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329. Extend authority for special pay, nuclear-qualified naval officers.

330. National disease control and consumer health education and promotion act

of 1975.

331. Amend National environmental policy act, clarify Federal and state roles in

environmental analyses.

332. Authorize appropriations for Energy Research and Development Adminis-

tration, fiscal 1976 and transition quarter.

333. Postal Service compliance with Occupational safety and health act.

334, Authorize appropriations, fiscal 1976 and period July 1, 1976 to Sept. 30,

1976, for military procurement, etc.

335. National productivity and quality of working life act of 1975.

336. Federal rules of criminal procedure amendments act of 1975.

337. Foreign affairs authorization bill, fiscal 1976. 2 pts.

338. Emergency bank holding company acquisition act.

339. National Science Foundation authorization act, 1976.*

340. Amend Securities and exchange act of 1934.

341. Mobile-home loan ceilings.

342. Extend duty on dyeing and tanning materials.

343. Suspend duty on natural graphite.

344. Emergency marine transportation.

345. Authorize supplemental expenditures by Select Committee to Study Gov-

ernmental Operations With Respect to Intelligence Activities.

347. National school lunch act and child nutrition act of 1966 amendments of


348. Designate Federal building, Chicago, Ill., as John C. Kluczynski Federal


349. Public buildings cooperative use act of 1975.

350. Authorize construction of Polecat Bench area, Shoshone, Wyo.

351. Designate Mountain Park Reservoir, Oklahoma, Tom Steed Reservoir.

352. John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts.

353. Defense production act amendments of 1975.

354. Government in the sunshine act.

355. International economic policy act of 1972 authorizations.

356. Amend Wild and scenic rivers act, designate segment of Housatonic River

for inclusion in National Wild and Scenic Rivers System.

357. Designate Sheep Mountain area, California, for study, for preservation as


338. Amend Wild and scenic rivers act, designate segment of Allegheny River for

inclusion in National Wild and Scenic Rivers System.

359. Designate Snow Mountain area, Calif., for study for preservation as wilder-


360. Authorize appropriations, Indian Claims Commission, fiscal 1976.
361. Extend term of Joint Federal-State Land Use Planning Commission for

Alaska concerning Alaska native claims settlement act.

agencies appropriation bill, 1976.

367. Amend Land and water conservation fund act of 1965, establish National

Historic Preservation Fund.

368. Disapprove regulations implementing Presidential recordings and materials

preservation act.

369. Parole Commission act.

370. Agricultural pest control.

371. Disapprove Federal statutory pay reduction.

372. Authorize Public Printer to designate employees to administer oaths.

373. Print as Senate Document, 1974 annual report of National Forest Reserva-

tion Commission.

374. Additional expenditures by Committee on Rules and Administration.

375. Executive Protective Service.

376. Military construction authorization, fiscal 1976.

377. Indian submarginal lands transfer act.

378. Small business emergency relief act.

379. National school lunch act and Child nutrition act of 1966 amendments of


380. Expand coverage of Rehabilitation and betterment act.

381. Government in the sunshine act.

382. Amend rules of Senate relating to open committee meetings.

383. Interim extension of FIFRA.

385. Authorize appropriations, fiscal 1976 and period July 1-Sept. 30, 1976, for

military procurement, etc.

386. Emergency grain standards amendments of 1975.

387. Omnibus district judgeship bill.

388. Quarterly adjustments, support prices for milk.

389. National Ski Week.

399. Eradication of brucellosis.

400. Amend Jury selection and service act of 1968.

401. Welcome Emperor and Empress of Japan.

402. Disapprove deferral of budget authority.

403. First budget rescission bill, fiscal 1976.

404. Omnibus circuit judgeship bill.

405. Extend authority for purchase of U.S. obligations by Federal Reserve banks.

406. International development and food assistance act of 1975.

407. Maritime appropriation authorization act of 1975.*

408. Amend Water resources planning act of 1965.

409. Disapprove regulations proposed by Federal Election Commission.

410. RESPA amendments.

412. Peace Corps authorization, fiscal 1976, and transition quarter.

*Corrected print.




1st Session


REPORT No. 94-329



JULY 24 (legislative day, JULY 21), 1975.--Ordered to be printed

Mr. Nuxx, from the Committee on Armed Services,

submitted the following


[To accompany S. 2114]

The Committee on Armed Services, to which was referred the bill (S. 2114) to amend title 37, United States Code, relating to special pay for nuclear qualified officers, and for other purposes, having considered the same, reports favorably thereon with an amendment in the nature of a substitute and recommends that the bill as amended do pass.

NATURE OF THE SENATE COMMITTEE AMENDMENT S. 2114, as recommended by the Defense Department and referred to this committee, would have extended the current special pay authority for nuclear-trained naval officers until September 30, 1980, and would have instituted a new and permanent system of nuclear career incentive pay similar to the incentive pay now authorized for aviators.

The Senate committee amendment provides for a simple extension of current authority for special pay for nuclear-trained naval officers until September 30, 1977, the end of fiscal year 1977.

PURPOSE OF LEGISLATION Authority for special pay for nuclear-trained naval officers expired on June 30, 1975. This authority provides for one payment of $15,000 to each naval officer qualified for duty in connection with the supervision, operation and maintenance of naval nuclear propulsion plants who, prior to completion of 10 years of active service, agrees to remain

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