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Newton (R., D.D.)-Bible Warnings. Sermons

to Children. 12mo. cloth, pp. 384. New York. 6s. 6d. Fifteen sermons for children. Dr. Newton explains that trains are warned of danger by bells, flags, and signals, and he takes fifteen Bible texts, which he calls the bells and signals given to warn against covetousness, intemperance, lying, sin, anger, pride, disobedience, selfishness, sloth, etc., so that dangers may be recognized and young lives be brought through them safely. The special talent at pointed fascinating illustration for which this Philadelphia preacher is celebrated is once more brought into play.

New York.

The Code of Civil Procedure, with Notes by Montgomery H. Throop, containing all the Amendments to and including 1886. 8vo. sheep, pp. xxxviii. and 1696. Albany. £116s.

Nystrom (J. W.)-A Pocketbook of Mechanics

and Engineering. Eighteenth Edition, Revised and Enlarged. 16mo. leather. Philadelphia. 16s.

Oldberg (0.)-A Manual of Weights, Measures, and Specific Gravity. Including Principles of Meteorology; the Weights and Measures now in Use; Weight and Volume and their Reciprocal Relation; Weighing and Measuring; Balances (Scales) and Weights, Measures of Capacity; Specific Weight and Specific Volume, and their Determination and Practical Applications. With Rules and Tables. Crown 8vo. cloth, pp. v. and 238. Chicago. Payne (W. H.)-Contributions to the Science of 12mo. cloth, pp. xi. and 358. New York.


6s. 6d.

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A collection of between eighty and ninety lyrical pieces. Mr. Peck is a Southern poet of decided talent, and his poems are bright and full of graceful fancies and pretty interpretations of nature's various moods.

Pomeroy (J. M.)-Lectures on International

Law in Time of Peace. Edited by Theodore Salisbury Woolsey. 8vo. sheep. Boston. £1 10s.

Pomeroy (J. N.)-An Introduction to the Constitutional Law of the United States. Especially Designed for Students. Ninth Edition, Revised and Enlarged, by Edmund H. Bennett. 8vo. sheep, pp. xxxviii. and 709. Boston. £1 10s.

Poore (B. P.)-Reminiscences of Sixty Years in the National Metropolis. In Two Vols. Vol. I. 8vo. cloth, pp. 547. Illustrated. Philadelphia. 18s.

Major Poore's reminiscences cover a very interesting period dating back to the election of John Quincy Adams and including the exciting times in which those giants, Clay, Webster, Everett, Jackson, Calhoun, Van Buren, Polk, Houston, Seward, Stevens, Douglas, Sumner, Davis, Lincoln, Grant, and a host of others flourished. The present volume closes with Buchanan's administration, and is rich in witty anecdotes and gossipy stories illustrating the genius, eccentricities, jealousies, ambitions and intrigues of the brilliant statesmen, ladies, officers, diplomats, lobbyists and other celebrities of the world that gather at Washington; also descriptions of inauguration ceremonies, gala-day festivities, army reviews, etc.

Poor (W. S.)-The Act Authorizing the Formation of Corporations for Manufacturing, Mining, etc. (1848), Including the Amendments of 1886. Third Edition. 18mo. paper, pp. 152. New York. 4s.

Preston (H. W.)-Documents Illustrative of American History, 1606-1863; with Introductions and References. 8vo. cloth, pp. v. and 320. New York. 12s. 6d. Contains 32 documents, beginning with the first Virginia charter and ending with the emancipation proclamation. Publishers' Trade List Annual, 1886: the Latest Catalogue of Publishers and Manufacturers: Preceded by "Publishers' Weekly" Record of Books issued from the July, 1885, to June, 1886, inclusive, reprinted verbatim, with a Complete Index by Authors, Titles, and Subjects; also the American Educational Catalogue for 1886. Fourteenth Year. 4to. cloth. New York. 9s.

Contains 123 publishers' catalogues and 8 miscellaneous (though kindred) catalogues; 42 publishers' advertisements and 8 miscellaneous advertisements, making in all represented 181 publishing and kindred businesses.

Reed (H. A.)- Topographical Drawing and Sketching; including Applications of Photography. 4to. cloth. New York.


