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Continued from Vol. VII. page 95. This Index is an attempt to form a Key with which any one interested in Oriental Literature may find any article or review that has been written on any given subject. It is recognized that this can only be an attempt-many omissions will assuredly be found, but it is proposed to include such omissions, as they may be noted, in future numbers. Every endeavour will be used to make the Index as complete as possible. It is proposed to commence only with periodicals dated on and after Jan. I, 1885.

NOTE.—The letter N. at the end of a line signifies that the article is only a review or notice of the work, of which the title is given. Authors' names are in italics. ABBREVIATIONS :-A.Q.R. Asiatic Quarterly Review. Acad. Academy. Am. Antiq. American Antiquarian. Am. J. Arch.

American Journal of Archæology. Athen. Atheneum. B. Sacra. Bibliotheca Sacra. Black. Blackwood's Magazine.
Bo. B.R.A.S. Bombay Branch of the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society. Cal. R. Calcutta Review. Ch. B.R.A.S.
Journal of the China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. China R. China Review. Chinese R. Chinese Recorder.
Cont. R. Contemporary Review. Corn. Cornhill Magazine. Dub. R. Dublin Review. Eng. The Calcutta Englishman.
E.O.M. Englishman's Overland Mail. Edin. R. Edinburgh Review. Ency. Brit. Encyclopædia Britannica. Fort.
R. Fortnightly Review. Geol. M. Geological Magazine. Ind. Antiq. Indian Antiquary. Ind. Evan. R. Indian
Evangelical Review. Ind. For. Indian Forester. Ind. M. Indian Magazine. J. Am. O. S. Journal of the American
Oriental Society. J. Anj. P. Journal of the Anjuman i Punjab. Į Anthrop. I. Journal Anthropological Institute.
J. Ind. Ass. Journal of the Indian Association. J. M. Geog. S. Journal of the Manchester Geographical Society.
J.R.A.S. Journal Royal Asiatic Society. Nat. Nature. Nat. R. National Review. N. Cent. Nineteenth Century.
N. Eng. New Englander. N. Am. R. North American Review. N. & Q. Notes and Queries. Or. The Orientalist.
Psych. Res. Proceedings of the Society for Psychical Research. R. Col. Revue Coloniale Internationale. Sat. R.
Saturday Review. Scot. Geog. Scottish Geographical Magazine. Spec. Spectator. St. Ja. G. St. James's Gazette.
Tap. Taprobanian. T. A. S. Japan, Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan. T. Ind. Times of India.
The Tropical Agriculturist. Trübner's R. Triibner's American, European and Oriental Literary Record. Westm. Ř.

Westminster Review.
ADARSA-CHARIT. Krishnamoban. Durgadás Lahiri. Cal.

FOUR Princes. Knowles. Ind. Antiq. Oct. and Nov./86.
R. Oct./86. N.

FU-LIN, a Persian Word. Edkins. Ch. B.R.A.S. Aug.186. AMORITES, and the Teraphim. Sayce. Acad. Nov. 6/86.

GIPSY (English) Index. Grierson, Ind. Antiq. Oct. and ARABIC, Final Aspirate in. Redhouse. Acad. Nov. 27/86.

ARABS, Religion of the. Ind. Antiq. Oct./86.

GUZERAT (History of). Bayley. Sat. R. Oct. 30/86. N.
ARYAJIBAN Artbat Hindu Achar Byabahar Prabhitur Baijnánik HINDU Proselytism. E.O.M. Oct. 12/86.
Byákhyán I. Gangádás Basu. Cal. R. Oct./86. N.

HISTORY of the Forty Vezirs. Gibb. Acad. Nov. 20/86. N. ARYAN Dialect (A New). Pincott.' Acad. Nov. 20/86.

ASIATIC Symbolism (Comparative Study of). Murray-Ainsley. HINDU Music (Scientific). Percival. Cal. R. Oct./86.
Ind. Antiq. Nov./86.

HITTITES and Amorites. Cheyne and Neubauer. Acad. Oct. AURUNG Shah (In Memoriam). Clarke and Christie. Ind. M.

30/86. Tomkins.

Acad. Nov. 13/86. Cheyne. Acad. Nov. Nov./86.

