Five Months on the Yang-Tsze: And Notices of the Present Rebellions in China

J. Murray, 1862 - 380 páginas
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Página 8 - Thy people ; that all things may be so ordered and settled by their endeavours, upon the best and surest foundations, that peace and happiness, truth and justice, religion and piety, may be established among us for all generations.
Página 26 - And leave the world to look upon my woe : Yet overwhelm me with this globe of earth, And let a little sparrow with her bill Take but so much as she can bear away, . That, every day thus losing of my load, I may again in time yet hope to rise.
Página 209 - ... their heads, puffing out whiffs of smoke and taking great gulps of tea. This apathy was really beginning to provoke us, when one of these worthy Chinese, getting up from his seat, came and laid his two hands on our shoulders, in a manner quite paternal, and said, smiling rather ironically, ' Listen to me, my friend ! why should you trouble your heart and fatigue your head by all these vain surmises ? The Mandarins have to attend to affairs of state ; they are paid for it. Let them earn their...
Página 65 - Hanyang, a spectator looks down on almost as much water as land even when the rivers are low. At his feet sweeps the magnificent Yangtsze, nearly a mile in width ; from the west, and skirting the northern edge of the range of hills already mentioned, comes the river Han, narrow and canal-like, to add its quota, and serving as one of the highways of the country ; and to the north-west and north is an extensive treeless flat, so little elevated above the river that the scattered hamlets which dot its...
Página 56 - should have been called ' a vast plain' or ' enormous fertile valley,' is to me inexplicable. More variation of surface, perhaps, does not occur in any country ; and where we should be most inclined to look for such features, namely, on its great artery, there it is diversified enough to please the most exacting of tourists. Commencing at the mouth of the...
Página 113 - Blakisi on's lively narrative. Generally the country was fertile and not unskillfully cultivated. Of the country near I-chang, for the precise situation of which place the map had better be referred to, we read : " I-chang, or rather its smoke, and the pagoda about a couple of miles below the place, are within sight a long way down, and I thought at the time that I had never beheld a more beautiful river-scene. On either hand the banks had become high and precipitous, bold cliffs of rock rose immediately...
Página 189 - Yang-tse-kiang, one of the finest rivers in the world, traverses this province from south-west to north-east. Its fertility is such, that it is said the produce of a single harvest could not be consumed in it in ten years.
Página 179 - ... Catholics." In this case they had an opportunity of noticing that religion has still, as of old, its conquests among the aristocracy of China. Presently they are at Wan, and here they find matter for still graver reflections. " There is little doubt," says one of the historians of the expedition, " that the Roman Catholics have done much more in China than the world gives them credit for, and from this place upwards we observed numerous Christians among the Chinese. They used to make themselves...
Página 43 - and the profession of religion by his followers a laughable mockery and farce.
Página 130 - ... funnel. As we entered, the gloom was very impressive ; huge walls of rock rise vertically on either hand to a prodigious height, with great table-shaped slabs standing out from the face of the cliff, for all the world like the...

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