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that was wonderful and perfection

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This review is accurate, in that the soloists were indeed "frequently rushed" by conductor Robert Shaw. He was determined to leave his own mark on the Mass in B Minor, with his "concertists" interpretation. There were five, not four, soloists; "concertists style" simply meant that Mr. Shaw designated specific passages in the choral movements to be sung not by the chorus but by the five soloists--actually five "concertists." My feeling was, in this particular performance at least, "concertists" style was not something the audience could appreciate or enjoy; it simply did not work. Possibly in a recording, this interpretation was more successful.
My fondest memories of performing with Robert Shaw are not as a soloists but in my Conservatory days, as a professional member of the St. Louis Symphony Chorus, when Mr. Shaw appeared as a guest conductor. I recall being part of a sublime small female vocal ensemble, performing "Lift Thine Eyes," from Mendelssohn's Elijah. Shaw spent over an hour hand-selecting us for this: three first sopranos, three second sopranos, and I was the only singer on the alto staff. We performed it from the balcony of Powell Symphony Hall, St. Louis, and as I recall the audience really loved it!
Gretchen Greenfield

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