20/86. BENGAL (Letters on Sport in). Simpson. Athen. Oct. 23/86. N.

'THI WEI' in the Tau Te King. Edkins. Chinese R. Aug./86. BHAGALPUR Plate of Narayanapala. Ind. Antiq. Oct./86.

INDIA. A Native on British Rule (the Truth about Russia and BRAHMA Samajer Bartaman Abasthá eban Amar Jibane Brahma England, from a Native's point of view. By Muhammad

Samajer Parikshita Bisaya. Bijaya Krishna Goswami. Cal. Mohfuz Ali). Spec. Nov. 6/86 N.
R. Oct./86. N.

History of, as told by its own Historians. Bayley. Cal.
BUDDHISTIC Kingdoms (A Record of). Legge. China R. July: R. Oct./86 N.
Aug./86. N. Acad. Oct. 30/86. N. Athen. Oct. 23/86. N.

Human Sacrifice in. Sat. R. Oct. 30/86. Sat. R. Nov. 20/86. N.

Imperial Gazetteer of. Hunter. Cal. R. Oct./86 N. Sat. BURMA. T. Ind. Oct. 1/86.

R. Dec. 4/86 N. and the Burmese. McMahon. Nat. R. Nov./86.

Imprisonment for debt in. Stephen. Cal. R. Oct./86. Jottings by a Waterway of. T. Ind. Nov. 12, 19, 26/86.

Social Life in. T. Ind. Nov. 19/86. (Volunteers for Service in Upper). Ind. For. Nov./86.

Social Reforms in. Nanda Lal Ghosh. Nat. R. CANTON Dialect (Enigmatic Parallelisms of the). Pearce and Nov./86. Lockhart. China R. July-Aug.186.

Technical Education. T. Ind. Nov. 19/86. CANTONESE-made-easy Vocabulary. China R. July-Aug./86. N.

English Woman in, her Influence and Responsibilities. CHINE Inconnue. Jametel. Acad. Oct. 30/86. N.

Cal R. Oct./86. CHINESE. The Advisability, or the Reverse, of endeavouring to

Woman in, her Influence and Position. Dawson. Cal. convey Western Knowledge to the Chinese through the Medium R. Oct./86. of their own Language. Ch. B.R.A.S. Aug.186.

Revisited. Arnold. Acad. Oct. 30/86 N.
Histrionic Notes. Macgowan. Ch. B.R.A.S. Aug./86.

and Ceylon Seaports of. II. Phillips. Ch. B.R.A.S. and Tartars, Tibetans, etc. Parker. China'R. July. Aug./86. Aug./86.

INDIAN English-Educated Youths (Characteristics of). Bishan
Emperors (Alphabetical List of the Dynastic and Narayan Dar. Ind. M. Nov./86.
Reiga-titles). Playfair. Ch. B.R.A.S. Aug./86.

Epigraphy. Burgess. T. Ind. Nov. 19/86.
Fiction (Heroes and Villains in). Taylor. China R.

Literature (Curiosities of). Grierson. Ind. Antiq. Nov./86. July-Aug./86.

Religions. T. Ind. Nov. 5/86.
Government. Mayers. China R. July-Aug.186. N.

INSCHRIFT des Königs Mesa von Moab. Socin. Acad. Nov. Theatre (Le Théâtre des Chinois : études des meurs comparées. Tcheng-Ki-Tong). Spec. Dec. 11/86. N.

JAE SING; a story of the olden Punjab Time. Spencer. Cal. R. EASTERN Life and Scenery. Walker. Spec. Oct. 16/86. N.

Oct./86. EGYPT Exploration Fund. Gardner. Acad. Nov. 13/86.

JAPAN (Pictorial, Arts of). Anderson. Sat. R. Oct. 23/86 N. EGYPTIAN Oil Wells. T. Ind. Oct. 15/86.

Acad. Dec. 11/86 N. (Monkhouse). ENGLAND and India. Satthianadhan. Ind. M. Dec./86. N.

(Tour in). Ind. For. Nov./86. ENGLISH and Indian Literature. Ind. M. Dec./86.

