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The Village Lily. Fcap. 8vo. 1s.; gilt, 1s. 6d. Fairy Tales for Little Children. By Madeleine Howley Meehan. Fcap. 1s. ; cloth extra, 1s. 6d.; gilt, 2s. "Full of imagination and dreams, and at the same time with excellent point and practical aim, within the reach of the intelligence of infants."- Universe. "Pleasing, simple stories, combining instruction with amusement."-Register.

Rosalie; or, the Memoirs of a French Child. Written by

herself. Fcap. 8vo., Is. and is. 6d. ; extra gilt, 2s. "It is prettily told, and in a natural manner. The account of Rosalie's illness and First Communion is very well related. We can recommend the book for the reading of children."-Tablet. "The tenth chapter is beautiful."-Universe.

The Story of Marie and other Tales. Fcap. 8vo., 2s.;

cloth extra, 2s. 6d. ; gilt, 3s.; or separately:-The Story of Marie, 2d.; Nelly Blane, and A Contrast, 2d.; A Conversion and a Death-Bed, 2d.; Herbert Montagu, 2d.; Jane Murphy, The Dying Gipsy, and The Nameless Grave, 2d.; The Beggars, and True and False Riches, 2d.; Pat and his Friend, 2d. "A very nice little collection of stories, thoroughly Catholic in their teaching."-Tablet. "A series of short pretty stories, told with much simplicity."-Universe. "A number of short pretty stories, replete with religious teaching, told in simple language.' Weekly Register. The Last of the Catholic O'Malleys. A Tale. By M. Taunton. 18mo. cloth, Is. 6d. ; extra, 25.

"A sad and stirring tale, simply written, and sure to secure for itself readers."-Tablet. "Deeply interesting. It is well adapted for parochial and school libraries."- Weekly Register. "A very pleasing tale."-The Month.

Eagle and Dove. From the French of Mademoiselle

Zénaïde Fleuriot. By Emily Bowles. Cr. 8vo., 5s. "We recommend our readers to peruse this well-written story.' Register. One of the very best stories we have ever dipped into.' -Church Times. "Admirable in tone and purpose."-Church Herald. "A real gain. It possesses merits far above the pretty fictions got up by English writers."-Dublin Review. "There is an air of truth and sobriety about this little volume, nor is there any attempt at sensation."-Tablet. Cistercian Legends of the 13th Century. Translated

from the Latin by the Rev. Henry Collins. 3s. Cloister Legends: or, Convents and Monasteries in the Olden Time. Second Edition. Cr. 8vo. 4s. The People's Martyr, a Legend of Canterbury. 45. R. Washbourne, 18 Paternoster Row, London.


2s. 6d.

Rupert Aubray. By the Rev. T. J. Potter.
Farleyes of Farleye. By the same author.
Sir Humphrey's Trial. By the same author.
2s. 6d.
Chats about the Rosary; or, Aunt Margaret's Little
Neighbours. Fcap. 8vo. 3s.

"There is scarcely any devotion so calculated as the Rosary to keep up a taste for piety in little children, and we must be grateful for any help in applying its lessons to the daily life of those who already love it in their unconscious tribute to its value and beauty." -Month. "We do not know of a better book for reading aloud to children, it will teach them to understand and to love the Rosary."Tablet. "A graceful little book, in fifteen chapters, on the Rosary, illustrative of each of the mysteries, and connecting each with the practice of some particular virtue."--Catholic Opinion.

Margarethe Verflassen.

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Translated from the German by Mrs. Smith Sligo. Fcap. 8vo. 3s. ; gilt, 3s. 6d. A portrait of a very holy and noble soul, whose life was passed in constant practical acts of the love of God."-Weekly Register. 'It is the picture of a true woman's life, well fitted up with the practice of ascetic devotion and loving unwearied activity about all the works of mercy."-Tablet.

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Keighley Hall and other Tales. By Elizabeth King.

