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NY 105-67887

The Piles indicated that her Korean address had been 93 Su Rin Dong, Chongro-ku, Seoul, Korea. An additional New York City address was listed as 410 West lloth Street, October 10, 1962, until December 9, 1962.

File Number All $32 049, pertaining to Kwan Do Xim, 170 Claremont Avenue, New York City, indicated that as of January 25, 1961, he was residins at 224 cordell Hall, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma, and was a student in architecture.

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The file reflected an affidavit of support from one Tai Suk Xim, who was born August 29, 1931, in Pyongyang, Korea, and whd is sales menager of Sansung Salt Manufacturers. The other was LAWRENCE A. LEE, and his wife, IARY ANII V5% who reside at so3 South 7th Street, Ponca City, Oklahoma. He is employed by Continental Oil Company, Ponca City.

As of June 23, 1964, Kim was employed by Greenberg and Ames Architects and Engineers, 303 Park Avenue, New York City.

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1s made to report of Special Agent Charles Wehrle, dated and captioned as above at New York.

Al sources (except any listed below) whose identities are concealed in referenced. communication have furnished reliable information in the past.

This document contains neither recommendations nor conclusion of the FBI. It is the property
of the FBI and 1. loaned to your agency; it and its content are not to be distributed outside
your agoncy.

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Reference is made to previous communications
in the captioned matter, the latest of ribicng the
report of Special Agent Charles Fehrle catod Tobruary 25,
1966, at New York, 1!07 York. Informatics which czy also
be of interest to you in this matter is contained in the
report of Special Agent. Gerald B. lolan dated I'coruary 8,
1966, at Washington, D. C., captioned "Donald Zane killer,
Registration Act . Korca, & copy of which was furnished
you February 23, 1966,

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It was noted in previous communications in this
matter that although Dr. Vinocour has dcalt with Korcan
representatives on the matter of a fund-raising campaign
for the proposed Freedon Center in Korea and he has
subaitted a pronosal as to hcv such a campaign would be
bandled, he has come to no agreement with them. He has
indicated he will not conduct such a carneign cor represent
the Korean Freedom Centor without a contract to do so. le
has indicated villingness to rcrister under the provisions
of the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, as ended,
11 a satisfactory agrcement is ever reached. in viow of
this information, no further investigatioa is being
conducted in this matter in the absence of a speciiic
request from you,






Departnent requested Registration Act investigation of
Dr. Vinocour in connection with reported plans to act as public
relations counsel to the Korean Governnent and an anticonriunist
group in Korea with regard to a campaign to raise funds in this
country for construction of a Freedom Center in Seoul, Korea,
As noted above, investigation has disclosed he is not acting in
any capacity representing the Koreans and will not without a

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ReNyrep of SA CHARLES YEHRLE dated 2/25/66; CIrep
of SA CHANLES H. 11C CARTHY dated 1/31/66, and WFOrep of
SA GERALD B. NOLAN 11/18/65, all captioned "DR. SEY JOUR
HURRAY VINOCOUR, aka; KIU Tong-song, aka, RA-KOREA", and
WFOlet 2/15/66, dual captioned as above sent to Bu and NY.

WFOrep 11/18/65, under "VINOCOUR" caption requested
New York to determine significance of New York City address
170 Claremont Avenue, New York City (NYC) 27, N.Y., as
determined from WFO review of INS "I-94", set out on page 2,
paragraph 3 of referenced WFOrep.

NYrep 2/25/65, sets out extensive investigation
on various Korcan Nationals, other than Dong-ha CIIO, who
have resided at this New York City address since 1963.
In all instances they were identified as students in the
New York City area.

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It is the opinion of WFO, UACB, that NY should conduct no further investigation in this matter as the significance of 170 Claremont Ave., NYC, has been reasonably established as a domicile for Korean nationala, in their student capacity in the NYC area. NY files and appropriate agency checks have uncovered no derogatory or subversive activity on, or concerning these Korean nationals,

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8 MAR 15 1966

2-New York (RU)


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Buy U.S. Savings Bonds Regularly on the Payroll Savings Plan

IPO 97-1829

CIrep established considerable background info on Dong-ha CHO.

It is the further opinion of WFO that extensive investigation has been conducted to enable the 0.3. Department of Justice to determine whether or not prosecutive action is desired in this dual captioned matter.

In view of request below, WFO file 97-1737 and 97-1829 are being made pending inactive (P*).


Should Bureau concur that NY Office need conduct no additional investigation to determine any further significance of above-mentioned New York address and occupants therein, it is requested the Bureau obtain a prosecutive opinion from the 0.s. Department of Justice in dual captioned matter.

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