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Rosenkranz (J. K. F.) The Philosophy of Education; from the German by Anna C. Brackett. Second Edition Revised, and accompanied with Commentary and Analysis. 12mo. cloth, pp. xxvii. and 286. N. York. 7s. 6d. The first part considers the general idea of education, its nature, its form, its limits. The second part, education in its special elements. The third, education in its particular systems.

Safford (Mary J.)—The Christmas Country, and

other Tales. A Collection of Stories Written and Translated by Mary J. Safford. 12mo. cloth, pp. 285. Illustrated. New York. 7s. 6d.

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Nineteen pretty fairy tales for very young children. Three are from Miss Safford's Our queer pet," pen, Boys' B, C," and "Two Persian school-boys." The other stories are: The Christian country, by Heinrich Seidel; A trip to the man in the moon, by C. Sturm; The floating island, by Heinrich Seidel; The two Christmas trees, by Martin Kok; The care of Steenfoll, by Hauff; Rosamunda, an Icelandic fairy tale; The butter-maid of Zerbst, by Julius Lohmeyer; The waterman, by Heinrich Seidel; The butterfly, by Martin Kok; The young Englishman, by Hauff; and several stories by Jessen, Berg, Werner, Habn, Adolf Frey, and Stefanie Keyser. Contains a number of full-page pictures.

Sanders (J. H.-Horse-Breeding; Being the General Principles of Heredity applied to the Business of Breeding Horses. with Instructions for the Management of Stallions, Brood Mares and Young Foals, and the Selection of Breeding Stock. Revised Edition. Crown 8vo. cloth, pp. 249. Chicago. 10s. 6d.

Savage (M. J.)-Social Problems. 12mo. cloth,

pp. 189. Boston. 5s.

Twelve sermons showing that the religion of to-day should be eminently practical, and must be interested in the labour problem. Mr. Savage claims that the great remedy for discontent is a change in ideals and not national legislation or social reconstruction,

Saxe (J. G.)-Poems. Cabinet Edition. 16mo.

cloth. Boston. 5s.

Schley (W. S.) and Soley (J. R.)-The Rescue of Greely Illustrated from the Photographs and Maps of the Relief Expedition. New Edition. 12mo. cloth. New York. 10s.

Scollard (C.)-With Reed and Lyre.

cloth, pp. 173. Boston. 5s.


More than eighty poems that have appeared in many periodicals are put into a neat handy volume. They are classified as flowersongs, quatrains, sonnets, Gallic bonds, jocosa musa, and miscellaneous. Mr. Scollard's first volume, called "Pictures in Song," was very well received by most critical reviewers on both sides of the Atlantic.

Smith's Diagram of Parliamentary Rules, Showing the Relation of any Motion to every other Motion, and answering at a glance over 500 Questions in Parliamentary Practice; together with a Key containing concise Hints and Directions for conducting the Business of Deliberative Assemblies. 12 by 6 in. Battle Creek (Mich.). 3s. Smithsonian Institution. Board of Regents. Annual Report, Showing the Operations, Expenditures. and Condition of the Institution for the Year 1884. Part 2, Svo. cloth, pp. viii. 458, and 103. Washington.

Contains besides the report, a bibliography of the U. S. National Museum for 1884, and the following papers: Throwing-sticks in the National Museum, by Otis T. Mason; Basket-work of the North American aborigines, by Otis T. Mason; a study of the Eskimo bows in the U.S. National Museum, by J. Murdoch; On a spotted dolphin, apparently identical with the Prodelphinus doris of Gray, by F. W. True; and also papers on the Florida musk-rat and the West Indian seal, by the same author.

Soule (R.)-A Dictionary of English Synonymes, and Synonymous or Parallel Expressions. New Edition. 12mo. cloth. Philadelphia. 10s.

Sprague (I.)-Flowers of the Field and Forest.

A New Series of Coloured Plates of Native Wild Flowers With Illustrative Text. 4to. cloth. Boston. 18s.


Stanley (Cady) and Pierson (G. S.)-The Separate System of Sewerage; its Theory and Construction. cloth. Illustrated. New York. 12s. 6d. Stillé (Alfred, M.D.)-Cholera: its Origin, History, Causation, Symptoms, Lesions, Prevention, and Treatment. 12mo. cloth, pp. 163. Philadelphia. 6s. 6d. Stockbridge (J. C.) The Anthony Memorial. A Catalogue of the Harris Collection of American Poetry. With Biographical and Bibliographical Notes. Royal 8vo. Portrait. Providence. £1 10s. paper, pp. xxii. and 320.

