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NY, 105-67837

On January 13, 1556, NY T-l advised that he did inot know Done-ha CHO, and did not know any Koreans living in 170 claremont Avenue. ..

The Manhattan telephone directory listed only one Digby Management Company. The address of this company was listed as 59. East 54th Street, New York City.

Inquiry of the Digby Management company on January 13, 1966, disclosed that this company was not the one that owned the building at 170 Claremont Avenue. All they knew about the other company was that its address was supposed to be 1480 Broadway, New York City.

The building directory at 1480 Broadway, which is located at the corner of broadway and East 42nd Street, New York City, failed to indicate any Disby Hanagement company. The elevator starter in this buildins advised that he had never heard of the Digby Company at that address.

on January 20, 1966, NY T-2 advised that the Digby Management Company was unknown to him at 1480 Broadway.

on January 28, 1966, NY T-2 advised that as far as he could determine, the following persons were receiving mail in Apartrent 19, 170 Claremont Avenue, New York City:

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On February 4, 1966, inquiry was made at the Alster Realth Manabeu.ent Corporation, Room 1003, 1400 Broadway, and the Gilman Eisman Realty Corporat-on, also

NY 105-67837

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of 1480 Broadway, however, neither company oined the - building at 170 Claremont Avenue, nor did they know anything about the Digby_Company.

On February 4, 1966, the records of the New York City Department of Buildings, Room 1841, Municipal Building, New York City, disclosed that the buildins at 170 Claremont Avenue, was owned by the Digby Management Corporation, at ll West 42nd Street, Suite 540, New York City. The officers of the corporation were ZENJAMI!! BERKLEY and HERMAN BERKO':'SKY;

Sung Ho

On February 4, 1966, Mr, HERMAN BERKOMSKY of the Digby Management Corporation, Suite 540, li West 42nd Street,

New York City, advised that one Sung ke Cho was residing in • Apartment 15 at 170 ciaremont Avenue. He originally rented

the apartment on September 27, 1463. Prior to that time, the apartment was rented by JAMES A. BIDDLECOIB. Ir. BERKOUSKY cominented, however, that CHO could have subletted from BIDDLECOIB or shared the apartment with him prior to his becomins the tenant of record in September, 1563. Mr. BERKOWSKY noted that BIDDLECOIB had listed at least two others who shared the apartment with him before September of 1963, and they were FRED MILLS, and JAMES LETER. Mr. BERKO:ISKY could furnish no additional information about the tenants in Apartment 19.

On February 7, 1966, Alien Address registration Cards were reviewed at the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IS), 20 West Broadway, New York City. Caras were found for the following individuals who resided in Apartment is at 170 Claremont Avenue, New York City:

Cho Sung Mi, female, born in Korea on May 26, 1944. She is a citizen of Korea, and entered the Uniteo States at Honolulu, Hawaii, on September 20, 1962. · She has resided at her current address for two years, and her occupation was listed as studert.


NY 105-67887


190 CM Rement qui cho Suzz Rynull, male, born in Korec on

ZEL Febriary 12, 1938. He is a citizen of Korea, and entered the United States at Honolulu, Hawaii, on September 12, 1961. He had resided at his present address for t::0 years at the time the card was filed. His occupation was listed as student.

Kim Hart Yun, male, born in Korea on November 11, 1935. He is a citizen of Korea, and entered the United States at Seattle, Washington, on September 13, 1959. He had lived it his present address for two years at the time he filed the card. He listed his occupation as student, and employee of Diners Club, 10 columbus Circle, New York Cito.

2 Kim Kwan sa, male, born in Japan on September 15, 1592. He is a citizen of Korea, id arrived in the ünited States üc Honolulu, Hawaii, on January 17, 1960. He had resided at his address for seven months at the time he fled the card. His occupation was listed as student and architectural draftsman, and his employment was listed as Greenberg and Ames, 303 Park Avenue, New York City.

The above cards viere all filed in January, 1965.

ön Febrièr 21, 1956, the following files ilere * reviewed at INS, 20 West Srocdiay, New York City: ,

File number ^?2 203 233 :crtaining to cho Suns. Rull, 170 Claremont Avenue, Ne::1 York City, disclosed a letter dated i gust 6, 1903; which gave above addiess as his residence. In this letter, which he had iritten to INS, Nlex York City, he stated that he had transierred to the City College of New ork from the University of Illinois for the spring semester of 1963.

NY 105-67887

The file further disclosed that he had registered at the University of Illinois on September 14, 1961, at which time he had listed as the name of a friend or relative in the United States, the name of Mr. Kwan Do Kim, 229 Thatcher Hall, Stillwater, Oklahoma.

His fathers name was listed as Cho Choons Hia, whose occupation was that of Vice-Principal EwHA Girls Middle

Kuas School, no address given.

T:10 persons who surranteed cho's cxpenses in the United States, were Song Han Soon, 57 Suhrian-Dong, ChongnoKu, Seoul, Korea. He was born on January 3, 1915, in Seoul, Korea, and was manager of the Chongno Eranch of the Seoul ba..

Do Chull Parl, 17teü States passzont :?€r
24,-24, cica999, Interaction - 30tel, 51 5210 10.",
Choord-Ku, Seoul, Korea. He was manager or tire blue joom

Cho's place 02 32502 25 113te: 5 SCO!' Korea. He is single, and has Social Security number 432;-36-7575. re 11e 11 sted the i'oilo::..; persons that :: ::


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Dr. SII:. . I::

چهای هند و ... :


NY 105-67887

(a friend)
Glenmary House of Studies
Fairfield, Connecticut

File also listed an address for Cho in Chicago, 3815 North Freemont Street, and an employment, Sahara Inn, Manheim Road, Schiller Park, Illinois, June, 1552.

File Number Al3 639 333, pertaining to cho Sung Mi, Apartment 19, 170 Claremont Avenue, New Yori: City. Sy letter to INS, New York City, dated November 16, 1963, she indicated that she was a student of the Juilliard School of Music in New York City. She stated that she was single.

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fa Kui the file contained thc zifidavit of support from SYLVIA TŁUG SCO: LIN OH, PO1, Box 244, ECC:ieter, jar, land, wino was naturalizes in the United States District Court in iaryland on November 12, 1959, and who has certificate 2057373.

It also listed an affidavit of support from one Yi HO Chang, Manager of the Sesye Travel Agency in Korea. The 1:10 listed the follo:rins persons as those whom she would visit in the United States:

Reverend and irs HENRY C. OH
Edgewater, Maryland

Fairfield, Connecticut

Edgewater, Maryland

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