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CI 97-97

Mrs. REEVES said her file also revealed that CHO was initially destined to attend Martin College, Pulaski, Tennessee. The same file indicated CHO was admitted to Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, on September 23, 1954, and he resided at 360 West Ninth Avenue, Columbus. CHO apparently graduated from Ohio State University on March 19, 1959, and departed the United States for Korea on June 27, 1959. CHO also resided at 96 East Northwood Avenue, Columbus. His file contained the following employments in Columbus, Ohio:

(1) Villa Cafe, High Street, Dishwasher,

October, 1954, to February, 1955 (2) Dobson-Evans Company, 1100 West Third Avenue,

Cutter, July, 1956 (3) Arthur Húrray Dance Studio, Dance Instructor,

January, 1958

Mrs. REEVES stated her file contained information to the effect that CHO received the sum of $100.00 per month from his mother in Korea, but since February, 1955, that stipead was reduced to $67.00 per month.

Mrs. REEVES said her records revealed that CHO had registered at the University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois, as of September 12, 1955, for work in Political Science.

CI 97-97 RFM/mjv 1

DATE: JANUARY 24, 1966

The following investigation was conducted by Special Agent ROBERT F. HAHLER at Columbus, Ohio:

On January 24, 1966, Mrs. NEVA BERGER, Clerk, Transcript Section, Registrars Office, Ohio State University, made available the scholastic file concerning DONG HA CHO which shows he was born January 13, 1930, Seoul, Korea. His parent is identified as :IYONG WHOON X residence, Seoul, Korea. His permanent address is listed as He Wha Don, Seoul, Korea.

It is recorded that he previously attended Keyonggi High School, Seoul, Korea, to 1949, and Chosun Christian University, Seou Korca, from which he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1953.

He entered the College of Arts and Sciences, Chio State University, September 27, 1954, but received no degree. He was a member of Phi Eta Sigma, a campus fraternity.

As of September 27, 1955, he transferred to Graduate School, Ohio State University, from which he was graduated March, 1959, with a Master of Arts degree, major in Political Science.

Nothing derogatory appears on the scholastic record and it is not indicated where he went after he was graduated from Ohio State University.

No further background information appears on the record.

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KIM Tong-song aka




Report of SA GERALD B. NOLAN at :/FO, dates
11/18/65; and wholet, 1/26/66.

- P


on 2/7/66, INS, NYC. advised that their ille
it all 5693.9 pertaining to Kin Han Yun was unavailable
:: novie:: 26 that tice. It ::-1! be made avacvie, hoeve:',
as soon as possibie.

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NY 105-67887

The indices of the NYO contain no Information pertaining to the following individuals:

Cho Dong Ha
Cho Sung Ryull
Sung R. Cho
Cho Sung M1
Sung Cho
Kwan Do Km

Kim Han Yun
Han Y. Kím .

The indices of the NYO contain no information Identifiable with Nam S. Lee, and JAMES MEYER.

It is being left to the discretion of the oo as to what if any leads should be set out for other offices based on information obtained from INS files.


AT NEW YORK, NEW YORK will closely follow INS, NYC, concerning tv2.120T of the file pertaining to Kirin , Cras coor: S - is made available, it will "'be reviewed and the information will be furnished to the 1. Fo.

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Superintendant of 170 claremorit Avenue, NYC, does not know Dong-ho ho, nor does he know who resided in Apartment is at that address in 1963. Owner of the building states that Sung R. Cho took over Apartment is on 5/27/63, but may have live there prior to that time. Information from INS files re cho Sung Ryull, cho Sung Mi, and Kwan Do Kim set out.

- P


On January 13, 1966, ANGELO MILANO, Superintendant, 170 Claremont Avenue, Ney York City, advised that he did not know Dong-ha CHO, and that he had only been superintendant there for about one year. He could not say who resided in Apartment 19 at that address in 1963. He stated that Orientals whom he thought were Koreans were currently rediding in that apartment. He commented that they had been there when he took the job as superintendant. He thought their name was CHOY. He stated he had no records, but that the management company that owned the building probably had records indicating who resided there in 1963. He said the company was the Digby Management Conpany on East 42nd Street, He did not know the exact address.

This document contains neither recommendations nor conclusions of the FBI. It to the property of the FBI and la lognod to your agency; it and its contents are not to be distributed outside your agency.

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