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Total contributions by members of the AP ACL
with identilication of contribution o1 each;


The most recent financial projection for
"The 'reedom Center";


The status of construction o1 "The Freedom
Center" 11th identification of roads, buildings,
and other facilities completed, in process of
construction or projected;

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A brochure-outltning our overall program will be dispatched to you in the immediata futura.

I will appreciate any commants and sugestions which you may have.

I will be most grateful if you will send the attached copy oi this letter to Hr. Sang In Kim so that he may have .it on his return Irom his present trip.

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Copy for: Admiral Burke ale

Ambassador Yang

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The 10110nnz voustitute3 a status report, 23 ore ins clo33 OT 0.310333 today:

Hr. Albert y. Dix, yrs. Robert R. Crick and 15. Cobert L. Siarle accented your invitations to serve 23 Director3. Photocoslog of their letters are attached ! Enclosures 1-3). Pour aëtan*1?n is particularly injited to sr. Steidle's very buzorong letter Thick bs points out that 113 in: iashington Prou 1 doril to 30 September.

Due to a multitada of other coavitaantz-er David Pocise?eller declined. His letter 13 not only gracious sut very sincere in tona.

Admiral jurisa kindly 3usvastad a list 02. UG Kavy c??icers to ed out and give a more angro vriate balance to the 15037ective U3 cilitary section oĽ our vi3057 Council..

bioto-03 0? hij latter is attached (incl *).

The Adairal a3 also good enough to revien wij cond..t upon our 433 addendua to the brochury, cantioned "rolisant In?ortation."

2010-cony o 23 nota is attached (Encl 5). Mot iasluici in y présertation to you or to his is one additional category which I 1.07 recomend that we adt:

*03 Silitary tamber at .2 priually." ir category would case provision Por suza nz the 4.7 31111on

u stered memberg ni active, ratirai and veterang' 3530ctations 23 70 pay desire to solicit.

I urge your 207573l. Attached ( Incl ). is a ranto-co77 2 nota Troy the Admiral 1 resonsa to ry tela star to n11 re General Elsenhorer. In the has enclosure 13 a copy oa letter Pror me to Prive Parlon on

Å letter :733 received 2ro1 r. Xin 300 park, Chaircun 02 the 12-01 Freedo: Center Preparatory Conzission with respect to our planning. In vien of Chairman Kia's very great interest in the Predna center I bado the decision that iri Pindis lutter requiri

A photo-copy or rig lettur 002 cod or ny ra313 are attached (cl ).

ay reply was coordirates with Colonel 12.

naa brochure 13 schaduled to ce "ort ine zr2354 net zcek. liately it is available, con can be presented to uliral

na, togethar vith a leter reconnntt 13 a57mval and silature to Generl tigerhoger.

Yesterday 79 receivatnote Pros r. :?ny! 'cers' secretary and a checks or 17 ?1lr3

innt1-027 20:2 note 2:1 ? Copy 0? my ac'morledgment are attached (incl 3).

the subject.

en ismediate reolj.

The Jirgon Pee Instituts sponsored "national ?arate Championjij' will be held at it. yer at 7:30 P!! on 23 berca. You may 3. o ase this event in mind.

Colonel pas joins me in sending our very kindezt persocal re, ardu and in expressing the ri3, that you are enjoying every 3.2. iciit o? your lorila holiday.


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It's not that I ignord your letter of the
3rd February, believe me, it is just that I've
only returned from about 2 months in Asia
and have just come to it in a pile about six
inches higher than my head.

Of course I'll be glad to join you in
anything that will promote a much better, and
most needed understanding of our Asian friends.
I am most convinced that misunderstandings--even
stupidity--on our part at the close of WlI
put us in the unfavorable position we are today
in Asia. I just hope it isn't too late for us
to repair the damage of the past.

Are you planning to attend the Saints and Şinners convention? We hope to be there and will look forward to seeing you.

Kindest égards,

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Albert V. Dix

Korean cultural Foundation, Inc.,
1028 Connecticut Ave. N.W.,
Washington, D.C.



15 March, 1964

Dear Chans

Sorry for the long delay in answering: your note, but I have been out of town.

I shall be delighted to serve as a member on the Board o? practors for tha Korean Cultural Fouadation. As you kGOW, the Far East is very dear to my heart, and I should like to do what I can to here that unhappy country, Korea.

Hoping to see you ard Polly soon,

Most affect tanately ,

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