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LET them sleep, each in separate beds, and receive, according to the appointment of the Abbot, bed-clothes befitting their condition. If it be possible, let them all sleep in one place; but if the number do not allow of this, let them repose by tens or twenties in one place with their Seniors who have care of them. And let a candle burn constantly in that same cell until morning. Let them sleep clothed, and girt with girdles or cords, but let them not have knives by their sides while they sleep, lest perchance they be hurt therewith; and thus let the Monks always be ready, that when the sign is given they may rise speedily, and hasten, each one, to come

fratres juxta se non habeant lectos, sed permixti cum Senioribus. Surgentes vero ad Opus Dei, invicem se moderate cohortentur, propter somnolentorum excusationes.

before his Brother to the work of God, but yet with all gravity and modesty.

Let not the younger Brethren have beds in a place apart by themselves, but separated among the Elders. And when they rise to the Work of God, let them gently encourage one another, because of the excuses of those who are sluggish.

30 Junii


28 Feb. Si quis frater contumax, aut inobediens, 30 Oct. aut superbus, aut murmurans, vel in aliquo contrarius existens sanctæ Regulæ, et præceptis Seniorum suorum contemptor repertus fuerit; hic secundum Domini nostri præceptum admoneatur semel, et secundo secrete a Senioribus suis. Si non emendaverit,

objurgetur publice coram omnibus. Si vero neque sic correxerit, si intelligit, qualis pœna sit, excommunicationi subjaceat. Sin autem improbus est, vindicta corporali subdatur.


If any Brother be found stubborn, disobedient, IF proud, murmuring, or in any way gainsaying the holy Rule, or contemning the orders of his Elders, let him, in accordance with the precept of the Lord, be once or twice secretly admonished by them. If he amend not, let him be reprehended publicly before all. But if in spite of all this he do not correct himself, let him be subjected to excommunication, provided he understand the nature of the punishment. But if he remain obstinate, let him undergo corporal chastisement.

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