The Gadsden Treaty

Press of the University of Pennsylvania, 1923 - 222 páginas
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Página 68 - With an experience thus suggestive and cheering, the policy of my Administration will not be controlled by any timid forebodings of evil from expansion. Indeed, it is not to be disguised that our attitude as a nation and our position on the globe render the acquisition of certain possessions not within our jurisdiction eminently important for our protection, if not in the future essential for the preservation of the rights of commerce and the peace of the world.
Página 11 - ... if it should have more than one branch emptying directly into the sea; from thence up the middle of that river, following the deepest channel, where it has more than one, to the point where it strikes the southern boundary of New Mexico; thence, westwardly, along the whole southern boundary of New Mexico (which runs north of the town called Paso...
Página 26 - States whensoever this may be necessary; and that when they cannot be prevented, they shall be punished by the said Government, and satisfaction for the same shall be exacted all in the same way, and with equal diligence and energy as if the same incursions were meditated or committed within its own territory, against its own citizens.
Página 26 - For the purpose of giving to these stipulations the fullest possible efficacy, thereby affording the security and redress demanded by their true spirit and intent, the Government of the United States will now and hereafter pass, without unnecessary delay, and always vigilantly enforce, such laws as the nature of the subject may require.
Página 81 - The great object at this time is to arrest the mad designs of Conquest; involving the still more dreaded but unavoidable policy, if the first succeeds, of the Annexation of the whole of Mexico, in states to the Union. I can not reflect on the measure without the most fearful apprehensions for the character and security of this Government or Confederation.
Página 67 - I can scarcely bear the parting from you, who have been strength and solace to me for four anxious years and never failed me.
Página 21 - August last, which is limited to " the expenses of running and marking the boundary line," yet the President would be gratified if you could cause these examinations to be made incidentally, without seriously interfering with your appropriate duties. The inquiry is one of great importance to the country; and any information which you can communicate to the department on the subject will be highly appreciated by our fellow-citizens. Major Emory has received from Major Graham, under my instructions,...
Página 90 - Marcy later gave the following explanation for this procedure: It was thought that there was at the time he [Ward] was sent out a very critical state of things in regard to the ruling power in that country, and that immediate pecuniary means would be indispensable for its maintenance; and to provide these means in the apprehended emergency a liberal concession of territory might be readily made. But at the same time it was suggested that should it in any way become publicly known that such a cession...
Página 27 - That his government possessed "both the ability and the will to restrain the Indians within the extended limits of the United States from making incursions into Mexican territories as well as to execute all the other stipulations of the eleventh article.
Página 24 - Congress copies of all reports then received from the engineers and other persons employed in explorations and surveys to ascertain the most practicable and economical route for a railroad from the Mississippi river to the Pacific ocean...

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