Stoddard (W. 0.)-Red Beauty: A Story of the

Pawnee Trail. 12mo. cloth, pp. 368. Philadelphia. 6s. 6d. A story of real Indians always appeals to boys, and in this volume the Indians do almost everything possible for Indians to do. The love-story is pretty, but subordinate to the interest of wars, intrigues, shootings, scalpings, detectives, and all that goes to make up a live story of live Indians.

Surgeon-General's Office. Index Catalogue of the Library of the Surgeon-General's Office, U. S. Army, Authors and Subjects. Vol. 7. Insignarés-Leghorn. 4to. cloth, pp. 959. Washington. £1 1s.

Taylor (B. F.)-Complete Poetical Works. 12mo. cloth, pp. ix. and 355. With Portrait. Chicago.


Contains all the poems hitherto published in separate volumes, with much new matter, under the titles "Songs of yesterday," "Oldtime pictures," Dulce domum,' etc.

Thaxter (Mrs. C.)-The Cruise of the Mystery, and other Poems. 16mo. parchment paper, pp. 21. Boston. 5s.

Thwing (Rev. C. F. and Mrs.)--The Family. An Historical and Social Study. 8vo. cloth, pp. 213. Boston. 10s.

Troilius (M.)-Notes on the Chemistry of Iron. Second Edition Enlarged. 8vo. cloth. New York. 8s. 6d. Tyler (H. W.)-Entertainments in Chemistry: Easy Lessons and Directions for Safe Experiments. 12mo. cloth, pp. 79. Chicago. 3s.

Prepared to show young people something of what chemistry is, and something of how to study it. The experiments have been selected to interest the readers in tracing out some of the more simple relations between facts, rather than merely to entertain. They can be performed without the aid of costly apparatus, at home or in the school-room. Technical terms have been avoided where possible.

Unfair Distribution of Earnings: the Evil Effects and the Remedy. 12mo. paper. Oswego (Kas.). 4s. United States National Museum Proceedings, Vol. 8, 1885. 8vo. cloth, pp. vii. and 729. Illustrated. Washington.

The articles of this series consist: First, of papers prepared by the scientific corps of the National Museum; secondly, of papers by others, founded upon the collections in the National Museum; and, finally, of interesting facts and memoranda from the correspondence of the Smithsonian Institution.

Wells (S.), Treat (Mary), and Sargent (F. Leroy). -Through a Microscope: something of the Science, together with many Curious Observations Indoors and Out, and Directions for a Home-made Microscope. 16mo. cloth, pp. 126. Illustrated. Chicago. 5s.

This little hand-book begins at the beginning, and tells the young student of the microscope exactly how to proceed in his investigations, what to do, and how to do it, and the reasons therefor. Mary Treat has long been known as an interesting writer on natural history, and a valuable series published two or three years ago in "Harper's Monthly" was from her hand. Naturally she has had great experience with the microscope, and so, too, has Mr. Wells, who gives suggestions as to outfits, preparation of objects, and methods of experiment. Mr. Sargent tells how home-made microscopes may be prepared and used.

Wheeler (A. M.)-Sketches from English History: Selected and Edited with an Introduction, from the Roman Conquest to the Revolution of 1688. 12mo. cloth, pp. 372. New York. 6s. 6d.


Antisemitismus (Der). Sein Entstehen, Wachsen und Vergehen. Briefe eines Ariers an einen Semiten. 8vo. sewed. Leipzig, 1886. 1s. Arnold (E.)-Die Leuchte Asiens oder die grosse Entsagung (Rahabhinischkramana). Uebersetzt von A. Pfungst. 8vo. pp. 209. Leipzig, 1886. 2s. Bergmann (E. v.)-Hieratische und hieratischdemotische Texte der Sammlung aegyptischer Alterthümer des Oesterreichischen Kaiserhauses. Fol. pp. 20, and 18 photolithographic plates. Wien, 1886. £2 2s. Bornhak (G.)-Geschichte der Französischen Litteratur von den ältesten Zeiten bis zum Ende des zweiten Kaiserreichs. Royal 8vo. pp. viii. and 584. Berlin, 1886.


