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Grus mexicana (Müll.), sandbill crane, will-püh' qua-pbē.
Rallus virginianus Linn., Virginia rail, coim'ŭp-hualch-rðð.
Porzana carolina (Linn.), sora, päh-lä'huatch-róð.
Gallinula galeata (Licht.), Florida gallinule, päh-lü'che-kum'n-äh.
Fulica americana Gmel., American coot, che-kum'n'äh-nu-măsh-töð-.
Steganopus tricolor Vieill., Wilson's phalarope, -móðsh toð-i-tūck-uh.
Recurvirostra americana Gmel., American avocet, will-pom'cho-wŭh.
Gallinago delicata (Ord.), Wilson's snipe, päh-hual'è-o-shône-ěh.
Tringa bairdii (Coues), Baird's sandpiper, päh' she-röð.
Tringa minutilla Vieill., least sandpiper, poich'rðd-hõe-yŭh.
Ereunetes occidentalis Lawr., western sandpiper, potch'roð-hõe-yŭh.
Totanus melanoleucus (Gmel.), greater yellow-legs, potch'rðð.
Totanus flavipes (Gmel.), yellow-legs, potch-róð.
Totanus solitarius cinnamomeus Brewster, western solitary sandpiper,

Symphemia semipalmata inornata Brewster, western willet, co-chäsh'zhrū.
Actitis macularia (Linn.), spotted sandpiper, mäch-she'huatch-roð.
Numenius longirostris Wils., long-billed curiew, will-co'huä-cāle-.
Ægialitis vocifera (Linn.), killdeer, päh'kāle-.
Ægialitis montana (Towns.), mountain plover, päh'kāle-hõe-yŭh.
Gallus gallus (Linn.), domestic fowl, cu-üh'cu. (The Mokis raise a small

variety of fowl, a little larger than the bantam, which they keep in

stone houses built for the purpose.) Callipepla gambelii (Gambel), Gambel's partridge, co-hua'go-hõe-yŭh.

When asked to name a specimen of the scaled partridge (Callipepla

squamata), they replied, “No sabe; no got 'em Moki country.” Cyrtonyx montezumæ (Vig.), Massena partridge, pin’to-ho-ia. Meleagris gallopavo mexicana (Gould), Mexican turkey, coi-yung'o. The

tuft of coarse hair growing from its breast they call coi-yung-work-. This bird was domesticated, history informs us, early in the sixteenth century, at the time of the early Spanish invasion, not only by the Mokis, but by other sedentary Indian tribes in New Mexico and Arizona.' I have frequently found turkey bones when excavating in the ruins of the cliff and cave dwellers in the valleys of the Rio

Verde and Salinas. Columba fasciata Say, band-tailed pigeon, tón-och'ă hue'wih. Zenaidura macroura (Linn.), mourning dove, püh-' hue-wih. Melopelia leucoptera (Linn.), white-winged dove, pin'to hữe-wih. Columbigallina passerina pallescens (Baird), Mexican ground dove, päh

lä'hüe-wih. Scardafella inca (Less.), Inca dove, hue'e-wih-qua. Cathartes aura (Linn.), turkey vulture, -shöke' ko. Circus hudsonius (Linn.), marsk hawk, co-chaw'kwo-or khủn-qui-hua. ?




1 In this connection see Davis's Conquest of New Mexico. The turkey was also domeg. ticated by the Aztecs. See Brancroft's Native Races of the Pacific States, 11, 353, 1875.

2 Qua-yuh or qua-is their generic term for hawks, and upon the word they ring various changes.

Accipiter velox (Wils.), sharp-shinned hawk, co-chaw' hung' -. Accipiter cooperii (Bonap.), Cooper's hawk, ' säh or hung-hui-. Accipiter atricapillus (Wils.), American goshawk, p'te' quin-quay-hua. Parabuteo unicinctus harrisi(Aud.), Harris's hawk, päh-lä'poil--quāy-. Buteo borealis calurus (Cass.), western red-tail, päh-lä'qui-hua. They un

