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17 Julii


17 Mar. MENSIS fratrum edentium lectio deesse 16 Nov. non debet: nec fortuito casu, qui arripuerit codicem, legere audeat ibi, sed lecturus tota hebdomada, Dominica ingrediatur. Qui ingrediens post Missas et Communionem, petat ab omnibus pro se orari, ut avertat ab eo Deus spiritum elationis. Et dicatur hic versus in Oratorio tertio ab omnibus, ipso tamen incipiente: "Domine labia mea aperies, et os meum annuntiabit laudem tuam;"1 et sic accepta benedictione, ingrediatur ad legendum; sum- › mumque fiat silentium ad mensam, ut nullius mussitatio, vel vox, nisi solius legentis ibi audiatur.

' Ps. 1. 17.


READING ought not to cease while the Brethren eat at table. Neither ought anyone presume to read, who shall take up the book at haphazard; but let him who is appointed to read for the whole week, enter upon his office on Sunday. After Mass and Communion, let him ask all to pray for him, that God may keep from him the spirit of pride. And let this verse be thrice repeated in the Oratory by all, the Reader first beginning it: “O Lord Thou wilt open my lips, and my mouth shall declare Thy praise;" and thus having received a blessing, let him enter upon his duty. The greatest silence shall be kept at table, so that no muttering, or voice, shall be heard there, except the voice of the Reader.


Quæ vero necessaria sunt comedentibus et bibentibus, sibi sic invicem ministrent fratres, ut nullus indigeat petere aliquid. Si quid tamen opus fuerit, sonitu cujuscumque signi potius petatur quam voce. Nec præsumat ibi aliquis de ipsa lectione, aut aliunde quicquam requirere, ne detur occasio maligno, nisi forte Prior voluerit pro ædificatione aliquid breviter dicere. Frater autem hebdomadarius accipiat mixtum prius quam incipiat legere, propter Communionem sanctam, et ne forte grave sit ei jejunium sustinere; postea autem cum coquinæ Hebdomadariis et servitoribus reficiat. Fratres autem non per ordinem legant aut cantent, sed qui ædificent audientes.

Such things as are necessary for meat and drink, let the Brethren so minister to each other, that no one need ask for anything. Yet should anything be wanted, let it be asked for rather by a sign than by a word. Nor let any one presume to ask questions there, about what is being read, or about anything else, lest occasion be given to the evil one. Should the Prior, however, think fit, he may make some brief exhortation for the edification of the Brethren. And let the Brother who is Reader for the week take a little pottage before he begin to read, on account of Holy Communion, and lest perchance it be grievous for him to fast so long. Afterwards let him eat with the weekly Officers and servers of the kitchen. The Brethren must not read or sing in turns, but such only as may edify the hearers.

18 Julii


18 Mar. SUFFICERE credimus ad refectionem quo17 Nov. tidianam tam Sextæ, quam Nonæ, omnibus mensis cocta duo pulmentaria, propter diversorum infirmitates: ut forte qui ex uno non poterit edere, ex alio reficiatur. Ergo duo pulmentaria cocta fratribus sufficiant; et si fuerint inde poma, aut nascentia leguminum, addatur et tertium. Panis libra una propensa sufficiat in die, sive una sit refectio, sive prandii et cœnæ. Quod si cœnaturi sunt, de eadem libra tertia pars a Cellerario servetur, reddenda cœnaturis.

Quod si labor forte factus fuerit major, in arbitrio et potestate Abbatis erit, si expediat,

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