Letters of a Traveller: 2d Series

D. Appleton, 1859 - 277 páginas

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Página 279 - Russia. Trans, from the French. Thick 12mo. Cloth, 1 25 Dew's Digest of Ancient and Modern History. Svo. Cloth, 2 00 Don Quixote de La Mancha.
Página 149 - Of the people of the country I ought to carry away a most favorable impression, if such an impression could be produced by unwearied endeavors, with apparently no motive but simple benevolence, to make our stay agreeable. The American minister, Mr. Dodge, is very attentive to the convenience of his countrymen, and a great favorite -with such of them as come to Madrid. He is on excellent terms also with the people of the country, and has done, what I think few of his predecessors have taken the trouble...
Página 257 - Men who would never have thought of buying a picture or a statue at home, are infected by the contagion of the place the moment they arrive. No talk of the money market here; no discussion of any public measure; no conversation respecting new enterprises, and the ebb and flow of trade; no price current, except of marble and canvas; all the talk is of art and artists. The rich man who, at home, is contented with mirrors and rosewood, is here initiated into a new set of ideas, gets a taste, and orders...
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Página 175 - The only narcotic in which the Spaniards indulge to any extent is tobacco, in favor of which I have nothing to say; yet it should be remembered, in extenuation, that they are tempted to this habit by the want of something else to do; that they husband their cigarritos by smoking with great deliberation, making a little tobacco go a great way, and that they dilute its narcotic fumes with those of the paper in which it is folded. With regard to the use of wine, I can confirm all that has been said...

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