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TRANSCRIPTION: Justin J. O'Shea memo to files regarding ROFA, 8/26/71

I called Robert Starr, Legal Advisers Office, State Dept (101-23039) I have concerning State's proposed reply to the AG's letter of 7/28/71 concerning

a suggested investigation of the above subject in the light of the FARA.

Since State was concerned that there might be violations other than the

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FARA, I suggested that State respond to the AG's letter by advising that it had no objection to the proposed investigation but adding that it was also interested in an investigation into any possible violations of other federal statutes.

It was also suggested that State could request to be consulted prior to any action in solicitation /prosecution for its comments or advice as to any effect such actions might have on foreign relations or policies.


Mr. Starr advised that he would immediately prepare such a letter.

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October 1, 197)

Dcar John:

l'iy response to your letter of July 28, 1971 on the subjec: US Racio o ce isia was celayed so

that we could carciully consicier che views expressed I as well as consuls with ano*!01' interested ägecy

on one matter that invoives them. In the meaniile,
however, staff ofiicers oi the Departmenü have
talked with oificers oz your department to further
clarify the problems involved.

I am now able to coirm that the Deparire!!! of State would have ro objection to your institütin; 3 fuil scale investigation o: this matter. lie would nct cbject to 22 inter6 by the Federal Bureau of Investigation of Pak Bo !!:, 2:00:tive Direcio: có Rallio of free isia or of Yang Yu Chan; its Honorary Chairman.

It is our carstanding that the investion gation would be concocted with a vien to determining

whether there had been a violation of any ieceral statutes including the foreig;? ingents Registration Act.

We have discussed wit! the

your request that a copy of the secres 12.orandurn, whicis was enclosed with my letter of June. E, be made available to the recicral Purcau of Investigation.

is you.wili notc much of the incoronation in that remorancia Wüs obtained fro.T.

reports. lice now understand that the :ill be sending the FBI through their o:n. channels a separate rcmorandum sunwarizing that inimesion in our secret memorandum which was collected by the


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0:n the basis os discussions between representa rives ofi our conartro!S, it is ny understanding this !!C: Will he kept iníormed of progziss ... the investigation, and consullie becord any final action is tal:cn with respect to any aspects of the investigation.



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Mr. Johnson his reply of October 1, 1971
has ricrested an investigation with the view of
docoreining with the sujeci nas violated any

feceral utatutas inclwaing the foreign Agents
"Rijtration Act. a has also advised that there

is no osjaction to intervio:13 by tsc Sureau of the
40 ufficials of the suject.

31ther than meking his sacrat we orazum
available to the surszu for chis invostication,
Mr. Johnson advised further that the OIA, the
source of his infoa:ion, would furnih a
nemorandum of his incortiation Shiros; lis normal
channels to the sureau. CIA has already complied
with state's request since a copy of its monozandum
has been Furnished to this Division by the Bureau
under date of October 5, 1971.

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