JAPANESE (Simplified Grammar of the) Language. Chamberlain. EXHIBITION (Colonial and Indian). Mukerji. Ind. M. Nov./86. Athen. Oct. 16/86 N. FAH HIAN (The Chinese Traveller). Bayly. Ind. M. Nov./86.

Life, Lore and Legend. Dubard. Acad. Oct. 30/86 N. FA-HIEN (“ Pigeon Monastery" of). Beal. Acad. Nov. 6/86.

and Chinese Paintings in the British Museum. Ander

Acad. Dec. 11/86 N. (Monkhouse). FAYUM Papyrus (The Missing). Eisenlohr. Acad. Oct. 30/86.

JOURNAL of the China Branch of the R.A.S. Acad. Nov. 6/86 N. FOLKLORE of China (Contributions to the). Lockhart. China R. July-Aug.186.

As, Soc. Bengal. Acad. Oct. 16/86 N. (Westwood). FOOCHOW Dialect (Another small step in advance). Parker, KHANDANAKHANDAKHADYAM. Pandit, Oct & Nov./86. Chinese R. Aug./86.

LAKHIMA Thakurani. Grierson. Ind. Ant. Oct./86.


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LAKSHAMANAR Swayambar Natak. Kunjabihári Chaudhuri. SAMKSHEPESARIRAKAM. Pandit, Oct./86.
Cal. R./86 N.

SANSKRIT. A Latin Version of a Sanskrit Hymn. Bonwell. MADHAVIYA Dhátuvrittih. Pandit, Oct. & Nov./86.

Acad. Nov. 20/86.
MAHOMETANISM into China (Introduction of). Clarke. Chinese SARACENS in Egypt (Art of the). Poole. Athen. Nov. 27/86 N.
R. Aug.186.

Sat. R. Nov. 6/86 N.
MANCHURIA (Roadside Religion in). Macintyre. Ch. B.R.A.S. SASTRADIPIKA. Pandit, Oct.-Nov./86.

SHAH Shujaʻa (Last years of). Rehatsek. Ind. Antiq. Oct./86. MASPERO'S Forthcoming Work on Egyptian Archæology. SHANGHAI Dialect (Physiology in the). Edkins. Ch. B.R.A.S. Edwards. Acad. Nov. 6/86.

Aug./86. MIHIRAKULA (History and Date of). Beal & Smith. Ind.

SIMLA, Calcutta, and Darjeeling as Centres of Government. Antiq. Nov./86.

O'Donnell. Cal. R. Oct. 86. MUKADDASI (Description of Syria, including Palestine). Guy SRAUTAPADARTHANIRVACHANAM. Pandit, Oct.-Nov./86. Le Strange. Acad. Dec. 4/86 N. M Grigor.

SRIBHASHYAM. Pandit, Oct.-Nov./86. NEILGHERRY Hills (A Sporting Trip to the). T. Ind. Oct. 1/86.

SUB-TROPICAL Cultivations and Climates. Haldane. Athen. NEPAUL and Northern India (Journey of Literary and Archæo- Oct, 23/86 N. Acad. Nov. 27/86 N (Capper). logical Research in). Athen. Oct. 23/86 N.

SYRIA (Letters from). Maxwell. Sat. R. Dec. 11/86 N. NITI Literature of Burmah. Gray. Ind. Antiq. Nov./86.

(Material Progress in). Spec. Nov. 6/86. ORIENTALISTS' Congress, Egypto-African Section. Acad. Oct. 16/86.

TA-TS'IN (Where was). Allen. Ch. B.R.A.S. Aug./86. PALESTINE Exploration Fund. Athen. Oct. 23/86.

Reply to the above. Hirth. Ch. B.R.A.S. Aug.186. PANCHADASI with Translation. Pandit, Nov./86.

TIBET, Mission to. E.O.M. Nov./86.

TRAVANCORE (Report on the Administration of). Macdonald. PEGU (Notes on the Early History of). Phayre. Ind. Antiq.

Ind. M. Nov./86. Oct./86.

TRAVELLING Tinkers in Ancient Palestine. Sayce. Acad. Nov. PEKING (Description of a Journey). T. Ind. Nov. 5/86.

27/86. Tripos. Sat. Rev. Oct. 30/86. PERSIA, as it is.

