Travels in Peru and India, While Superintending the Collection of Chinchona Plants and Seeds in South America, and Their Introduction Into India

Murray, 1862 - 572 páginas
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Página 227 - Crimes were once so little known among them that an Indian with one hundred thousand pieces of gold and silver in his house left it open, only placing a little stick across the door as a sign that the master was out, and nobody went in. But when they saw that we placed locks and keys on our doors, they understood that it was from fear of thieves, and when they saw that we had thieves amongst us, they despised us.
Página 227 - Full-faced above the valley stood the moon ; And like a downward smoke, the slender stream Along the cliff to fall and pause and fall did seem.
Página 7 - Locke's and all our ingeniouse and able doctors' method " of treating this disease with the Peruvian bark ; adding, " I am satisfied, that of all medicines, if it be good of its kind, and properly given, it is the most innocent and effectual, whatever bugbear the world makes of it, especially the tribe of inferior physicians, from whom it cuts off so much business and gain.
Página 404 - The women run with them, like wild goats, their children slung on their hips. The Poliars occasionally trade with the country people, who place cotton and grain on some stone, and the wild creatures, as soon as the strangers are out of sight, take them and put honey in their place, but they will allow no one to come near them.
Página 345 - A man's moveable property, after his death, is divided equally among the sons and daughters of all his sisters. His landed estate is managed by the eldest male of the family; but each individual has a right to a share of the income.
Página 255 - They are the size of large pigeons, with orangescarlet feathers on the head, neck, breast, and tail, black wings, light-grey back, and scarlet crest. They have a shrill, harsh cry. The butterflies and moths were numerous and brilliant, but so tame, and in such swarms, as to be a perfect plague. There was one bright swallowtail, with blue wings, fringed with crimson. The torments from venomous insects were maddening ; especially from a kind of fly which in a moment raised swellings and blood-red lumps...
Página 45 - Humboldt reported that 25,000 chinchona-trees were destroyed every year, and Ruiz § protested against the custom of barking the trees, and leaving them to be destroyed by rot. But nothing was ever done in the way of conservancy, either by the Government, or by private speculators whose subsistence depended on a continued supply of bark.
Página 4 - In 1638 the wife of Luis Geronimo Fernandez de Cabrera Bobadilla y Mendoza, fourth Count of Chinchon, lay sick of an intermittent fever in the palace at Lima.

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