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the Abbot which shall be necessary, that is, a cowl, a tunic, shoes and stockings, a girdle, a knife, a pen, a needle, a handkerchief, and tablets, that all pretence of necessity may be taken away. However, let the Abbot always bear in mind that sentence from the Acts of the Apostles: "And distribution was made to every one according as he had need."1 Let him, therefore, consider the infirmities of such as are in need, and pay no regard to the ill-will of the envious. In all his ordinances let him always think on the retribution of God.

9 Aug.


9 Apr. MENSA Abbatis cum hospitibus et pere9 Dec. grinis sit semper. Quoties tamen minus sunt hospites, quos vult de fratribus vocare, in ipsius sit potestate. Seniorum autem unum, aut duos semper cum fratribus dimittendos procuret, propter disciplinam.


THE Abbot shall always take his meals with the guests and strangers. But as often as there are few guests, it shall be in his power to invite any of the Brethren he may choose. Let him take care, however, that one or two Seniors be always left with the Brethren, for the sake of discipline.



10 Apr. ARTIFICES, si sunt in Monasterio, cum

10 Aug.

10 Dec. omni humilitate et reverentia faciant ipsas artes, si tamen jusserit Abbas. Quod si aliquis ex eis extollitur pro scientia artis suæ, eo quod videatur aliquid conferre Monasterio, hic talis evellatur ab ipsa arte, et denuo per eam non transeat, nisi forte humiliato ei iterum Abbas jubeat.

Si quid vero ex operibus artificum venumdandum est, videant ipsi, per quorum manus transigenda sunt, ne aliquam fraudem præsumant inferre. Memorentur Ananiæ et Saphiræ: ne forte mortem quam illi in corpore pertulerunt, hanc isti, vel omnes qui aliquam fraudem de rebus Monasterii fecerint, in anima 1 Act. v. 1-10.


IF there be Artificers in the Monastery, let them exercise their crafts with all humility and reverence, provided the Abbot shall have ordered them. But if any of them be proud of the skill he hath in his craft, because he thereby seemeth to gain something for the Monastery, let him be removed from it, and not exercise it again, unless, after humbling himself, the Abbot shall permit him.

But if any of their work is to be sold, let those who make the bargain take heed and be guilty of no deception. Let them remember Ananias and Saphira, lest they, or any who defraud the Monastery, should incur the death of their soul, as these did the death

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