Introduction to the Study of the Chinese Characters, Volumen1

Trübner & Company, 1876 - 314 páginas

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Página 35 - Member of the Royal Asiatic Societies of Calcutta and Paris, and of the Oriental Soc. of Germany, etc., and Boden Prof. of Sanskrit in the University of Oxford. Vols. Ill, IV. and V. ESSAYS ANALYTICAL, CRITICAL, AND PHILOLOGICAL, on SUBJECTS CONNECTED WITH SANSKRIT LITERATURE. Collected and Edited by Dr. REINHOLD ROST. 3 vols.
Página 1 - Secretary and Dragoman of the Legation of the United States of America at Constantinople. With twenty-four Illustrations. 8vo. cloth, pp. viii. and 41,5. 14>. Brown.—SANSKRIT PROSODY AND NUMERICAL SYMBOLS EXPLAINED. By CHARLES PHILIP BROWN, Author of the Telugu Dictionary, Grammar, etc., Professor of Telugu in the University of London. Demy Svo. pp. 64, cloth. 3«.
Página 5 - written by Shirley, Chaucer's contemporary. XXIV. A One-Text Print of Chaucer's Minor Poems, being the best Text from the Parallel-Text Edition, Part I., containing: 1. The Dethe of Blaunche the Duchesse ; 2. The Compleynt to Pite ; 3. The Parlament of Foules; 4. The Compleynt of Mars; 5. The ABC, with its original from De Guileville's
Página 7 - India: comprising a brief Historical Sketch of the Rise, Progress, and Decline of Buddhism ; with an Account of the Opening and Examination of the various Groups of Topes around Bhilsa. By Brev.-Major Alexander Cunningham, Bengal Engineers. Illustrated with thirty three Plates. 8vo. pp. xxxvi. 370, cloth.
Página 14 - 13. A SUPPLICACYON FOR THE BEGGARS. Written about the year 1529, by SIMON FISH. Now re-edited by FREDERICK J. FURNIVALL. With a Supplycacion to our moste Soueraigne Lorde Kynge Henry the Eyght (1544 AD), A Supplication of the Poore Commons (1546 AD),The Decay« of England by the great multitude of Shepe (1550-3 AD). Edited by
Página 34 - CHI. A series of papers selected as specimens of documentary Chinese, designed to assist Students of the language, as written by the officials of China. In sixteen parts, with Key. Vol. I. By THOMAS FRANCIS WADE, CB, Secretary to Her Britannic Majesty's Legation at Peking. 4to., half-cloth, pp. xii. and 455 ; and iv., 72, and 52.
Página 21 - 632 and 201. 8/. 8». Hepburn.—JAPANESE-ENGLISH AND ENGLISH-JAPANESE DICTIONARY. By JC HEPBURN, MD, LL.D. Abridged by the Author from his larger work. Small 4to. cloth, pp. vi. and 206. 1873. 12*. 6d. Hernisz.—A GUIDE TO CONVERSATION IN THE ENGLISH AND CHINESE LANGUAGES, for the use of Americans and Chinese in California and elsewhere. By STANISLAS
Página 14 - ASSIGNE. He-edited from the unique manuscript in the British Museum, with a Preface, Notes, and Glossarial Index, by HENRY H. GIBBS, Esq., MA 8vo. sewed, pp. xviii. and 38. 3«. 7. ON EARLY ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION, with especial reference to Shakspere and Chaucer. By ALEXANDER J. ELLIS, FRS, etc, etc. Part II.

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