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HIN continued that CHO's Initial fund raising effort experienced considerable difficulty and in fact Clio roturned to Korca cinty-handed. LIN agreed with VI CCOOR's evaluation that the tiding is off, there no longer exists the psycliological advantage of the Korean War and as the Viet Nam War continues to consune the attention of Anerican public opinion, Koroa and its needs are pushed further into the background,

UIN confidentially agreed with VIMOCOUR that the currently assirned Korcan Ambassador IIyun Chul KI! is a poor diplouatic representativo who has only crocied whia taver previous advantage to Korean Eabassy had in Tashington, D. C. ZIN stated that cho quickly made this discovery and realized he could not operate from the Korean Embassy.

MIN felt there is the added problem of separate organizations such as the Korcan Cultural and Freedom Foundation, also of Washington, D. c., which can only create confu: ion in American nincs as to what aro the various purposes and aims of duplicated organizations.


VINICCOUR also advised that he conversed with DONALDHILLOR. on Daccriber 14, 1965, VINOCOUR stated that UILLER is known to bim as they are both in the rolated field of public rolntions, and LILLER operates under the name of Associated Public Ecations Counselor's, 1023 Connecticut Avenue, , Washington, D, C.

VINOCOUR stated that HILLL.. has had a long-standing interest in Asian countries, that he knows Korca well and VINOCOUP know !IILLOR to have been a paid staff meinber of Tho Captive Nations Program.

HILLER advised VINOCOUR he had returned from Korea within tao past neck, baving accepted the invitation of a Ir. Don-ha. Cijo who paid all of ?!ILLER's travel and livins caponses tomid from Korja. HILLR added that C::0 has unsuccessfully been attempting to raise funds in the United Statos for The Frccdon Center under constructioa in Sooul, Koroa. C!IO has been attempting to interest

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HILLCR to performa professional services in the public relations field attendant to raising funds in t!o Unitod Statos to completo construction of Tho Freedom Centor. To that cnd ALL Dado this Korean trip to meet officials of the Korean Govoranont and not with mumbers of Board of Tho Frecdon Contor. HILLER stated that Cho, who acconpanied hin on this trip during Docombur, 1955, renained in "croa and, was rot expected back in the United States prior to lato Fobruary or early biarch, 1966.

WILLEN outlined to VINOCOUR that only the most basic type of fund raising program is in the planning stage. It calls ior an informational brochure to be disseminated ca a massivo mailius basis which lias yet to be compilod.

VINOCOUR inquired 11 LILLER had beon iníormed by CIIO of cho's earlior oifo:ts to obtain VINOCCUT.'s public relations services. ILS stated coo bad not. VI7CCCIR thon acquaintod a vith his previous contacts by ciio, the fact that VI OCCU.. had preparou a preliminary fund raising drive, his efforts without succese to obtain a signed contract and finally his categoric rofusal to proceed further without a contract.

MILLER was unable to specifically identify the source of funds which Cho used to undorwrite thoir Kozcan trip; biorever, !ILLI! felt tho funds could lo-ically be assured as liavios como fron "secd money" (originating funds) nocossary to organico a fund drive.

VILLE: statod ho has no f1r. contract with CHO and their nogotiation is best described as exploratory at this time.

VIROCCUR stated that WILLOR is ono of thoso pooplo who puts "his leart wloro his talont lios." VIIICCCUR acúod tliat u may bo naive in any relationship with CIO, but that KILLED's basic sincerity in his opinion is beyond cuestion. VI::CCOUn stated that C:.0 vould not bo uníanilin: with LL23's long-standing intercot in fosia and could exploit !ILLER'S datorost to optain WILLEI's professional services.


ur. PAUL TRIWIAR, United States Department of Justice, Internal Security Division, Registration Section, advised SA NOLIN on December 15, 1965, that the records of his office do not show DUN MILLER, DONALD HILLIN, Associated Public Relations Counselor's, The Freedom Center, or Free Friends of Asia, as roistered in accord with the Foreign Agents Registration Action of 1938, as amended.

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131/66 12/13/65 - 1/27/66 TITLE OF CASE


KIM Tong-song, Aka.,
KIM Dong-sung


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Information copies of this report are designated for both the Detroit and New York Offices in view of their investigative interest in Dong-Ha CHO which is outlined in referenced report.

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Dong-ha CHO is identical with INS #A 8 886 052.
According to INS, Cincinnati, Ohio, CHO entered U.S.
at San Francisco, California, on 5/18/54, on Student
Visa, initially destined for Martin College, Pulaski,
Tennessee. He entered College of Arts and Sciences,
Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, 9/27/54, received
no degree and enrolled in Graduate School, OSU, 9/27/55,
from which he received Master of Arts Degree in 3/59.
CHO born 1/13/30, in Seoul, Korea, and graduated from
Chosun Christian University, Seoul, Korea, in 1953. INS
file reveals CHO departed U.S. for Korea in 6/59..




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On December 22, 1965, Mrs. RUTH REEVES, File Supervisor, Immigration and Naturalization, advised that her file pertaining to Dong-ha CHO, INS No. A 8 886 052, which is permanently maintained at INS Records Center, Chicago, Illinois, revealed that individual entered the United States at San Francisco, C?!!fornia, on 18, 2954, on Student Visa No. V 744144, which was issued on April 2, 1954. CHO was born on January 13, 1930, in Seoul, Korea, and resided at 20-21 He Wha Dong, Seoul, Korea. He was single at the time of his entry into the United States.

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