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I have endeavoured to show that its export trade is capable of being greatly increased, particularly in those staple articles of tea and silk, which have now become almost necessaries of life amongst ourselves.

The Agriculture of the country was carefully examined ; and, as it is in many respects somewhat remarkable, a full description of it has been given in the following pages. I have also ventured to make a few observations on our political relations with this extraordinary people, which may be of some interest at the present time.

Most of the illustrations were kindly sketched for me by Dr. Dickson of China. I am also indebted to my fellow-passenger, Dr. Barton, for some views in the Inland Sea, and for that of Castle Island, Cape Gotto.

When I had finished my work in Japan, the Chinese war had been brought to a successful termination, and I was enabled to visit the new ports of Chefoo and Tien-tsin, on the Gulf of Pe-chele, and also the capital city of Peking itself, and the mountains which lie beyond it. In the concluding chapters of the work I have sought to give a faithful description of this part of my travels over a country which, until the last war, was almost as little known to Europeans as Japan itself. Mr. Wyndham, of H.M. Legation

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in Peking, furnished me with the sketch of the curious “ White-barked Pine” of that country. Having thus given an outline of what


be expected in this narrative of my journey to the capitals of Zipangu and Cathay, I have only to solicit the kindness and indulgence of my readers, trusting that they will overlook the many faults of my imperfect performance.


London, February, 1863.

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The country round Yedo — Hill and valley - Trees — Autumnal fo-

liage — Views of Fusi-yama — Cottages and farm-houses — Flowers

and vegetables — Signs of high civilization — Public baths — Beau-

tiful lanes and hedges — Avenues and groves - Civility of the

people — Dogs and their prejudices - Street dogs — Lapdogs -

Fire at the British Legation -- Mode of giving alarm Organization

of Fire-brigade — Wretched engines - Presents from foreign govern-

ments — More suitable ones pointed out

.. 91


A journey in search of new plants — Japanese College - Residence

of Prince Kanga – Dang-o-zaka — Its tea-gardens, fish-ponds,

and floral ladies — Nursery-gardens — Country people — Another

excursion — Soldiers — Arrive at Su-mae-yah - Country covered

with gardens — New plants — Mode of dwarfing - Variegated

plants - Ogee, the Richmond of Yedo Its tea-house — The Ty-

coon's hunting-ground - Fine views - Agricultural productions -

A drunken man -- Intemperance of the people generally .. 103

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