derstand the various ageal and irregular phases of plumage and apply

the same term-päh'lä (red)—to all specimens of this species. Buteo abbreviatus Caban., zone-tailed hawk, ' qui-hua or ' qui-yuh. Buteo swainsoni Bonap., Swainson's hawk, quê-que' qui-yo. Urubitinga anthracina (Licht.), Mexican black hawk, qua'hūe-yu-yŭh. Aquila chrysaëtos (Linn.), golden eagle, till-whõõsh'heap-qua-húr. Haliæetus leucocephalus (Linn.), bald eagle, -huack' qua-hûr. Falco mexicanus Schleg., prairie falcon, ke'säh. Falco peregrinus anatum (Bonap.), duck hawk, mäh-' ' säh. Falco columbarius Linn., pigeon hawk, hûrng' --hõe-yúh. Falco sparverius deserticolus Mearns, desert sparrow hawk, täh-kä'cāle-le

or päh-' kāle'lē. Päh'-, red; kāle'lē, a little hawk. Pundion haliaëtus carolinensis (Gmel.), American osprey, coy-chiclet.

The name refers to the white on its head. Strix pratincola Bonap., American barn owl, psu-him'ung-ŭh. Asio wilsonianus (Less.), American long-eared owl, psu-him'ung-ŭh. Megascops asio cineraceus Ridgw., Mexican screech owl, schi-lăp'móðng

hua. Bubo virginianus occidentalis Stone, western horned owl, mõõng'hua or

mööng'wä. Speotyto cunicularia hypogæa (Bonap.), burrowing owl, ko'kö or püh'k

móðng'ůh. Glaucidium gnoma Wagl., pygmy owl, kõe'rhän-ē. The ferruginous

pygmy owl (Glaucidium phalænoides) is regarded by the Mokis as

identical with this species. Geococcyx californianus (Less.), road-runner, hösh' põe-ŭh or hus-po-å. One

of the Mokis' clans or gentes is named after the road-runner. Ong

wischey belongs to this clan. Coccyzus americanus occidentalis Ridgw., California cuckoo, ko'kö hüe'wih

or co-chow'huin-ö hue-wih. They class the cuckoo with the pigeons. Parrot, ke-äh'rðð. Ong-wisch' ey told me that he had seen parrots alive

only at the pueblos on the Rio Grande, in New Mexico. The Mokis use parrot feathers in their religious ceremonies with the sacred eagle feathers, and regard the bird with veneration. Ongwischey was delighted with a pasteboard representation of one of these birds, which was presented to my little child for a plaything, and carried it back

to the Moki villages with him. Ceryle alcyon (Linn.), belted kingfisher, she-kum'n'äh, a name applied in

common to several water-loving birds. Dryobates villosus hyloscopus (Cab.), Cabanis's woodpecker, hõle' päh-

coy-öte or pin'to hope yung-äh.

Dryobates pubescens homorus (Cab.), Batchelder's woodpecker, hõpe'

yung-äh. Dryobates scalaris bairdi (Malherbe), Texan woodpecker, päh-lä'chă-

hõpe-yung-üh. Sphyrapicus varius nuchalis Baird, red-naped sapsucker, püh-la'hë-quä

hõpe'yung-äh. Sphyrapicus ruber (Gmel.), red-breasted sapsucker, päh-löcht'te hõpe'

yung-äh. Sphyrapicus thyroideus (Cass.), Williamson's sapsucker, hõpe' yung-äh. Melanerpes formicivorus Swainson, Mexican woodpecker, coim'bwê hõpe'

yung-äh. Melanerpes torquatus (Wils.), Lewis's woodpecker, coim'buē (black) mūz

ying'ou-uh (flicker). Melanerpes uropygialis (Baird), Gila woodpecker, přn'to mūz-ying'ow-ŭh

(spotted flicker). Colaptes cafer (Gmel.), red-shafted flicker, mitz-ying'ow-th. Colaptes chrysoides (Malh.), gilded flicker, těsh'-căb-by můz-ying'ow-ŭh. Phalanoptilus nuttallii ( Aud.), poor-will, hõe-itsk-(=accent). Chordeiles acutipennis texensis (Lawr.), Texan nighthawk, you'l-be-qua'. Aëronautes melanoleucus (Baird), white-throated swift, õh-mow' wow-wow

ŭh-k’ia. Trochilus alexandri (Bourc. & Muls.), black-chinned hummingbird, tõke'.