TSZE CH'AN 7 (Life of). Eichler. China R. Joly-Aug./86. Wills. Athen. Dec. 11/86 N.

Spec. Nov.

VALABHI Inscriptions, No. XVIII. Bühler. Ind. Antiq. Nov.{86. the Land of the Imams. Bassett. Athen. Oct. 23/86 N. VOYAGE of John Huygben van Linshoten to the East Indies. Acad. Nov. 13/86 N. (Wilson).

Burnell and Tiele. Athen. Nov. 20/86 N. PRE-AKKADIAN Writing. Bertin. Acad. Nov.6/86. Lacouperie. VOYAGES and Travels (Early) in Russia and Persia, by Anth. Acad. Nov. 13/86.

Jenkinson and other Englishmen. Morgan and Coote. 'Athen. RUSSIAN Travellers in India. Sat. R. Nov. 20/86.

Oct. 16/86 N. SACRED Books of the East. Chalmers. China R. Julyo

WESTERN India (Marriage Customs in). Ind. M. Dec. 86 N. Aug./86 N.

'YIH-KING' and the ‘Ho-T’u. Harlez. Acad. Nov. 20/86.

13/86 N.

Periodicals reaching us by 14th of February and every alternate month will be indexed in the current issue of the RECORD.


THE ORIENTALIST. Vol. II. Parts V. and VI.Contents :—Doladux. By Sinhalese Stories Current in the Punjab. By J. P. Lewis. the Editor. -Some more Onomatopoetic Words in Sinhalese. -Sinhalese Folklore : The Two Peasants. By S. J. By H. White. — Nakkhatta-Jätaka. Translated by the Goonetilleke. -Ornaments Worn by the Moorish Women Lord Bishop of Colombo for the Ceylon Branch of the of Ceylon. By A. T. Shamsidin. — Influence of the Royal Asiatic Society.--Account of the Ruins of Topary. Portuguese and Dutch Languages on Sinhalese and By Lieut. Fagan.— Polonnaruva and its Ruins. By É. Ř. Tamil

. By E. Woodhouse.- Kapota-Jātaka. Translated G. Mudaliyar.-Magampattuva. By W. A, Ratnayaka. — by the Lord Bishop of Colombo.-Extracts of Positive and Desultory Notes on Panini and his Commentators. By the Permanent Orders, etc.-Sanskrit Puzales, Nos. XIX. and Editor. The Balavatāra, a Pali Grammar, with an XX. Solution of Sanskrit Puzzles, Nos. XVII. and English Translation and Notes. By L. Lee.-Curiosities XVIII. By K. V.-Notes and Queries. By the Editor. of Tamil Literature. By C. Brito.-Sinhalese Folklore : Vol. II. Parts IX. and X. - Contents :-On the Origin

Appoi.” By A. E. R. Corea. - Street Nomenclature of of Folklore. By L. Nell.-Curiosities of Tamil Literature. Colombo.--Origin and Language of the Inhabitants of By C. Brito. - Translation of the Jātakas. By T. B. Ceylon. By Prof. E. Kuhn, Translated by D. Ferguson. Panabokke.—Sinhalese Folklore : The Foolish Minister. -Sanskrit Puzzles, Nos. XVII. and XVIII.-Solution of By T. B. Panabokke. -Rittà Devi. By T. B. Panabokke. Sanskrit Puzzles, Nos. XV. and XVI. By L. C. Wijesinha. -Sinhalese Arithmetical Puzzles. By J. P. Lewis.- Notes and Queries. By J. P. Lewis.—The Balavabo- Ramazān Fast. By A. T. Shamsiden.-Kathālankāraya. dhana. By the Editor.

By F. W. de Silva. Tamil Folklore. By Anty de Vol. II. Parts VII. and VIII.-Contents : - Translation Rosairo. — Colonization of Vahakõtte by the Portuguese. of the Jātakas. By the Right Rev. R. S. Copleston. - By D. A. Jayawardene.–An Abstract of Information ConCuriosities of Tamil Literature. By C. Brito.-Stray cerning the Names applied to Ceylon. By A. Boucher.Notes on Amerādhapuran Archæology. By S. M. Burrows. Recent Explanation and Scientific Investigation.-Dum. -West Indian Proverbs. By The Hon. Sir Bruce L. medha-Jätaka. Translated by the Lord Bishop of Colombo Burnside.—The Origin of the Alphabet. By L. Nell. for the Ceylon Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. Tamil Folklore. By V. Mudaliyar. -Sinhalese Folklore.

