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The following "I-94" form contained so iaformation as to any arrival date in the United States or date of departure from the United States. It is further noted that in the block reserved for this arrival and departure information there is a written notation stating "blank". Other entries OR tbis form wbicb relate to Dong ba CHO are as follows:

- His citizenship was indicated as Korean and that he held passport number 38473. He was shown as destined to the United States 170 Claremont Avenue, New York 27, New York. His permanent address was shown as 22-19 He Wha, Seoul, Korea. His birth date, birth place were as previously shown above. It ras further sbown that a visa was issued to him on March 21, 1963, at Seoul, Korea. However, there was no information as to the type of visa issued. He was also shown as having boarded the United States Navy Sbip Barrett at San Francisco, California. There was no information shown on this form which indicated the date be boarded this vessel at San Francisco, California. The reverse portion of this "I-94" contained no information.

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WAS INOTC:T FIELD WASHIITGTON FIELD i2/17/65 12/14/65 - 12/15/35



nt D... SOY!!UU.? :0.224Y. VINCCCUN; HII Tons-sons, aka




70let to Bu captioned as above, 11/10/65;
Report oi SA GIT.LD 3. ITOLAN dated 11/13/65, 2t 722
captioned as above with copies to su, IT!, CI, and

- P.


VIHOCOU? advised that his contact with DUN ZILLER
mentioned in enclosed report did not reveal SA MOL.II's
identity or Bureau's investigative interest. This in accord
with VIIICCUUN's earlier statement mentioned in Wrolet
11/10/65, referenced above.

It now appears that an interview with Dong-ha c.10
is not possible in the iromediate future, Icwever, the same
purpose could be aciieved by interviewing DUIT !!ILLES who is
identified by VINOCOUR as in the exploratory stages of scalins
with C:10; but with no signed contract as of December 14, 1965.

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AT WA.S:IISTO:, D. C. 7111 interview NOS HILL: and determine is acrieuze oz and extent oź activity in attenpt to iinance and construct The Freedom Center and his association with Dong-ha 0:20.

Results will be furnished to Bu in iorm suitable for dissemination.

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Dr. SZYMOUR !.UZAY VII:CCOUfurnished details of his conver-
sations separately held on December 14, 1965, with Krean
Embassy First Secretary, Dyons i IIil, and DON VILLE, as
they relate to Dong-ha Ć13 and ais efforts to raise funds
for The Freedoua Center in Seoul, Korea. !IIJLEN identiîied as
having made trip to Korea during December, 1935, wirere he
met various oficials of crean Governmenī and members
of the Board o Tire Freedom Center. HILL.Z indicated to
VINCCUUR that Cord is atteopting to interest PILLI. to undertake
fund drive to build Tile Freedom Center, VIIICCCU. describes ILLI.
as perhaps naive, but wiiose basic sincerity is beyond question.
No record located on WILLI? at United States Departnent of
Justice, Internal Security Division as having registered in
accord with Foregn Agents Pvgistration Act 1033, as amended.

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This document contains neither recommendations for conclusion of the FBi. It is the property of the FBI and is loaned to your agoncy: 11 and its contents are not to be distributed outside your agency.

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Dr. SET :01. LURAY VINCCCIR was intervieved: at 1100 Terroat Avamo, 4.17., toshington, D. C. and voluntarily and without any turcats or promisos linving becn cada tola, furaisled the rollcolo: infortation to CD, riskin who idontiiicd a1::coll to VIROCIR es a Szocial Issat c: the icecra1 D:1294 0Iavestigation. Prior to furnish:1n", this inícruation, vi..COCJR was caviced by C220l Acont il at bo tog not required to pako a ctatocant, tiat any statoacat he did cake could bə used against his ta a court of lay, and that prior to cakio; any state ant ko tas catitled to tho services of an attorcsy of a choice. VIZCOCIR acknoiled od his ardorstanding of tho above-mentioned quarantces and added to wished to furnish tha collopios Information.

Op scomber 14, 1055, VIT.CCJ. accopted a lunchoon invitation cotcazed by Djoj sui bin_100m to VI.CC0J2 63 the Korcan Babassy First Secretary, Tashington, D. C., who doals in economic patters.

In response to VI:OCOUR's questions, "IIT stated that Don-ha CI!O departed the United States durin late iTovocor, 1965, co routs to Lorca ara us not cyccicd cack in the Unitöd States Loforo February or early warch, 1905. acknowlcomed that co mas known to bin au boing in the United States for tuo purpose of raising money for me Freedom Center in Scoul, Korca.

VIN copatically stated to VI::OCCIN that cró does not enjoy, por la to canctioaed ja any official capacity to represcat, or to renucsont biccoli rith tha 2.2.25y of Korea in the United States, or with the Korcan Govoraraat for any sucd raisias 01:ort by C. in th3 United States lor tbo constructioa of The Freedom Conter.

Il 2113 added that CEO mas and will be in the United States solely ia bis capacity 0.3 privato Koroan citizon attcupting to raise funds to build Tho Frccdon Contor.

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Dote dictoled 12/15/65 This document content noter recommendo bons nor conclusions of the FBI # is the property of the FBI and loonud 19 your agency: #and content are not to be distributed outs de your agency

24-435 0.79 - 13

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