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Subtitle B-Other Regulations Relating to

National Defense



Part 1200 [Reserved) 1201 General provisions. 1202 Procurement by formal advertising. 1203 Procurement by negotiation. 1204 Special types and methods of procurement. [Reserved] 1205 Interdepartmental and coordinated procurement. 1206 Foreign purchases. 1207 Contract clauses. 1208 Termination of contracts. 1209 Patents, data, and copyrights. 1210 Bonds and insurance. 1211 Federal, State, and local taxes. 1212 Labor. 1213 Government property. 1214 Inspection and acceptance. 1215 Contract cost principles and procedures. 1216 Procurement forms. 1217 Extraordinary contractual actions to facilitate the national defense. 1230 Appendixes. 1250 Investigating and processing certain noncontractual claims and reporting

related litigation. 1260 Availability to the public of official information.

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Subpart A-Introduction Sec. 1201.101 Purpose of subchapter. 1201.102 Applicability of subchapter. 1201.103 Arrangement of subchapter. 1201.103–1 General plan. 1201.103—2 Numbering. 1201.104 Content of subchapter. 1201.106 Other Department of Defense

publications. 1201.106–1 Department of Defense Direc

tives and Instructions. 1201.107 Dissemination and effective date of

ASPR, DSPR, and other printed procure

ment publications. 1201.109 Deviation from ASPR, DSPR, and

Department of Defense publications gov

erning procurement. 1201.109-1 Applicability. 1201.109–2 Deviations affecting one CON

tract or transaction. 1201.109–3 Deviations affecting more than

one contract or contractor. 1201.109-4 Deviations required by Govern

ment-to-Government agreements. 1201.109-50 Submission of requests for

deviations. 1201.109-51 Expiration of deviations. 1201.111 Reports of suspected criminal con

duct and noncompetitive prices. 1201.113 Code of conduct. 1201.150 Administration and interpretation.

Subpart B-Definition of Terms 1201.201 Definitions. 1201.201_14 Procuring activity. 1201.201–18 Source of supplies. 1201.201-50 Chief officer responsible for

procurement. 1201.201-51 Purchasing office.

Subpart C-General Policies 1201.307 Priorities, allocations, and allot

ments. 1201.308 Record of contract actions. 1201.310 Liquidated damages. 1201.312 Voluntary refunds. 1201.350 Public release of long-range pro

curement estimates. 1201.351 Closeout of contracts. 1201.352 Warranty of guarantee provisions;

policy. 1201.353 Disclosure of procurement infor

mation. 1201.354 Records of contract actions-pro

curement directive or request. 1201.355 Documentary evidence of pur

chases. 1201.356 Contracts required to be num

bered. 1201.357 Contract numbering system. 1201.358 Notice of intent to purchase (sub

sistence). 1201.359 Reduction in noncompetitive pro

curements. 1201.360 copies of contractual documents

for cognizant audit offices. 1201.360_1 Application.

Sec. 1201.360-2 Procedure. 1201.361 Changes in procurement processes

or methods. Subpart D-Procurement Responsibility and

Authority 1201.401 Responsibility of each procuring

activity. 1201.401-50 Delegation of authority. 1201.402 General authority of contracting

officers. 1201.402-50 General responsibilities of con

tracting officers. 1201.403 Requirement to be met before en

tering into contracts. 1201.403–50 Legal review. 1201.450 Selection and appointment of Con

tracting Officers. 1201.451 Selection and appointment of con

tracting officers' representatives. 1201.452–1 Pre-purchase review. 1201.452–2 Pre-award approval — formally

advertised purchase. 1201.452–3 Pre-award negotiation pur

chase. 1201.452-4 Post-award review - advertised

and negotiated contracts.

Subpart E-Contingent or Other Fees 1201.507 Use of Standard Form 119. 1201.507–1 Statement in lieu of form. 1201.508 Enforcement. 1201.508–50 Authority of head of a procur

ing activity. Subpart Debarred, Ineligible, and Suspended

Bidders 1201.600 Scope of subpart. 1201.600–50 Authority. 1201.601 Establishment and maintenance of

a list of firms or individuals debarred or

ineligible. 1201.601-1 General. 1201.601-3 Joint consolidated list. 1201.601-4 Protection of lists. 1201.601-50 Attempted evasions. 01.603 Grounds for listing and treatment

to be accorded listed concerns. 1201.603_50 Total restrictions. 1201.604 Causes and conditions under which

Departments may debar contractors. 1201.6043 Notice of debarment. 1201.605 Suspension of bidders. 1201.650 Inquiries from debarred, ineligible,

or suspended firms and individuals. 1201.651 Review of past contractual rela


Subpart G-Small Business Concerns 1201.701-53 Class. 1201.702 General policy. 1201.704 Small business officials. 1201.704-3 Small business specialists. 1201.704-50 DSA Small Business Council. 1201.705 Cooperation with the Small Busi

ness Administration. 1201.705-1 General. 1201.705–2 SBA representatives. 1201.705–3 Screening of procurements.

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