White (E. E.)-The Elements of Pedagogy: a
Manual for Teachers, Normal Schools, Normal Institutes,
Teachers' Reading Circles, and all persons interested in
School Education. Cincinnati. 6s.
Whiteley (A. H.) and Drey (Sylvan)-Interstate
Law and Collection Union. Attorney's Register, contain-
ing Name of one reliable Attorney in all the Cities of
United States and Canada. 8vo. cloth, pp. 122. Baltimore.
Whitman (Mrs. S. W.)-The Making of Pictures.
Twelve Short Talks with Young People. 16mo. cloth,
pp. 131. Chicago. 3s.

They deal with the principles which underlies the various branches and processes of art-oil and water-colour painting, etching, engraving, photography, and their productive processes. This instruction is prefaced by a chapter upon "The beginnings of art training," and supplemented by one upon "Exhibitions and sales." Whittier (J. G.)


16mo. cloth. Boston. 5s.

Cabinet Edition.

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Marion Wilcox is Counsellor at Law, was formerly associate editor of the New Englander and instructor in Yale University. Six stories of decided originality make up the book for which he has chosen the title" Real Folks; ""A Spanish-American engagement;""Bertram Born;""Keepsake;" "Pasifal, Paul, and Pauline" which gives a vivid description of the rendering of "Parsifal at Beyreuth in 1882; " "Good-by to Common Sense," and "Concha Casablanca." The author shows scholarship, travel and a keen sense of the ridiculous. Very daintily gotten up.

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Williams (E. H.)

A Manual of Lithology.

18mo. cloth, pp. viii. and 135. New York. 5s.

The aim of the writer has been to combine a thorough knowledge of the elementary portion of the subject with a brief account of the principal rocks and a ready method for their determination. Williams (G. A.)-Topics and References in American History; with numerous Search Questions. 16mo. boards, pp. 50. Syracuse (New York). 2s. 6d. Williams (G. H.)- Modern Petrography. An Account of the Application of the Microscope to the Study of Geology. 12mo. cloth, pp. 35. Boston. 1s. 6d, Willis (N. P.), and others.-Forest, Rock, and Stream; twenty Engravings by W. H. Bartlett and others; Illustrating the Natural Scenery of America, with Descriptive Text by N. P. Willis and others. 4to. cloth. Boston. 18s.

Winchell (A.)-Walks and Talks in the Geological Field. 8vo. cloth, pp. 329. New York. 5s. Wright (W. B.)-Ancient Cities: from the Dawn to the Daylight. 12mo. cloth, pp. ix. and 221. Boston. 6s. 6d.

"Petra, "Tyre, "Rome,

The author is pastor of the Berkeley Street Church, Boston. The cities chosen are "Ur, the city of saints; ""Nineveh, the city of soldiers; ""Babylon, the city of sensualists; ""Memphis, the city of the dead; ""Alexandria, the city of the creed-makers; the city of shams;" "Damascus, the city of substance;" the city of merchants; "Athens, the city of culture;" the city of law-givers;" "Samaria, the city of politicians; ""Susa, the city of satraps;" "Jerusalem, the city of the Pharisees; 99 "New Jerusalem, I. The city of God;" "New Jerusalem, II. The King."

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Diener (C.)-Libanon. Grundlinien der physischen Geographie und Geologie von Mittel-Syrien. 8vo. pp. x. and 412. With a map and illustrations. Wien, 1886. 16s.

Dieu-Lafoy (J.)-La Perse, la Chaldée et la Susiane. Voyages effectués en 1883-1886. 4to. with 300 illustrations. Paris, 1886. £2 10s.; bound, £3 5s.

Feer (L.)-Le Tibet, le pays, le peuple, la religion. 12mo. boards, pp. 107. With cuts. Paris, 1886. 1s. 6d. (Bibliothèque Ethnographique, vii.) Fraenkel (S.)-Die aramäischen Fremdwörter im Arabischen. 8vo. pp. xxii. and 327. Leiden, 1886. 9s. Fritsche (H.)-On Chronology and the Construction of the Calendar, with special regard to the Chinese computation of time compared with the European. 8vo. lithographed, pp. 92. St. Petersburg, 1886. 3s. Gheyn (J. van den)-Les populations danubiennes. Etudes d'Ethnographie comparée. 8vo. pp. 290. Gent, 1886. 6s.

Goeje (M. J. de)-Mémoires d'histoire et de Géographie Orientales. No. I. Mémoire sur les Carmathes du Bahrain et les Fatimides. 8vo. pp. 232, sewed. Leiden, 1886. 6s.