Annual Subscription, 125. THE TROPICAL AGRICULTURIST. Vol. VI. No. 4. October, 1886.- Contents :-Ceylon Up-Country Planting Report.-Stray Botanical Notes from Up-Country Planting Report.-Spring Valley Coffee Com- a Visitor to the Southern Province, Ceylon.– The Kalutara pany.-Ouvah Coffee Company Limited.--Horticulture in Tea District. Planting Prospects in Udapussellawn, Bangalore. -Cinchona in Java. Notes on Indian and Ceylon.-Cardamoms in Southern India.-Stray Notes on Ceylon Products from the Old Country. - Agriculture on Cacao in Ceylon. – The Tea Planter's Manual. -Native the Continent of Europe.-Coffee Planting in Southern Cultivation and Cattle Murrain.—New Products: Suitability India and Ceylon.- Coffee and Areca in Mysore.-Letters of Uva for Tea; Coffee Pruning ; Paddy (Rice) Insects in from Jamaica.

Vol. vi. No. 5. November, 1886.- Contents :-Ceylon Annual Subscription for 12 numbers, £1 6s.


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THE CALCUTTA REVIEW. No. 166. October, 1886. Price 6s. Contents :--The prisonment for Debt in India, By A. Stephen.-Bi-Metal. Norman Archipelago. By H. G. Keene. - Lives of the lism and its Difficulties. By F. B. Hibbert. --Simla, Twelve Cæsars as written by a Contemporary. By Rev. Calcutta and Darjeeling as Centres of Government. By C. T. J. Scott. — Is Hindu Music Scientific ? By Prof. H. M. J. O'Donnell. - Jae Sing. A Story of the Olden Punjab Percival.-Comparative Criminal Procedure. By H. A. D. Time. By R. Spencer.—Song of the Algerine Corsairs. Phillips. –Woman in India : Her Influence and Position. By Col. F. H. T.-The Quarter. -Summary of Annual By J. E. Dawson.—The Englishwoman in India : Her Reports. — Critical Notices. — General Literature.-VerInfluence and Responsibilities. By J. E. Dawson.-Im- nacular Literature.

Vol. XIV. No. 6. May-June, 1886.-Contents :-The Vol. XV. No. 1. July-August, 1886.- Contents : -
Yi King and its Appendices. By J. Edkins. — The Tan The Sacred Books of the East. By J. Chalmers.—The
Teh King Remains. By J. Chalmers, J. Edkins, and E. Life of Tsze-Ch'an. By E. R. Eichler.-Chinese and
H. Parker.-Important Hints as to the Behaviour of Boys. Tartars, Tibetan, etc. By E. H. Parker.—Heroes and
Translation from the Chia Pao, Part I. Vol. VI. Villains in Chinese Fiction.-Contributions to the Folk-
Hung Te-hsing.–Chinese Relations with Tartars. By E. Lore of China. By J. H. S. Lockhart. – Enigmatic
H. Parker.—Astrology in Ancient China. By J. Edkins. Parallelisms of the Canton Dialect. By T. W. Pearce and
-Contributions to the Folk-Lore of China.- Remains of J. H. S. Lockhart.- Funeral Notices. By G. M. H.
Lao Tzů. By H. A. Giles. —Notes and Queries.

Playfair. —Notes and Queries.
Subscription per Annum, £1 10s.


