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Página 102 - English tutorial system, the lecture was devised to bring to the hearer: an introduction ... of the whole field, through a living personality, in a series of connected lectures. It should enlighten him concerning the fundamental problems and essential conceptions of this science, concerning the stock of knowledge acquired and the method of its acquisition, and finally concerning its relation to the whole of human knowledge and the primary aims of human life, and should in this way arouse his active...
Página 146 - I am a priest of the truth; I am in her service; I have bound myself to do and to dare and to suffer everything for her. Should I be persecuted and hated for her sake, should I even die in her service, what should I be doing that is remarkable, what should I be doing further than what I simply had to do?
Página 35 - I must not fail to call attention to the fact that of recent years a counter-current to this development, an undercurrent of hostility to the scientific activity of our universities, has made itself felt in many ways. Something like disappointment is perceptible because scientific research does not seem to redeem its promise to supply a complete and certain theory of...
Página 35 - Disappointment has resulted, for it is more and more evident that science cannot give a comprehensive world view that will satisfy both feeling and imagination. "It only discovers thousands of fragmentary facts, some of them tolerably certain, especially in the natural sciences, which at least supply a basis for practice; some of them forever doubtful, forever capable of revision, as in the historical sciences.
Página 167 - I do not say that in countries like Austria and England, where there is so little real love for the things of the mind, examinations may not be a protection from something worse.1 All I say is that a love for the things of the mind is what we want, and that examinations will never give it.
Página 35 - But the government is not bound to confine its choice to these names, and, as a matter of fact, they are not infrequently disregarded in that neither the faculty's first choice, nor, indeed, any one of the men suggested receives the appointment.
Página 35 - occupy a dual position : on the one hand, they are State institutions, on the other, they have the character of free scientific corporations. As State institutions they are founded, supported, and administered by the government. From it they receive their organization and laws. ... In Prussia the faculty statutes are prescribed by the ministry of education. The government also defines the function of the universities and grants them their privileges."1 And yet these institutions have a legal standing...
Página 5 - ... controlled, through his method and text-books, the instruction in the Protestant schools and Universities. It was primarily due to him that the Protestant half of Germany won the ascendency over Catholicism in the realm of education and culture. There can be no doubt whatever about the final outcome: German philosophy and science, German literature and culture grew up in the soil of Protestantism, and they may be described as the result, although perhaps remote, of that spirit of freedom and...
Página 95 - Verzeih mir, rief ich aus, ich meint es gut! Soll ich umsonst die Augen offen haben? Ein froher Wille lebt in meinem Blut, Ich kenne ganz den Wert von deinen Gaben. Für andre wächst in mir das edle Gut, Ich kann und will das Pfund nicht mehr vergraben! Warum sucht ich den Weg so sehnsuchtsvoll, Wenn ich ihn nicht den Brüdern zeigen soll?

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