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frater acediosus, qui vacet otio, aut fabulis, et non sit intentus lectioni: et non solum sibi inutilis sit, sed etiam alios extollat. Hic talis, si (quod absit) repertus fuerit, corripiatur semel et secundo: si non emendaverit, correctioni regulari subjaceat, taliter, ut cæteri metum habeant. Neque frater ad fratrem jungatur horis incompetentibus.

30 Mar. 30 Julii

Dominico die lectioni vacent; exceptis 29 Nov. iis qui variis officiis deputati sunt. Si quis vero ita negligens et desidiosus fuerit, ut non velit, aut non possit meditari, aut legere, injungatur ei opus quod faciat, ut non vacet. Fratribus infirmis vel delicatis talis opera aut ars injungatur, ut nec otiosi sint, nec violentia laboris opprimantur, ut effugentur. Quorum imbecillitas ab Abbate consideranda est.

Seniors be specially appointed to go about the Monastery at the hours in which the Brethren are employed in reading, and see that no one be slothful or give himself up to idleness or foolish talk, and neglect his reading, being thus not only unprofitable to himself, but also a hindrance to others. If such an one be found (which God forbid!) let him be reprehended once or twice, and if he do not amend, let him be so severely corrected, that others may take warning by it. Neither let one Brother associate himself with another at unseasonable times.

On Sunday all shall devote themselves to reading, except such as are deputed for the various offices. But if any one shall be so negligent and slothful as to be either unwilling or unable to read or meditate, let him have some work imposed upon him which he can do, and thus not be idle. To the Brethren who are of weak constitution or in delicate health, such work or art shall be given as shall keep them from idleness, and yet not oppress them with so much labour as to drive them away. Their weakness must be taken into consideration by the Abbot.

* Not any servile work, for such is forbidden; but some work in the kitchen, or in the infirmary.


31 Julii


31 Mar. LICET omni tempore vita Monachi Qua30 Nov. dragesimæ debeat observationem habere; tamen quia paucorum est ista virtus, ideo. suademus istis diebus Quadragesimæ omni puritate vitam suam custodire, omnes pariter negligentias aliorum temporum his diebus sanctis diluere. Quod tunc digne fit; si ab omnibus vitiis nos temperemus: orationi cum fletibus, lectioni, et compunctioni cordis, atque abstinentiæ operam demus. Ergo his diebus augeamus nobis aliquid ad solitum pensum servitutis nostræ, orationes peculiares, ciborum et potus abstinentiam; unusquisque super mensuram sibi indictam aliquid propria voluntate cum gaudio Sancti Spiritus offerat Deo:


ALTHOUGH a Monk's life ought at all times to resemble a continual Lent, yet because few have such virtue, we exhort all in these days of Lent to live in all purity, and during this holy season to wash away all the negligences of other times. This we shall worthily accomplish if we refrain from all defects, and apply ourselves to tearful prayer, to reading, to compunction of heart, and abstinence. In these days, therefore, let us add something over and above to our wonted task, such as private prayers, and abstinence from meat and drink; let every one offer to God, of his own free will, with joy of the Holy Ghost, something above the measure appointed him; that

id est, subtrahat corpori suo de cibo, de potu, de somno, de loquacitate, de scurrilitate, et cum spiritualis desiderii gaudio sanctum Pascha expectet. Hoc ipsum tamen, quod unusquisque offert, Abbati suo suggerat, et cum ejus fiat oratione et voluntate: quia quod sine permissione Patris spiritualis fit, præsumptioni deputabitur et vanæ gloriæ, non mercedi. Ergo cum voluntate Abbatis omnia agenda sunt.

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