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24. Confirmation by King Robert III. of a charter by Malcolm Flemyng, Knight, Lord of Biger
and Leigne, to his grandson (nepoti) William of Boyde, Lord of Galvane, of the lands of
Badynhache, in the barony of Leigne, and shire of Donbretane: To be held by William
and his heirs, of Malcolm and his heirs, for payment of one silver penny at Whitsunday,
the ground, if asked only, in name of blench farm, for ward, relief, marriage, suits

of court, and all other secular service, etc. The Confirmation is dated at the Castle of

Rothesay, 7th July, A. R. R. 5to [1395]

28. Retour of the service made at Kilbrid, before Sir John of Montegomery, bailie thereof, of
Harbert of Maxwell, son of the deceased Harbert of Maxwell, Lord of Carlauerokis, as

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35. Grant by King James I. under the Great Seal, constituting Alexander of Montgomery of

Ardrossane, and Robert Cunynghame of Kylmauris, Knights, Keepers of Kyntyre and
Knapdale, with power to govern and defend the said lands, with the islands of Gezay and
Dannay, pertaining to the keeping of the castle of Lorn, and with power to hold courts,
punish delinquents, levy fines, etc.; and to endure seven years from Whitsunday then last.
Dated at Pertht, 10th August 1430. (Reg. Mag. Sig. lib. iii. No. 60).............................

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Scots in name of penalty to the dean and chapter of Glasgow, and £100 to the chaplain performing the said service for the time. Dated at Ardrossane, 12th March 1438



39. Charter by James of Crag, son and heir of the deceased John Crag, Lord of that Ilk, to Richard Donaldsoun, son and heir of the deceased John Donaldsoun, of the Temple lands lying in the lordship of Eglishame and regality of Ranfrew: To be held from the granter and his heirs of the lord superior thereof, for services used and wont: binding the said James and his heirs, etc., if they should attempt to contravene this charter, to pay 100 marks Scots in name of penalty, to be applied to the building of the church of St. Kentigern of Glasgow; and 100 merks to the said Richard or his heirs, etc., in name of damages, expenses and interest. Dated at the Nethercrag, 10th April 1450

40. Charter of Confirmation by Henry of Leuyngstoun, Knight, Commendator of the Preceptory of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem in Scotland, of the above charter by James Crag to Richard Donaldsoun. Dated at Torfichin, 26th October 1454.

41. Charter by King James II. to Alexander first Lord Montgomery, of the lands of Kendloche
of Raynsay, Cathadyll, the two Touregeys, the lands of Altgoulach, Auchegallane, Tym-
moquhare, Dongarre and Penreoch, lying in Arane in the shire of Bute: To be held of
the King and his heirs for giving annually three suits at Bute in the three chief courts
to be held there every year.
Sealed with the Great Seal, and dated at Edinburgh,
22nd May 1452

42. Charter by King James II. to Alexander Lord Montegomery, and Margaret his spouse, of the land of Roberstoune lying in the bailiery of Cunynghame and shire of Are, with the service of all the free tenants dwelling on the said land; which land and service belonged hereditarily to Alexander, and were resigned by him in the King's hands at Perth: To be held by Alexander and Margaret his spouse, and the heirs lawfully begotten between them; whom failing, by the true, lawful, and nearest heirs of Alexander whomsoever, of the King and his heirs and successors for services used and wont. Sealed with the Great Seal, and dated at Perth, 16th September 1453

43. Discharge by Robert Crawfurde of Achinhamis and Archibald Crawfurde of Pryveke, to

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Vilzame Ker, Larde of Kerislande,' for the sum of 100 merks Scots, as dowry for the
marriage of Margaret Ker his daughter with Archibald Huntar, Larde of Ardneill, per-





taining to them. Sealed with the seals of the said Robert and Archibald, at Auchinhamys, 14th June 1462

44. Obligation by Dauid Liddayle, son and heir to Jhon of Liddail of Lochttillo, to Schir Vilzham of Mungumbry of Giffin, whereby David binds himself, his heirs, executors and assignees, in the event of him or them disturbing Sir William or his heirs in the possession of the lands of the Bar and six merks' worth of Drumbuye, in the lordship of the Braydstayn and shire of Are, to pay to the latter the sum of £300 Scots because of true debt, and £40 in name of costs, scaiths, and expenses, from the rents of his lands of Lochttillo, etc. Sealed at Edinburgh, 3rd November 1465

45. Retour made before Sir John of Colquhone of that Ilk, Knight, and others, of the service of Alexander of Montgummery as heir to his father Alexander of Montgummery, in the office of bailie of the barony of Conyngham, within the shire of Are: held of the King as Steward of Scotland for the service pertaining to the office of bailie, in name of blench farm. Dated at Linlithgw, 17th June 1466

46. Instrument of Resignation by John Chawmer of Gadgyrcht, Knight, procurator for William Cunygam of Glengernok, in the hands of King James III., of the lands of Bolgaris, extending yearly to £10; of the two Kilfassachis, extending yearly to ten merks; and of Ballandallach, extending yearly to five merks, lying in the earldom of Lennax and shire of Striueline, in favour of Humphry Cunygam, grandson (nepoti) and apparent heir of said William, and Elisabeth of Edmonstone his spouse, and their children; whom failing, of the lawful heirs of William whomsoever. Done at Edinburgh, in the King's chamber in the castle, 21st July 1467

47. Charter by Hugh of Montgumry of Thorntoun, to Marjory Flemyng and John of Muntgumry, his eldest son and heir, in conjunct fee, on account of the marriage to be completed between them, of the lands of Owyr Thorntoun, lying in the lordship of Thorntoun: To be held by Marjory and John, and their heirs male, of Hugh and his heirs, for payment of a silver penny yearly, at Whitsunday, upon the ground, in name of blench farm, if asked only. Dated at Thorntoun, 22nd November 1468

48. Instrument of Revocation by Dame Jonet Houstoun, relict of the deceased William Montegomori of Gyffin, Knight, of all and sundry donations, alienations, assedations and assigna







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