Grimm (Dr.) Abriss der Kulturgeschichte Ostafrikas. 8vo. Karlsruhe, 1886. 1s.

Guin (L.)-Conte arabe: le Cure-dent du prophête. 8vo. pp. 15. Oran, 1886.

Gutzeit (W. v.)-Wörterschatz der deutschen Sprache Livlands. Nachtraege zu A-F. 8vo. pp. iv. and 299. Riga, 1886. 6s.

Handschriften-Verzeichnisse der K. Bibliothek zu Berlin. Fünfter Band: Verzeichniss der Sanskrit und Prâkrit-Handschriften von A. Weber. Band II. Abtheilung 1. 4to boards, pp. viii. and 352. Berlin, 1886. 16s. Heering (P.)-Indische Schetsen. Square 8vo. sewed, pp. 250. Leiden, 1886. 4s. 6d. Hirschfeld (H.)-Beiträge zur Erklärung des Koran. 8vo. pp. iv. and 99. Leipzig, 1886. 2s. Hirth (P.)-China and the Roman Orient. Researches into their Ancient and Medieval Relations, as represented in Old Chinese Records. 8vo. sewed, pp. 330. München, 1886. 15s.

Hübner (A. v.)-Durch das Britische Reich. Südafrika-Neuseeland-Australien-Indien- OceanienCanada. 2 vols. 8vo. with a map. Leipzig, 1886. 12s. Hurgronje (Snouck C.)-Mekkanische Sprichwörter und Redensarten, gesammelt und erläutert. 8vo. sewed, pp. 144. Haag, 1886. 4s. 6d.

Hurt (J.)- Die estnischen Nomina auf purum. 8vo. St. Petersburg. 1886. 4s.


Ueber die estnischen Partikeln ehk und vôi. Ein Beitrag zur estnischen Syntax. 8vo. St. Petersburg, 1880. 2s.

Ibn al Anbârî's Asrar al Arabiya. Herausgegeben von Ch. F. Seybold. 8vo. pp. viii. and 176. Leiden, 1886. 5s. Ibn J'ai's Commentar zu Zamachsari's Mufassal. Herausgegeben von G. Zahn. 2ter Band, 4tes Heft. 4to. pp. 112. Leipzig, 1886. 9s.

Janssen (J.)-Geschichte des deutschen Volkes seit dem Ausgang des Mittelalters. Fünfter Band. Die politisch-kirchliche Revolution und ihre Bekämpfung seit der Verkündigung der Concordienformel im Jahre 1580 bis zum Beginne des dreissig-jährigen Krieges im Jahre 1618. Erste bis zwölfte Auflage. 8vo. pp. xliii. and 716. Freiburg i/Br. 1886. 7s. 6d.

Kautzsch (E.)-Exercises hébreux d'après le

manuel hébreu-allemand. Mis en corrélation avec la grammaire hébraïque de Preiswerk par A. Perrochet. 8vo. pp. 152. Basel, 1886. 2s. 6d.

Kirchhoff (Th.)—Californische Culturbilder. 8vo. Kassel, 1886. Sewed, 6s.; cloth, 83.

Kreyher (J.-L. Annaeus Seneca und seine Beziehungen zum Urchristentum. 8vo. pp. viii. and 198. Berlin, 1887.

Landberg (le Comte de)-Primeurs Arabes, fasc. I. 8vo. pp. 75, sewed. Leide, 1886. 3s.

Le Bon (G.)-Les civilisations de l'Inde. 4to. pp. 700, with 7 Chromolithographic and 350 other Illustrations. Paris, 1886. Sewed, £1 10s. ; bound, £2 2s. Levi (S.) Delle antichità egiziane di Brera. 8vo. With 2 Plates. Turin, 1886. 7s. 6d.

Lucien (A.)-Grammaire de la langue Chiapanèque. 8vo. Wien, 1886. 6s.

Mâitrâyanî Samhitâ.-Herausgegeben von L. von Schroeder. 4tes Buch. (Schluss). Svo. sewed, pp. vi. and 309. Leipzig, 1886.


Menant (J.)-Les langues perdues de la Perse et de l'Assyrie.-Assyrie. 12mo. pp. xvi. and 340. Paris, 1886. 7s. 6d. (Bibliothèque Orientale Elzévirienne, Vol. I.) Milloué (L. de)—-Étude sur le mythe de Vrisabha le premier Tir Thamkava des Jains. 4to. With 2 heliogravures. Paris, 1886. 5s.