THE INDIAN ANTIQUARY. Vol. XV. Part CLXXXVIII. October, 1886. Contents : Vol. XV. Part CLXXXIX. November, 1886.The Last Years of Shah Shuja'a, with an Appendix on the Contents : - Discursive Contributions towards the ComparaAffairs of Herat. By E. Rehatsek.—The Four Princes. tive Study of Asiatic Symbolism. By H. G. M. MurrayBy the Rev. J. Hinton Knowles. — The Bhagalpur Plate of Aynsley. — The Four Princes. By Rev. J. Hinton Knowles. Narayanapala. By E. Hultzsch. -An English-Gipsy - Valabhi Inscriptions, No. XVIII. By G. Bühler.-An Index, Compiled by Mrs. Grierson ; with an Introductory English-Gipsy Index. Compiled by Mrs. Grierson ; with Note by G. A. Grierson.-The Religion of the Arabs. — an Introductory Note by G. A. Grierson.- Progress of Some Hints on Looking for Megalithic Monuments and European Scholarship. By G. A. Grierson.-A Ňote on Stone Implements in India. By H. G. M. Murray-Aynsley. the History and Date of Mihirakula. By V. A. Smith.-Notes on the Early History of Pegu. By the late Sir Curiosities of Indian Literature. By G. A. Grierson.Arthur Phayre.-Curiosities of Indian Literature. By G. Book Notices. A. Grierson.-The Iyar-i-Danish. By E. R.-Protap

Annual Subscription, £t 16s. Chandra Roy's Mahabharata.-Book Notices.


AND QUERIES. A Monthy Periodical devoted to the Systematic Collection Dames (Panjab); R. Douglas (British Museum, China); of Authentic Notes and Scraps of Information on all D. W. Ferguson (Ceylon) ; J. F. Fleet, C.I.E. (Sanskrit, Matters connected with the Country and the People. Con- Bombay); G. A. Grierson (Bengal); Rev. J. H. Knowles ducted by Captain R. C. Temple, Bengal Staff Corps, (Kashmir); D. J. A. Hervey (Malacca); E. H. Man Member of the Council Royal Asiatic and Folk-Lore (Andaman Islands); R. Sewell (Madras); G. Watt, C.I.E. Societies, and Joint Editor “ Indian Antiquary,” etc., with (Economic Products). the Assistance of Messrs. W. Crooke (N.W.P.); M. L.

No. 1, now ready. Annual Subscription, including postage, 175.

REVUE COLONIALE INTERNATIONALE. Vol. III. No. 4. October, 1886. Price 25. 60.- Intérêt pour la Science Coloniale. Par le Dr. C. M. Kan. Contents : Ueber das Haaropfer und einige andere - Colonies et Protectorats Français. Correspondance Trauergebräuche bei den Völkern Indonesiens. Von Dr. Trimestrielle. Par Dr. Cte. Meigners d'Estrey.-BibG. A. Wilken. I.-Anhang Das Verbot der Wiederve. liographie Mensuelle. theirathung der Wittwe während der Trauerzeit und die Vol. III. No. 6. December, 1886. Price 25. 6d. confusio Sanguinis.—Colonial and Indian Exhibition, South Contents : - Colonial and Indian Exhibition, South Ken. Kensington. By Commander V. Lovett Cameron, R.N., sington. By Commander V. Lovett Cameron, R.N, C.B. C.B. II., India. Central-Amerika und der Panama- IV., Australasia.–Central Amerika und der Panama-Kanal. Kanal. Von Dr. H. Polakowsky. II.-The Tobacco Von Dr. Polakowsky. IV.-Die Zunehmende Bedeutung Culture at the Colonial Exhibition in London. By G. der unteren Donauläuder in colonial politische Beziehung. Harkema.– Bibliographie Mensuelle.

-Imperial Federation. By S. B. Todd, C.M.G.-Les Vol. III. No. 5. November, 1886. Price 28. 60.- Journées du 12 au 25 Septembre, 1886, à Berlin et leur Contents :-Colonial and Indian Exhibition, South Ken- Intérêt pour la Science Coloniale. Par le Dr. C. M. Kan. sington. By Commander V. Lovett Cameron, R.N., C.B. II.- Die Bedeutung des Schingu für die Ethnologie des III., Canada and Australasia.--Central Amerika und der nördlichen Sudamerika. Von Dr. K. von den Steinen.Panama-Kanal. Von Dr. H. Polakowsky. III.-Les Travels in Guiana and Venezuela. By Dr. H. F. C. ten Journées du 12 au 25 Septembre, 1886, á Berlin et leur Kate. - Bibliographie Mensuelle.


