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a Scottish Monasticon) are now at Blairs R. C. College, near Aberdeen (Report of Hist. MSS. Commission, II. 201). The Litany as it stands is (if genuine) certainly interpolated; and at best is a præ-Reformation but still 16th century version of a possibly genuine earlier Culdee document. Keledei are alleged to have been still at Dunkeld in H. of Silegrave's list of c. A.D. 1272. As the Litany now stands, it prays for King Cyric (A.D. 873-893) as though he were alive, yet commemorates King Constantine (A.D. 900–952), and more still King David I. (A.D. 1124

1153), as though already dead. And it betrays a date after Boece (commencement of 16th century) by mentioning Crathlinthus (see Bishop Forbes, who gives also other internal evidence of a late date). On the whole, Bishop Forbes's conclusion seems fairly probable (Pref. to Kalend., &c., pp. xxxiv, xxxv)—that in its present form "it is based upon an older document," but belongs as it stands to the time of Bishop Elphinstone of Aberdeen and Bishop George Brown of Dunkeld (A.D. 1484-1515). If so, it is the latest instance extant of any record mentioning Keledei in Scotland.

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