Much (M.)-Die Kupferzeit in Europa und ihr Verhältniss sur Cultur der Indo-germanen. 8vo. pp. 187. Wien, 1886 5s.


Müller (F.) Die Musuk-Sprache in CentralNach den Aufzeichnungen von G. A. Krause herausgegeben. 8vo. pp. 71. Wien, 1886. 2s. Naville (E.)--Das aegyptische Todtenbuch der XVIIIten bis XXsten Dynastie. Aus verschiedenen Urkunden zusammengestellt und herausgegeben. Einleitung. Roy. 4to. pp. v. and 204. Berlin, 1886. £1 10s. Neubauer (J.) — Altdeutsche Idiotismen der Egerländer Mundart. Mit einer kurzen Darstellung der Lautverhältnisse dieser Mundart. 8vo. pp. 115. Wien, 1886. 3s.

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Odin (A.)-Phonologie des patois du Canton de
Vaud. 8vo. pp. viii. and 166. Halle, 1886. 4s.
Olcott (H. S.)-Ein buddhistischer Katechismus


nach dem Kanon der Kirche des südlichen Indiens. den Anmerkungen der amerikanischen Ausgabe von G. Coues. 12mo. pp. 168. Leipzig, 1886. 1s. Ottmann (R. E.)-Grammatische Darstellung der Sprache des althochdeutschen Glossars Rb. 8vo. pp. vi. and 84. Berlin, 1886. 2s. 6d.

Paulitschke (Ph.)—Beiträge zur Ethnographie und Anthropologie der Somâl, Galla und Harari. Fol. boards, pp. 105. With 40 Plates and a Map. Leipzig, 1886. Penka (K.) Die Herkunft der Arier. Neue Beitraege zur historischen Anthropologie der Europaeischen Völker. 8vo. Teschen, 1886. 5s. 6d.

Petitot (E.)-Traditions Indiennes du Canada Nord-Ouest. 12mo. cloth, pp. xvii. and 521. Paris, 1886. 7s. 6d. (Les Littératures populaires de toutes les nations, Tome xxiii.)

Praetorius (F.)-Grammatica Aethiopica cum paradigmatibus, literatura, chrestomathia et glossario. 8vo. pp. x. and 218. Karlsruhe, 1886. 6s.

Raffi.-Bilder aus Persien und Türkisch-Armenien. Aus dem Armenischen übersetzt von L. Rubenli. 8vo. pp. 197. Leipzig, 1886. 1s. 6d.

Reinisch (L.) Die Bilin-Sprache. Zweiter Band. Wörterbuch. 8vo. pp. vi. and 426. Wien, 1886. £1. Rohlfs (G.)-Quid novi ex Africa? 8vo. sewed.

Kassel, 1886. 5s.

Ruelle (Ch. L.)-Bibliographie générale des des Gaules. Répertoire systématique et alphabétique des ouvrages, mémoires et notices concernant l'histoire, la topographie, la religion, les antiquités et le langage de la Gaule jusqu'à la fin du V. Siècle. Publications faites jusqu'en 1870 inclusivement. 2 vols. roy. 8vo. Paris, 1886. £2.

This important work contains about 12,000 titles, and is printed in 1732 columns. The general arrangement of the work is similar to that of Brunet's Manuel du libraire. There is also an edition printed on papier de luxe,' the price of which is £3.

Sayce (A. H.)-Alte Denkmäler im Lichte neuer Forschungen. Ein Ueberblick ueber die durch die jüngsten Entdeckungen in Egypten, Assyrien, Babylonien. Palestina und Kleinasien erhaltenen Bestätigungen biblischer Thatsachen. Deutsche vom Verfasser revidirte Ausgabe. 8vo. Leipzig, 1886. 2s. 6d.