Official and other

Authorized Publications.

GREAT BRITAIN. Publications of the English Dialect Society. NO. 45. A DICTIONARY OF ENGLISH PLANT NAMES. By James Britten, F.L.S. (Department of Botany, British Museum), and Robert Holland. Part III. Svo. paper.

Price Ios.

STRAITS SETTLEMENTS. Publications of the Straits Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. JOURNAL. No. 16. December, 1885. (Published half-yearly). Price 9s. Contents :-Council for 1886. – List of

Members. ---Proceedings of Annual General Meeting. - Annual Report of the Council for 1885.- Treasurer's Accounts. ---Assets and Liabilities. —Plan for a Volunteer Force in the Muda Districts, Province Wellesley. By the late J. R. Logan.-A Description of the Chinese Lottery known as “Hua-Hoey.” By C. W. S. Kynnersley.-0a the Roots in the Malay Language, from the Dutch of J. Pijnappel. -Klieng's W Raid to the Skies ; a Dyak Myth. By the Rev. J. Perham. - Valentyn's Account of Malacca, translated from the Dutch (contributed by the Hon. D. F. A. Harvey) continued. - On Mines and Miners in Kinta, Perak. By A. Hale.- English, Sulu, and Malay Vocabulary. By T. Ü. Haynes. — Meteorological Report for 1885. By T. J. Rowell. -Occasional Notes-Notes and Queries, No. 3.

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INDIA. Publications of the Geological Survey of India. PALÆONTOLOGIA INDICA. Memoirs, Series X. Vol. IV. Indian Tertiary and Post-Tertiary Vertebrata. By R.

Lydekker, B.A., F.G.S., etc. Royal 8vo. sewed, pp. iv.-36, with Sketch Plan of Billa Surgam Caves and 5 Plates of Illustrations, with Explanatory Letterpress. Price 2s. 6d.

AUSTRALIA. Publications of the Government of New South Wales. THIRTY-FIRST ANNUAL REPORT OF THE POSTMASTER-GENERAL on the Departments under his

Ministerial Control, 1885. In wrapper, pp. 152. Price 5s.

Publications of the Linnean Society of New South Wales. PROCEEDINGS. Second Series. Vol. I. Part II. August, 1886. Price 125. Contents :-On some Lepidoptera

from the Fly River. By E. Meyrick, B.A., F.E.S.-Catalogue of the Described Coleoptera of Australia. Part IV. By George Masters. — Miscellanea Entomologica, No. 1. The Genus Diphucephala. By William Macleay, F.L.S., etc. - A Revision of the Staphylinide of Australia. Part I. By A. Sydney Olliff

, F.E.S.-Notes from the Australian Museum : Descriptions of two New Fishes. By E. P. Ramsay, F.R.S.E., and J. Douglas-Ogilby.Notes on some Australian Tertiary Fossils. By Captain F. W. Hutton.—On some Further Evidences of Glaciation in the Australian Alps. By J. Stirling, F.G.S., F.L.S.- Jottings from the Biological Laboratory, Sydney University. By W. A. Haswell, M.A., B.Sc. No. 7. On Cutting Sections of Delicate Vegetable Structures. No. 8. On the Vocal Organs” of the Cicada. — Mount Wilson and its Ferns. By P. N. Trebeck. - List of the Freshwater Rhizopoda of New South Wales. Part I. By Thomas Whitelegge.--Note on Ctenodax Wilkinsoni. By William Macleay, F.L.S., etc.— Notes on the Recent Eruptions in the Taupo Zone, New Zealand. By Professor Stephens, M.A., F.G.S., etc.- Notes on Australian Earthworms. Part I. By J. J. Fletcher, M.A., B.Sc.- Notes on the Distribution of Ceratella fusca, Gray, from the Coast of New South Wales. By John Brazier, C.M.Z.S.-Elections and Donations.-Notes and Exhibits.