Calypte coste (Bourc.), Costas hummingbird, pil-lo tole .
Selasphorus platycercus (Swains.), broad-tailed hummingbird, tõke' chủ.
Selasphorus rufus (Gmel.), rufous hummingbird, püh-' tõke' chă.
Iache latirostris (Swains.), broad-billed hummingbird, tõke'chů.
Tyrannus verticalis Say., Arkansas kingbird, pē'kwē.
Tyrannus vociferans Swains., Cassin's kingbird, pe' kuē.
Myiarchus mexicanus magister Ridgw., Arizona crested flycatcher, wi-

Myiarchus cinerascens (Lawr.), ash-throated flycatcher, wi-kóðt'che-e.
Sayornis saya (Bonap.), Say's Phæbe, pe'kuē.
Sayornis nigricans (Swains.), black Phæbe, putst'tu-ěh.
Contopus borealis (Swains.), olive-sided flycatcher, putst'tu-ěh.
Contopus richardsonii (Swains.), western wood pewee, che'ē.
Empidonax difficilis Baird, western flycatcher,

Empidonax traillii (Aud.), Traill's flycatcher,
Empidonax hammondi (Xantus), Hammond's flycatcher,

che-kach'tē. Empidonax wrightii Baird, Wright's flycatcher, Pyrocephalus rubineus mexicanus (Scl.), vermilion flycatcher, terry-wöðts'ē.

1 Otocorys alpestris (arenicola, che roõ or

adusta, I Pica pica hudsonica (Sab.), American magpie, põe-shū'wŭh. Ongwischey

says they are common about the Moki villages. Cyanocitta stelleri macrolopha (Baird), long-crested jay, -coich'cühn-ă.

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Aphelocoma woodhouseii (Baird), Woodhouse's jay, shou'ň-yŭh.
Aphelocoma sieberii arizona Ridgw., Arizona jay, äh-äh'.
Corvus corax sinuatus (Wagl.), American raven, ong-wisch'èy.
Corvus cryptoleucus Couch, white-necked raven, ông-wăsch'ey. “Two

kinds; one name.”
Corvus americanus Aud., American crow, ong-wisch'ho-yŭh.
Nucifraga columbiana (Wils.), Clarke's nutcracker, yäh-päh (= accent).
Cyanocephalus cyanocephalus (Wied), piñon jay, äläh.
Molothrus ater obscurus (Gmel.), dwarf cowbird, käh-něch' to-kodtsk' .
Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus (Bonap.), yellow-headed blackbird, to-

koðtsk'kă. This is a generic name for blackbirds. Agelaius phæniceus longirostris (Salvad.), Sonoran red-wing, päh-lä'

schil--koðtsk' . Literally, a red-shouldered blackbird. Sturnella magna neglecta (Aud.), western meadowlark, puw-çhèle'lov-å. Icterus parisorum Bonap., Scott's oriole, õh' -tow-r-mon-7. Icterus cucullatus nelsoni Ridgw., Arizona hooded oriole, mow'towă

mỏn-0. Icterus bullocki (Swains.), Bullock's oriole, mow'tou-ň-mỏn-7. “One name;

two kinds." Scolecophagus cyanocephalus (Wagl.), Brewer's blackbird, to-kóðtsk'kă. Coccothraustes vespertinus montanus (Ridgw.), western evening gros

eak, tse-kăcht'tē. Carpodacus purpureus californicus Baird, California purple finch, till-hua'

shun--ěsh-ia. Carpodacus cassini Baird, Cassin's purple finch, till-hua' shuncă-ěsh-ia.