18mo. 6d. ; cloth, Is. ; gilt, 1s. 6d. ; or, separately, Keighley Hall, Clouds and Sunshine, The Maltese Cross, 3d. each.

Sir Elfric and other Tales. By the Rev. G. Bamp-
field. 18mo. 6d. ; cloth, Is. ; gilt, Is. 6d.
Ned Rusheen. By the Poor Clares.

The Prussian Spy. A Novel.
Adolphus; or, the Good Son.

Crown 8vo. 6s.

By V. Valmont.


18mo. gilt, 6d. Nicholas; or, the Reward of a Good Action. 6d. The Lost Children of Mount St. Bernard. 18mo.gilt, 6d. The Baker's Boy; or, the Results of Industry. 6d.

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"All prettily got up, artistically illustrated, and pleasantly-written. Better books for gifts and rewards we do not know."-Weekly Register. "We can thoroughly recommend them."-Tablet. The Truce of God: a Tale of the Eleventh Century. By G. H. Miles.

Tales and Sketches.


By Charles Fleet. 8vo. cloth, 2s. and 2s. 6d. ; cloth, gilt, 3s. 6d.

"Pleasingly-written, and containing some valuable hints. There is a good deal of nice feeling in these short stories."-Tablet.

R. Washbourne, 18 Paternoster Row, London.

A Broken Chain. 18mo. gilt, 6d.

The Convent Prize Book. By the author of "Geraldine." Fcap. 8vo. 2s. 6d. ; gilt, 3s. 6d.

The Journey of Sophia and Eulalie to the Palace of True Happiness. Translated by the Rev. Father Ambrose, Mount St. Bernard's.

3s. 6d.; cheap edition, 2s. 6d.






The Fisherman's Daughter. By Conscience. 4s.
The Amulet. By Hendrick Conscience.
Count Hugo of Graenhove. By Conscience.
The Village Innkeeper. By Conscience. 4s.
Happiness of being Rich. By Conscience.
Florence O'Neill. By A. M. Stewart. 4s. 6d. and 6s.
Limerick Veteran. By the same. 4s. 6d. and 6s.
The Three Elizabeths. By the same. 3s. 6d. and 4s. 6d.
Alone in the World. By the same. 3s. 6d. and 4s. 6d.
Festival Tales. By J. F. Waller.

Shakespeare's Plays and Tragedies.


Abridged and

Revised for the use of Schools. By Rosa
Baughan. 8vo. 7s. 6d.

Poems. By H. N. Oxenham. Third Edition. 3s. 6d.
Miscellaneous and Educational.

History of Modern Europe. With a Preface by the Right Rev. Dr. Weathers. 12mo. cloth, 5s.;

gilt, 6s.; roan, 5s. 6d.

"A work of special importance for the way in which it deals with the early part of the present Pontificate."- Weekly Register. The Continental Fish Cook; or, a Few Hints on Maigre

Dinners. By M. J. N. de Frederic. 18mo. is. "This is an admirable collection of recipes, which many housekeepers will welcome for use. We strongly recommend our lady readers at once to procure it."-Church Herald. "It will give to

all mistresses of households very valuable hints on maigre dinners, and we feel sure they will be glad to know of the existence of such a manual."-Register. "There are 103 recipes, all of which have been practically tested; they combine variety, wholesomeness, and economy."-Universe. "It is an unpretending little work, but nevertheless containing many recipes, enabling housekeepers to provide an excellent variety of dishes, such as may lawfully be eaten in times of fasting and abstinence."--Church Times.

R. Washbourne, 18 Paternoster Row, London.

Culpepper. An entirely New Edition of Brook's Family Herbal. 150 engravings, drawn and coloured from living specimens. Crown 8vo., 5s. 6d. University Education, under the Guidance of the Church; or, Monastic Studies. By a Monk of St. Augustine's, Ramsgate. 8vo. 2s. 6d.