Publications of the Government of Victoria. ANNUAL REPORT OF THE SECRETARY OF MINES AND WATER SUPPLY on the Working of the

Regulation and Inspection of Mines and Mining Machinery Act during the year 1885. In wrapper, pp. 122,

Plans, Diagrams, etc. NATURAL HISTORY OF VICTORIA. Prodromus of the Zoology of Victoria ; or, Figures and Descriptions

of the Living Species of all classes of the Victorian Indigenous Animals. Decade XII. By Frederick M'Coy, F.R.S., etc. Royal 8vo. paper, Ten Plates with descriptive text.

Price 5s.

Price 5s.


of New Series). Edited and Published under the Authority of the Board of Governors of the Institute by James Hector, C.M.G., M.D., F.R.S. Demy Svo. paper, pp. xix, and 468, with Plates. Price £1 Is.


NEW ORIENTAL BOOKS. 8vo. cloth, pp. xxiv. and 162. Price 6s.

Part IV. Imperial 8vo. sewed, pp. 64. Price 5s. THE TEA PLANTER'S MANUAL.


PROVERBS. With Coloured Lithographed Plans of an Iron, and a Including many Marwari, Punjabi, Maggah, Bhojpuri Wood-and-Stone Tea Factory, drawn to scale.

and Tirhuti Proverbs, Sayings, Emblems, Aphorisms,
Maxims and Similes.

By the late S. W. FALLON, Ph.D. Halle.
New Edition.

Edited and Revised by Capt. R. C. TEMPLE, F.R.G.S., 8vo. cloth, pp. cxliii. and 626. With Map.

M.R.A.S, etc., Bengal Staff Corps.
Price £ 1 is.

Parts I. to VII. 4to. Price 35. each.
Bart., K.C.B., Governor of Madras;



In Devanagari Characters.
Edited with an Introductory Memoir and Notes,



A COLLECTION OF SANSKRIT WORKS. Edited by the Pandits of the Benares Sanskrit College under the Superintendence of R. T. H. GRIFFITH, M.A.,

and G. THIBAUT, Ph. D.

8vo. sewed. Price 3s. each. No. 15.-The Aphorisms of the Vaiseshika Philosophy. No. 17.- Rasagangádhara. A Treatise on the Art of

By Kanáda, with the Commentary of Prasastapada, and Poetical Composition. By Pandit Jagannátha, with a the Gloss of Udayanacharya. Edited by Pandit Vin- Commentary called Gurumarmaprakasa by Nagesá dhyesvari Prasada Dube. Fasc. I.

Bhatta. _Edited by Pandit Gángádhara Sastri ManaNo. 16.-The Tantravártika. A Gloss on Sábara Svámi's valli. Fasc. II.

Commentary on the Mimansá Sutras. By Bhatta No. 18.–Katyavana's Pratis'ákhya of the White YajurKumárila. 'Edited by Pandit Dhundhiraja Panta, Dhar- Veda, with the Commentary of Uvata. Edited by madhikari. Fasc. III.

Pandit Yugalkris'ora Páthaka. Fasc. III.

NOW READY. Demy 8vo. cloth, pp. xxiv. and 332. Price £l is. ; large paper, £2 10s. THE DAWN DAWN OF BRITISH TRADE TO THE

EAST INDIES. AS RECORDED IN THE COURT MINUTES OF THE EAST INDIA COMPANY 1599-1603. Containing an account of the Formation of the Company, the First Adventure and Waymouth's Voyage in Search of the

North-West Passage. Now First Printed from the Original Manuscript, by

HENRY STEVENS, of Vermont.

With an Introduction by

Sir GEORGE BIRDWOOD, Kt. C.S.I., M.D. The original Manuscript from which this Volume is printed is preserved in the India Office, London. Some few years ago it fell under the notice of the late Mr. Henry Stevens, of Vermont, who, ever watchful for new material for history, especially American, immediately recognized its importance. Finding that only a very small portion had ever been quoted, he determined to print it in full, and with the sanction of the authorities of the India 'Office, forthwith employed an expert to transcribe it exactly with all its peculiarities of spelling and contraction.

The Volume contains an exhaustive Index of 47 pages.
The edition is limited to 500 copies small paper (demy 8vo.) and 50 copies large paper (super royal 8vo.).



Cat. XXVII. (4000 Nos.)


Envoi sur demande affranchie.
E. J. BRILL, à LEIDE, Librairie ancienne et moderne.

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