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I HAVE compiled this bibliography in the hope that it may be of some use to those who, like myself, take an interest in books on gaming. I have described the title of every work, however slight, on cards or gaming that I have been able to discover, and have also included all books which contain allusions, of sufficient importance to be recorded, to those subjects. Among books on Conjuring, I have of course included all books on Tricks with Cards ; in addition to these however, the many hundreds of works on Conjuring and Recreations in general all make more or less mention of card tricks. Of these I have described only those which are interesting on account of their antiquity or importance. Those readers who desire fuller details in this branch of literature will find them in the Bibliography of Conjuring by Mr. E. Stanyon. I have included a few plays and works of fiction which depend on gaming for their plots, or which contain scenes which illustrate the mode of playing some particular game.

I have examined personally nearly all the books in my list, but of some I have only been able to record the titles which I have found in the bibliographical

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works of Watt, Lowndes, Allibone and Hazlitt, and the English and American Catalogues of Books. For a few titles, mostly American, I am indebted to the works on Card Games of Messrs. Rheinhardt, Horr and Butler, and to the columns of Whist.

In periodical literature, I have endeavoured to discriminate between the two classes of publications which we usually speak of as magazines and as newspapers. It is obviously impracticable to treat of the latter ; of the former class I have not found many articles on gaming, etc., recorded in the various indexes to periodical literature and I have had to rely almost enti

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LONDON : May, 1905.






(Notes and interpolations of the Compiler are inserted in parentheses.)

A., MAJOR.-See Coles, Charles Barham. 1. ABBOTT, JACK.-Treatise on Jack Pot Poker,

with the Game of Sancho Pedro when played for Stakes. 24mo. J. E. Eyrich, New Orleans,

1881. (Am. Cat.) 2. ABBOTT, JACK.-Do. 63 pp. 16mo. George

Muller and Co., New Orleans, 1902. 3. ACE OF SPADES.—The Theory and Practice

of Bridge. By 'Ace of Spades.' 75 pp. I 2mo.

The Times of India Press, Bombay, 1903. 4. ACKERMANN'S PICTORIAL PLAYING

CARDS.—Thirteen coloured plates and 21 pp. of introduction, illustrative of the accompanying tale of Beatrice ; or, The Fracas.' 15 pp. 4to. Rudolf Ackermann, London, 1819. (Reprinted from Ackermann's Repository of Arts, 1818-1819.)


ADEPT, AN.-See No. 221.
ADEPT, AN.-See No. 587.

ADEPT, NO.-See No. 1403.

No. 29. The Character of a Gamester De

fended (by John Hawkesworth). Feb. 12,

1753. No. 35. Plan of a New Paper called the

Beau-Monde (by Richard Bathurst). March 3, 1753


Outline of the Principles and Leads of American
Whist. (A card.) 4 pp. 16mo. Noyes and

Davies, Norwich, U. S. A., 1893. 7. ALBANY LAW JOURNAL, THE. (P.)

-Vol. 44, p. 5. The Baccarat Prosecutions, by

Sir E. Clarke. Albany, 1899. ALDENHAM, LORD. See Gibbs, Henry

Hucks. 8. ALEXANDER, W. A.-Card Playing. 29 pp.

16mo. Richmond, Va., 1892. 9. ALL THE YEAR ROUND. (P.)-8vo.


Whistology. Vol. 2, p. 480. March 17, 1860.
The Demon of Homburg. Vol. 2, p. 517.

March 24, 1860.
Cheating at Cards. Vol. 5, p. 331. June 29,
A Game of Écarté. Vol. 17, p. 44. January 5,

1 Periodical publication.

A Gambler's Life in the Last Century. Vol.

18, p. 324. September 28, 1867.
The Dying Tiger. Vol. 9, N. S., p. 36.

November 23, 1872.
Diamond Cut Diamond. Vol. 9, N. S., p.

393. March 8, 1873.
Spielbad Super Mare. Vol. 16, p. 319. June

17, 1876.
Strange Hands at Cards. Vol. 17, p. 77.

October 7, 1876.
A Run with many Packs. Vol. 17, p. 303.

December 9, 1876.
Packs of Cards, Old and New. Vol. 21,

p. 38. December 28, 1878.
An Escroquerie.' Vol. 22, p. 179 Feb-

ruary 8, 1879.
Card Games. Vol. 40, p. 65.

Vol. 40, p. 65. Feb. 5, 1887.
Female Gamblers. Vol. 42, p. 81. January 20,

Monte Carlo Sketches. Vol. 43, p. 276.

September 21, 1889.
Gambling and Burglary. Vol. 43, p. 546.

December 9, 1889. 10. ALLEN, BESSIE E.-Whist Quiz Cards.

(Fifty cards of questions on Whist and two of

directions for play.) 32mo. Milwaukee, 1897. 11.ALLEN, GEORGE W.—Poker Rules in Rhyme. 72 pp. 24mo.

New York, 1895. (Beautifully illustrated and printed.)

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