"An admirable pamphlet. Its contents are above praise. We trust that it will be widely circulated."— Weekly Register. "The author is evidently a scholar, a well-read man, and a person of experience and wide reading. His essay, consequently, is worth both studying and preserving."-Church Herald. Elements of Philosophy, comprising Logic, and

General Principles of Metaphysics. By Rev. W.
H. Hill, S.J. Second edition, 8vo. 6s.

"This work is from the pen of one who has devoted many years to the study and teaching of philosophy. It is elementary, and must be concise; yet it treats the important points of philosophy so clearly, and contains so many principles of wide application, that it cannot fail to be especially useful in a country where sound philosophical doctrine is perhaps more needed than in any other." History of England. By W. Mylius. 12mo. 3s. 6d. Catechism of the History of England. Cloth, 1S. History of Ireland. By T. Young. 18mo. cloth, 2s. 6d. The Illustrated History of Ireland. By the Nun of Kenmare. Illustrated by Doyle. 8vo. IIS.

The Patriots' History of Ireland. By the Poor Clares

of Kenmare. 18mo. cloth, 25.; cloth gilt, 2s. 6d. A Chronological Sketch of the Kings of England and France. With Anecdotes for the use of Children. By H. Murray Lane. 2s. 6d.; or separately, England, 1s. 6d., France, 1s. 6d.

Admirably adapted for teaching young children the elements of English and French history."-Tablet. "A very useful little publication."-Weekly Register. 'An admirably arranged little work

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for the use of children."- Universe.

The Catholic Alphabet of Scripture Subjects. Price,

on a sheet, plain, Is. ; coloured, 2s.; mounted

on linen, to fold in a case, 3s. 6d. ; varnished, on linen, on rollers, 4s.

"This will be hailed with joy by all young children in Catholic schools, and we should gladly see it placed conspicuously before the eyes of our little ones.' -Catholic Opinion. "Will be very welcome in the infant school."-Weekly Register.

R. Washbourne, 18 Paternoster Row, London.

Bell's Modern Reader and Speaker. Cloth, 3s. 6d. General Questions in History, Chronology, Geography, the Arts, &c. By A. M. Stewart.

4s. 6d.

Extracts from the Fathers and other Writers of the Church. 12mo. cloth, 4s. 6d.

Brickley's Standard Table Book, d.

Washbourne's Multiplication Table on a sheet, 35. per 100. Specimen sent for Id. stamp. Music (Net).


Veni Domine. Motett for Four Voices.

arrangement, 6d.

2S.; vocal

Cor Jesu, Salus in Te Sperantium. 2s.; with harp accompaniment, 2s. 6d. ; abridged edition, 3d. Mass of the Holy Child Jesus, and Ave Maria for unison and congregational singing, with organ accompaniment. 3s.

The Vocal Part. 4d.; or in cloth, 6d.

The Ave Maria of this Mass can be had for Four Voices, with the Ingressus Angelus. Is. 3d.

Recordare. Oratio Jeremiæ Prophetæ.


Ne projicias me a facie Tua. Motett for Four Voices. (T.B.) IS. 3d.

Benediction Service, with 36 Litanies. 6s.

Oratory Hymns. 2 vols., 8s.

Regina Coeli. Motett for Four Voices. 3s.; vocal

arrangement, Is.

Twelve Latin Hymns, for Vespers, &c. 2S.

Litanies. By Rev. J. McCarthy.

IS. 3d.

IS. 6d.

Six Litany Chants. By F. Leslie.
Ave Maria. By T. Haydn Waud.
Fr. Faber's Hymns. Various, 9d. each.
Portfolio. With a patent metallic back. 3s.

A separate Catalogue of FOREIGN Books, Educational Books, Books for the Library or for Prizes, supplied; also a Catalogue of School and General Stationery, a Catalogue of Secondhand Books, and a Catalogue of Crucifixes and other Religious Articles.

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