Schnabl (L.)-Buenos Aires. Mit besonderer Rücksicht auf europäische Einwanderung, Handel und Verkehr. Royal 8vo. pp, 268. Stuttgart, 1886. 5s. Schreiber (J.)-Manuel de la langue Tigrai parlée au centre et dans le nord de l'Abyssinie. 8vo. pp. vii. and 93. Wien, 1886. 6s. Schwab (J.)-Das altindische Thieropfer. Mit Benutzung handschriftlicher Quellen bearbeitet. 8vo. sewed, pp. xxiii. and 168. Erlangen, 1886. 4s. Siebs (Th.)-Die Assibililung der friesischen Palatalen. 8vo. pp. 49. Tübingen, 1886. 2s. Smith (S. A.) -Die Keilschrifttexte Asurbanipals (668-626 v. Chr.). Nach dem selbst in London copirten Grundtext mit Transcription, Uebersetzung, Kommentar and vollständigem Glossar. Heft I. Die Annalen nach dem Cylinder Rm. 1 (V.R. 1-10). 8vo. sewed. Leipzig, 1886. 8s.

Speijer (Dr. J. S.)-Sanskrit Syntax, with an Introduction by Dr. H. Kern. 8vo. pp. x. and 402, sewed. Leyden, 1886. 17s.

Stackelberg (R. v.)-Beitraege zur Syntax des Ossetischen. 8vo. pp. 99. Strassburg, 1886. 3s. Strack (H. L.)-Grammaire hébraique. Traduit par A. J. Baumgartner. 8vo. pp. xi. and 256. Karlsruhe, 1886. 3s. 6d.

Paradigmen zur hebräischen Grammatik. 8vo. pp. iv. and 21. Karlsruhe, 1886. 6d.

Targum Arvi.-Die arabische Interpretation des Pentateuchs von Rabbi Saadia Hagaon. Ins Deutsche übertragen und commentirt von J. Schwarzstein. Genesis. 8vo. pp. viii. and 82. Frankfurt, 1886. 2s. 6d. Tscheng-Ki-Tong.-China und die Chinesen. Autorisirte Deutsche Uebersetzung von A. Schulze. 8vo. Leipzig, 1886. 5s.

Valdivia (Luiz de).-Arte vocabulario y confesionario de la Lengua de Chile. Publicados de nuevo por Julio Platzmann. Edicion facsimilar. 8vo. Leipzig, 1886. 18s.

Vogel (M.)-Das britische Colonialreich. Geo-
graphisch, geschichtlich und statistisch beschrieben. 8vo.
With a map.
Berlin, 1886. 3s. 6d.

It is to be regretted that this useful little book was not published during the existence of the Colonial and Indian Exhibition, as it would then probably have been read to advantage by many of our official and unofficial visitors from abroad. Presenting the views of a foreigner, it would have been a useful supplement to the Handbook of H. M.'s Colonies, published by the Commissioners. But now even we do not hesitate to recommend it to everybody desirous of forming a clear and unbiassed opinion of the relative importance of our different possessions. Prominence is given to the industrial and commercial features of the Colonies, and exports and imports cleverly compared and contrasted.

Volkens (G.)-Flora der egyptisch-arabischen Wüste auf Grundlage anatomisch-physiologischer Untersuchungen dargestellt. 4to. With 18 plates. Berlin, 1886. 16s.

Wahrmund (A.)-Praktisches Handbuch der neu-arabischen Sprache. Two parts in one volume. 8vo. pp. xix. and 471, and vii. and 136 and 72. Giessen, 1886. Price complete with a key, £1.


Waldeck (F. M. v.)—Russland. Einrichtungen, Sitten und Gebräuche. I. Abtheilung: Das Reich und seine Bewohner. II. Abtheilung Staatsverwaltung und Landesverteidigung. Kirche und Geistlichkeit. Die Nation und ihre Stände. 8vo. 2 vols. cloth. With many illustrations. Leipzig and Prag, 1886. 2s.

This is a valuable account of all that is of general and popular interest relating to the institutions, habits, and customs of Russia. The first volume contains a lucid aperçu of the Geography, History, and external conditions of the Empire of the Czar, while the second volume deals with the Constitution, Church, Clergy, Professions, and the characteristic features of the Russian People.

Weise (A.)-Bibliotheca germanica. Verzeichniss aller auf Deutschland und Deutsch-Oesterreich bezüglichen Originalwerke, sowie der bemerkenswerthen Artikel, welche in den hervorragenden periodischen Schriften in den Jahren 1880-1885. im gesammten Auslande erschienen sind. 8vo. pp. 142. Paris, 1886. 38.

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Only 350 copies printed.

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[blocks in formation]

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[blocks in formation]

كتاب مزا مير وتسابيح واغاني روحية موقعة على موافقة الحان

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[blocks in formation]

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