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All bids to be PER LOT as numbered in the Catalogue.

The highest bidder to be the buyer. In all cases of disputed bids the lot shall be resold, but the Auctioneer will use his judgment as to the good faith of all claims and his decision shall be final.

Buyers to give their names and addresses and to make such cash pay. ments on account as may be required, in default of which the lots purchased to be immediately resold.

Goods bought to be removed at the close of each sale. If not so removed they will be at the sole risk of the purchaser, and subject to storage charges, and The Anderson Galleries, Incorporated, will not be responsible if such goods are lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed.

TERMS CASH. If accounts are not paid at the conclusion of each sale, or, in the case of absent buyers, when bills are rendered, this Company reserves the right to recatalogue the goods for immediate sale without notice to the defaulting buyer, and all costs of such resale will be charged to the defaulter. This condition is without prejudice to the rights of the Company to enforce the sale contract and collect the amount due without such resale at its own option. Unsettled accounts are subject to interest at the rate of six per cent. per annum.

All books are sold as catalogued, and are assumed to be in good SECOND-HAND condition. If material defects are found, not mentioned in the catalogue, the lot may be returned. Notice of such defects must be given promptly and the goods returned within ten days from the date of the sale. No exceptions will be made to this rule. Magazines and other periodicals, and all miscellaneous books arranged in parcels, are sold as they are, without recourse. Autograph Letters, Documents, Manuscripts and Bindings are sold as they are, without recourse. The utmost care is taken to authenticate and correctly describe items of this character, but this Company will not be responsible for errors, omissions, or defects of any kind.

Bids. We make no charge for executing orders for our customers and use all bids competitively, buying at the lowest price permitted by other bids.

Priced Copy of this Catalogue may be secured for fifty cents for each

session of the sale.

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g Unless otherwise described, all books are in original cloth binding and in

good, second-hand condition. 1. ANDERSON (SHERWOOD). Marching Men, 1917; MidAmerican Chants, 1918. Scarce; Poor White, 1920; The Triumph of the Egg, 1921. 4 vols., 12mo.

New York, 1917-21 FIRST EDITIONS.

2. BALZAC (HONORE DE). Nine Tales from the Contes Drolatiques. Rendered into English of the XIVth and XVth Centuries by Robert Crawford. Portrait. 8vo, boards, vellum back, uncut.

London, 1921 One of 600 copies printed for private circulation. Autographed by the translator.

3. BEARDSLEY (AUBREY). The Wonderful History of Virgilius the Sorcerer of Rome. Frontispiece by Aubrey Beardsley. 12mo, boards, cloth back, uncut.

London, 1893 FIRST EDITION.

4. Bon Mots from Sheridan, Sidney Smith ; Charles Lamb, Douglas Jerrold; Samuel Foot and Theodor Hook. Edited by Walter Jerrold. Grotesques by Beardsley. 3 vols., 12mo, uncut.







5. BEARDSLEY (AUBREY). The Keynote Series of Novels and Short Stories. With Designs by Beardsley on title-pages and covers. 22 vols. and Prospectus. 23 vols. in all, 12mo.

London, 1893-6

SERIES, SCARCE Comprising: Keynotes (Egerton); A Child of the Age (Adams); Poor Folk (Dostoievsky), WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY GEORGE MOORE. VERY SCARCE; The Dancing Faun (Farr); The Great God Pan (Machen); Discords (Egerton); The Woman who Did (Allen); At the First Corner (Watson); Prince Zaleski (Shiel); The British Barbarians (Allen); At the Relton Arms (Sharp); The Mountain Lovers (Macleod); Yellow and White (Dawe); The Woman Who Didn't (Cross); Grey Roses (Harland); The Three Impostors (Machen); The Girl from the Farm (Dix); Monochromes (D'Arcy); Women's Tragedies (Lowry); The Mirror of Music (Makower); Nobody's Fault (Sy. rett); The Barbarous Britishers (Traill).

6. Plays. By John Davidson. Frontispiece by Aubrey Beardsley. Square 8vo, uncut.

London, 1894 FIRST EDITION. One of 500 copies.

7. The Yellow Book. An Illustrated Quarterly. Ilustrations by Beardsley and others. Vols. 1 to 4. 4 vols., square 8vo, uncut.

London, 1894-5 Vols. 1 and 4 are FIRST EDITIONS.

8. A Full and True Account of the Wonderful Mission of Earl Lavender, etc. By John Davidson. Frontispiece by Aubrey Beardsley. Svo, uncut.

London, 1895 First Edition. With bookplate of Algernon Charles Swinburne.

9. An Evil Motherhood. An Impressionist Novel.

By Walt Ruding. Frontispiece by Aubrey Beardsley. 8vo. FIRST EDITION.

London, 1896

10. The Rape of the Lock. Written by Alexander Pope. Nine drawings by Beardsley. 4to, uncut.

London, 1896 FIRST EDITION.

11. A Book of Bargains. By Vincent O'Sullivan. Frontispiece by Aubrey Beardsley. 8vo, uncut.

London, 1896 FIRST EDITION.


The Savoy. An Illustrated Quarterly. Cover decorations and illustrations by Beardsley. 3 vols., 4to, decorated cloth, uncut.

London, 1896 This is the correct issue, with “Leonard Smithers and Co., 1896' on the back of each volume. With the Christmas Card tipped in.

