N. Y.,1; Enımens, Stephen H., Harrison, N, Y., 1; School of Mines, Rapid City, Dakota Territory, 1; Ohio University, Athens, O., Prof. A. D. Morrill, 1 ; Proctor, Jobu R., Franklin, Ky., Aug. 19,'88,1; Rose Polytechnic School, Terre Haute, Ind., Aug. 19, '88, 1; Read, Jas. P.. Calico, San Bernard Co., Aug. 31, '88, 1; Oberlin College, Ohio, Aug. 23,'88,1; Frazer, Persifor, Philadelphia, 1 ; Streator Township High School, La Salle Co., II., R. Wil

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