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WE think it sufficient for daily refection, both at the sixth and ninth hour, that there be at all seasons two dishes, because of the infirmities of different people; so that he who cannot eat of one, may make his meal of the other. Let therefore two dishes of hot food suffice for the Brethren, and if there be any apples or young vegetables, let them be added as a third dish. Let one pound weight of bread suffice for the day, whether there be one refection, or both dinner and supper. If they are to sup, let a third part of that pound be reserved by the Cellarer, to be put before them at supper.

If their labour be great, it shall be in the power of the Abbot to add what he shall think

aliquid augere, remota præ omnibus crapula, ut nunquam surripiat Monacho indigeries: quia nihil sic contrarium est omni Christiano, quomodo crapula, sicut ait Dominus noster: "Videte ne graventur corda vestra in crapula et ebrietate."1 Pueris vero minori ætate non eadem servetur quantitas, sed minor quam majoribus, servata in omnibus parcitate. Carnium vero quadrupedum ab omnibus abstineatur comestio, præter omnino debiles et ægrotos.

1 Luc. xxi. 34.

fitting to their ordinary allowance; taking care always to avoid excess and surfeiting, that the Monks be not overtaken with indigestion, because there is no sin more contrary to a Christian than gluttony, as our Lord saith: "Take heed to yourselves lest perhaps your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting and drunkenness." But to children of tender age, let not the same quantity be given, but less than to the older, in all things preserving moderation and frugality. Let all, except the very weak and the sick, abstain from eating the flesh of four footed beasts.

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19 Julii



19 Mar. "UNUSQUISQUE proprium habet donum 18 Nov. ex Deo: alius sic, alius vero sic."1 ideo cum aliqua scrupulositate a nobis mensura victus aliorum constituitur. Tamen infirmorum contuentes imbecillitatem, credimus heminam vini per singulos sufficere per diem. Quibus autem donat Deus tolerantiam abstinentiæ, propriam se habituros mercedem sciant.

Quod si aut loci necessitas, vel labor, aut ardor æstatis, amplius poposcerit, in arbitrio Prioris consistat, considerans in omnibus, ne subrepat satietas aut ebrietas. Licet legamus, vinum omnino Monachorum non esse; sed quia nostris temporibus id Monachis persuaderi non 11 Cor. vii. 7.



"EVERYONE hath his proper gift from God, one thus, and another thus." 1 Therefore, it is not without some misgiving, that we appoint the measure of other men's victuals. Yet considering the condition of those in weak health, we think that one pint of wine will be sufficient for each one every day. But let those upon whom God bestows the gift of abstinence know, that they shall receive their proper reward. If, however, the situation of the place, extraordinary labour, or the heat of summer, require more, let the Prior do what he thinketh good; ever having a care that fulness, or gluttony creep not in.

And although we read* "that wine is not

* In Vitis Patrum. Verba Senior: v. 4. 31.

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