13. A Book of Fifty Drawings. With an Iconography by Aymer Vallance. 4to.

London, 1897 First EDITION. Printed on Japan papers.

14. The Houses of Sin. design by Beardsley. 8vo, uncut.

One of 400 copies.

By Vincent O'Sullivan. Cover

London, 1897

15. The Pierrot of the Minuet. Written by Ernest Dowson. With initials and ornaments by Beardsley. Small 4to. London, 1897


16. The Rape of the Lock. *Written by Alexander Pope. 11 drawings by Beardsley. 12mo.

London, 1897

17. Ben Ionson his Volpone: or the Foxe. With a Critical Essay on the Author by Vincent O'Sullivan and a Frontispiece, Five Initial Letters and a Cover Design illustrative and decorative by Aubrey Beardsley. Together with an Eulogy of the artist by Robert Ross. 4to, uncut.

London, 1898 FIRST EDITION. Limited.

18. The London Year Book. 8vo (name on title).

London, 1898 Contains 3 illustrations by Beardsley, and a Memoir of the artist, by W. L. SCARCE.

19. — Six Drawings Illustrating Théophile Gautier's Romance, Mademoiselle de Maupin. Folio, loose in half cloth portfolio. One of 50 copies.

London, 1898 20. - A Second Book of Fifty Drawings. 4to. London, 1899



The Early Work of. With a Prefatory Note by H. C. Marillier. Portrait and numerous plates. 4to, uncut. FIRST EDITION.

London, 1899

22. — The Later Work of. Colored frontispiece and numerous plates in black and white. 4to, gilt top, uncut. London, 1901

FIRST EDITION. One of only a few copies issued with the colored frontispiece. 23. Gallatin (A. E.). Aubrey Beardsley's Drawings. Catalogue and a list of Criticisms. Illustrations. 4to, boards, vellum back, uncut.

New York, 1903 FIRST EDITION. One of 250 copies.


Last Letters. With an Introduction by The Rev. John Gray. 8vo.

London, 1904 First Edition. Inserted is a fine and interesting A. L. S., 4 pp., 8vo, Hotel Cosmopolitan, Menton, France, Dec. 29 (1897). To his brother. "Menton continues to give me nothing but cause for gratitude & great expectations. It is a dear little place f I have got quite fond of it, and Abbé Luzanne who has a villa here brought me the Blessed Sacrament this

Christmas. 25. The Dream and the Business. By John Oliver Hobbes. Cover design by Aubrey Beardsley. 8vo.

London, 1906 FIRST EDITION. 26. An Issue of Five Drawings Illustrative of Juvenal and Lucian. Proofs on Japan paper. Folio, loose in printed wrappers.

London, 1906 VERY RARE. Privately issued and limited to 120 copies. 27. The Story of Venus and Tannhäuser. 4to, uncut.

London: For Private Circulation, 1907 FIRST EDITION. One of 300 copies. Inserted is a page of manuscript by the author of a paragraph represented by asterisks in the printed work.

28. [-] Ross (Robert). Aubrey Beardsley. A Revised Iconography by Aymer Vallance. 16 plates. 12mo, uncut. FIRST EDITION.

London, 1909

29. The Eighteen-Nineties. By Holbrook Jackson. Illustrated. 8vo, uncut.

New York, 1913 Contains numerous reproductions by Beardsley, Max Beerbohm, Walter Crane, and others.

30. Lysystrata. Lutspiel in 3 Akte, von Aristophanes. Deutsch bearbeitet von J. J. C. Donner. With 8 spirited illustrations by Beardsley. 12mo, boards. Privately Printed, 1913

One of 400 copies. 31. -An Aubrey Beardsley Scrap Book. By Georges Derry. With an illustration to Ibsen's Ghosts.'' 4to, wrappers.

London, 1920 One of 200 copies, with limitation statement and autograph of the author.

32. Illustrations to Salome. 17 plates printed on Japan paper. 4to, loose in half vellum portfolio.

N. p., n. d. 33. Portrait and 4 drawings to illustrate the Tales of Edgar Allan Poe. Mounted on thick cardboard. New York, n. d.

34. BEERBOHM (MAX). The Happy Hypocrite. Illustrations in color by George Sheringham. Small 4to, pictorial cloth, uncut. FIRST ILLUSTRATED Edition.

London, (1915) 35. And Even Now. 12mo, uncut.

London, 1919 FIRST EDITION.


London, 1919

Seven Men. 12mo, uncut.

37. [-] Max Beerbohm in Perspective. By Bohun Lynch. With a Prefatory Letter by M. B. Illustrated. 8vo, boards, cloth back.

London, 1921 FIRST EDITION.

38. A Survey. With numerous caricatures in color and monochrome. Royal 8vo.

London, 1921 FIRST Edition. Contains caricatures of Conrad, Lloyd George, Woodrow Wilson's Peace, Woodrow Wilson addressing Congress, etc.

39. Herbert Beerbohm Tree. Some Memories of Him and his Art. Portraits and illustrations. 12mo.

London, n. d. FIRST EDITION.

40. Street.

A. L. S., with initials, 2 pp., 12mo. 48 Upper Berkeley

41. CABELL (JAMES BRANCH). The Eagle's Shadow. 12mo.



New York, 1909

Chivalry. Hlustrated. 12mo, uncut.

43. The Soul of Melicent. Illustrations in color by Howard Pyle. 8vo.

New York, (1913] First Edition, in black cloth binding, and colored illustration on front


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