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negligence. And if he do not afterwards amend, let him not be admitted to a share of the common table, but being separated from the company of his Brethren, let him eat alone, and let his portion of wine be taken away from him, till he make satisfaction and mend his ways. He shall suffer the like penalty, who is not present at the verse that is said after meat. And let not any one presume to take meat or drink before or after the appointed time. Moreover, if anything be offered to a Brother by the Prior and that Brother refuse it, but afterwards have a mind for it; he shall receive neither that, nor anything else, until he have made suitable atonement.

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24 Julii

24 Mar. QUI pro graviori culpa ab Oratorio et a 28 Nov. mensa excommunicatur, hora, qua Opus Dei in Oratorio celebratur, ante fores Oratorii prostratus jaceat, nihil dicens; nisi tantum posito in terram capite et prostratus, pronus omnium de Oratorio exeuntium pedibus se projiciat. Et hoc tamdiu faciat usque dum Abbas judicaverit satisfactum esse. Qui dum jussus ab Abbate venerit, provolvat se ipsius Abbatis pedibus, deinde omnium vestigiis fratrum, ut orent pro eo.

Et tunc, si jusserit Abbas, recipiatur in Choro, vel in ordine, quo Abbas decreverit : ita sane, ut Psalmum aut Lectionem vel aliud quid non præsumat in Oratorio imponere, nisi


AT the hour when the Work of God is being celebrated in the Oratory, let him, who for more grievous offences is excommunicated from the table or Oratory, lie prostrate before the doors thereof saying nothing; only with his head upon the ground, let him lie at the feet of all who go out of the Oratory. This he shall do until the Abbot think he hath given sufficient satisfaction. When ordered

by the Abbot, he shall cast himself at the Abbot's feet, and then at the feet of all the Brethren that they may pray for him.

Then, if the Abbot shall order it, let him be received into the Choir, and stand in that rank which he shall appoint; vet so that he

iterum Abbas jubeat. Et omnibus Horis, dum completur Opus Dei, projiciat se in terram, in loco in quo stat, et sic satisfaciat, usque dum ei jubeat Abbas, ut quiescat ab hac satisfactione. Qui vero pro levibus culpis excommunicatur tantum а mensa, in Oratorio satisfaciat usque ad jussionem Abbatis; et tamdiu hoc faciat, usque dum benedicat, et dicat: Sufficit.


presume not to intone a psalm, or read a lesson in the Oratory, unless the Abbot again order him. After each Hour, when the Work of God is finished, let him cast himself upon the earth in the place where he stands, and in this manner make satisfaction, until the Abbot command him to cease therefrom. let such as for slight faults are excommunicated only from the table, make satisfaction' in the Oratory as long as the Abbot shall command, and let them continue their satisfaction until he bless them and say:-"It is enough."

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