One name; two kinds." Carpodacus mexicanus frontalis (Say), house finch, sche-pile' shun-ð-ŭsh-ia. Loxia curvirostra stricklandi Ridgw., Mexican crossbill, -rõõm'chū-wūh. Leucosticte australis Ridgw., brown-capped leucosticte. “He no live

Moki country” (which is true). Spinis tristis pallidus Mearns, western goldfinch, sche-húrp'che-e. Spinus psaltria (Say), Arkansas goldfinch (var. arizonæ included), tsē-käh'

che-ē or coim' mop-mi-air-zho. Spinus pinus (Wils.), pine siskin, pow-coupl'che-e. Calcarius ornatus (Towns.), chestnut-collared longspur, püh-lü'chê-róðh. Rhynchophanes maccownii (Lawr.), McCown's longspur, coim'op-cheZonotrichia leucophrys intermedia Ridgw., intermediate sparrow, co-chä'

róðh. Poocætes gramineus confinis Baird, western vesper sparrow, päh-li'shă-: Ammodramus sandwichensis alaudinus (Bonap.), western savanna spar

row, shë-huap'che-e. Ammodramus savannarum perpallidus (Coues), western grasshopper spar

row, täh'hua-mon-ö or co-chä'ho-hua-to. Chondestes grammacus strigatus (Swains.), western lark sparrow, päh-lä'

till-cüh-pbe. Zonotrichia leucophrys (Forst.', white-crowned sparrow, co-chä'go-


go-сhe-ē. Spizella socialis arizonæ Coues, western chipping sparrow, päh-lä'go-. Spizella pallida (Swains.), clay-colored sparrow, pu-lhäm' chu-wäh. Spizella breweri Cass., Brewer's sparrow, pu-lhäm'çhu-wūh. Spizella atrigularis (Cab.), black-chinned sparrow, coim'op-he-qua. Junco hyemalis (Linn.), slate-colored junco, ne-wy'toke-chă. They apply

the same name to the other juncos, J. hyemalis shufeldti, J. annectens,

J. caniceps, and J. phæonotus dorsalis. Amph ispiza bilineata (Cass.), black-throated sparrow, dăbpe' che-ē. Amphispiza belli nevadensis (Ridgw.), sage sparrow, çhierz--ė-kgoot. Peucæa cassini (Woodh.), Cassin's sparrow, ping'to-qua. Peucæa ruficeps boucardi (Scl.), Boucard's sparrow, ping'to-qua.

Melospiza fasciata fallax,
1 montána, } hö'o-Uçh-e


Melospiza lincolnii (Aud.), Lincoln's sparrow, päh-lä'hô-māyl-lv.
Pipilo maculatus megalonyx (Baird), spurred towhee, coim'bwè-qua.
Pipilo chlorurus (Towns.), green-tailed towhee, co-chä'bwè-qua.
Pipilo fuscus mesoleucus (Baird), cañon towhee, py-yirt'tsē-i.
Pipilo aberti Baird, Abert's towhee. Same as above. “One name; two

kinds." Cardinalis cardinalis superbus Ridgw., Arizona cardinal, püh-lä'lo-kwitsk

kon. Red (päh'lä) is the favorite color with Mokis, as with other Indians, and any bright mark of that color, however small, serves as a specific character in their nomenclature; even birds of reddish or rufous color are often designated by them as “red birds.” They were very enthusiastic in their expression of admiration when shown a mounted specimen of the vermilion flycatcher, and when Ongwischey caught sight of a male cardinal that some friend had sent to me from Agua Fria he begged so earnestly for me to stuff it for him that I did so, as it was the only time that he ever asked for anything

that he saw in my house, or permitted the other Mokis to do so. Pyrrhuloxia sinuata beckhami Ridgw., Arizona pyrrhuloxia, päh-lä'lo

kuitsk-kön. Habia melanocephala (Swains.), black-headed grosbeak, päh-' tow-ă

mõn-7 or pin'to tow-ň-mon-7. Guiraca cærulea eurhyncha Coues, western blue grosbeak, päh-lä'jöö-röö. Passerina amena (Say), lazuli bunting, chä-quock'tä. Spiza americana (Gmel.), dickcissel, sche-pòct'che-é. Calamospiza melanocorys Stejn., lark bunting, ke-äh'roo. Piranga ludoviciana (Wils.), Louisiana tanager, mow' tow-ň-mon-o. Piranga hepatica Swains., hepatic tanager, äh-üh'sche-äh. Piranga rubra cooperi Ridgw., Cooper's tanager, tew-e-buit' or päh-'

tow-ŭ-mon-7. Progne subis (Linn.), purple martin, shä-qua wow-wow'úh-k'ia. Petrochelidon lunifrons (Say), cliff swallow, 7-wow' wow-wow'úh-k'ia.

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