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precisely similar to that which he had led in the Cloister, so that his very person became eloquent by the persuasive spirit of sanctity which shone through him and drew others nigh to God.

He was appointed Chaplain to Lady Falkland, and while acting in that capacity, succceded in winning over to the church her four daughters, two of whom afterwards became Benedictine Nuns at Cambrai. It was in Lady Falkland's house that Father Serenus Cressy, then a Protestant dignitary, first became acquainted with him. His religious modesty, and the example of his holy life, aided no doubt by his fervent prayer, made so deep an impression upon this eminent man, that he was eventually led back to the Old Faith, and became one of the brightest lights of our Order.

In after years he used to attribute the grace of his conversion to the eminent virtues and pious example of this humble and devout Priest.

Father Fursden completed his earthly career at the house of Lady Falkland on the 2nd of February, 1638. The translation of the Life and Rule of St. Benedict are attributed to him.

May the Religious Spirit which actuated these two saintly men, their love for our Holy Father St. Benedict, and their zeal for the glory of God, fill the hearts of all men; but especially of those who like them, "have left all things to follow Christ."

St. Michael's Priory, Hereford,

Commemoration of Our Holy Father St. Benedict, July 11th, 1875.

THE Dates inserted in the Margin of the Latin Text, are to point out that portion of the Rule which is read in Monasteries every day, either at Prime, or if it be a fast day, before the evening Collation. The entire Rule is thus read through three times each year.


Sanctissimi Patris Benedicti in Regulam
Suam Prologus

I. De generibus Monachorum

II. Qualis esse debeat Abbas

III. De adhibendis ad consilium Fratribus

IV. Quæ sint instrumenta bonorum operum
V. De Obedientia Discipulorum





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X. Qualiter æstatis tempore agatur Nocturna

XI. Qualiter Dominicis diebus Vigilia agantur 84
XII. Qualiter Matutinorum Solemnitas agatur 88
XIII. Privatis diebus qualiter Matutini agantur 90
XIV. In Natalitiis Sanctorum qualiter Vigiliæ


XV. "Alleluia" quibus temporibus dicatur



XVI. Qualiter Divina Opera per diem agantur 98

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