Revue Internationale de Sinologie, Volumen7

Henri Cordier, Gustaaf Schlegel, Edouard Chavannes, Jan Julius Lodewijk Duyvendak, Paul Pelliot, Paul Demiéville
E. J. Brill, 1896
Covers all aspects of traditional China.

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Página 89 - Wer darf das Kind beim rechten Namen nennen? Die wenigen, die was davon erkannt, Die töricht gnug ihr volles Herz nicht wahrten, Dem Pöbel ihr Gefühl, ihr Schauen offenbarten, Hat man von je gekreuzigt und verbrannt.
Página 578 - See note 7, page 45. form a residence for monks ; and when that was done, he became head of the monastery. At the present day there are monks residing in it. This event is of recent occurrence; but in all the succession from that time till now, there has always been a Sramanera head of the establishment. CHAPTER XXIV. WHERE BUDDHA FINALLY RENOUNCED THE WORLD, AND WHERE HE DIED. EAST from here four yojanas...
Página 137 - ... to play at chess," of which there are two kinds, — the [.-':( gt, played with 361 pieces, and referred to the ancient Yao as its inventor, and the jgi tK> or ivory chess, played with 32 pieces, and having a great analogy to our European game. Its invention is attributed to the emperor Wu, of the later Chau dynasty, in our 6th century.
Página 89 - J'ai connu un philosophe qui n'avait que le portrait de Confucius dans son arrière-cabinet; il mit au bas ces quatre vers : De la seule raison salutaire interprète, Sans éblouir le monde, éclairant les esprits, II ne parla qu'en sage, et jamais en prophète; Cependant on le crut, et même en son pays.
Página 258 - Ngan-Houei. 11 est arrivé aux hautes fonctions qu'il occupe aujourd'hui par son intelligence et ses capacités militaires. Ses débuts furent modestes. Son père, lettré pauvre et obscur, l'éleva honorablement, malgré ses cinq enfants, dont Li était le second. Le jeune homme passa ses examens avec succès et il entra à l'Académie des Han-Lin en 1848. Puis il retourna dans sa province natale, où il jouait un rôle assez effacé, lorsque la grande rébellion des T'aï-Ping éclata.
Página 67 - KouangTong, pourra s'adresser d'abord à des industriels et ingénieurs Français, l'exploitation demeurant, d'ailleurs, soumise aux règles édictées par le Gouvernement Impérial en ce qui concerne l'industrie nationale.
Página 99 - Little girls make their own dolls. They cut a bamboo pipe-stem about five inches long, into the top of which they put long grass, which they have salted and made soft, and fix like the hair of women. No face is made, but they sometimes paste a little white powder in its place. They dress the stick in clothes like those worn by women, and sometimes put a hair-pin, which they make themselves, in the hair. IV. KEU-RIM-TJA PICTURES
Página 227 - Many vessels arrive at this port from India, freighted by merchants who bring with them rich assortments of jewels and pearls, upon the sale of which they obtain a considerable profit . This river discharges itself into the sea, at no great distance from the port named Zai-tun.

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