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Filippone, Ella F., economist, Basking Ridge, N.J., prepared statement..

Goodell, Hon. Charles E., a U.S. Senator from the State of New York..

Hawkins, Dr. David, professor of philosophy, the University of Colorado..

Levy, Alan, representing Group for Environmental Education.

Lumley, John M., assistant executive secretary for legislation and Federal

relations, National Education Association, prepared statement.

Little, Mrs. Betty, conservationist and economist, Basking Ridge, N.J.,

prepared statement, with attachment.

McGrath, Kyran M., director, American Association of Museums, Wash-

ington, D.C., prepared statement.

Margetts, Josephine S., assemblywoman, District 10A (Morris), Blue Mill

Road, New Vernon, N.J., prepared statement, with attachment..

Mold, Frederick, director of Fairbanks Museum of Natural Science, St.

Johnsbury, Vt----

Prepared statement.

Nelson, Hon. Gaylord, a U.S. Senator from the State of Wisconsin.

Prepared statement.

Packwood, Hon. Robert W., a U.S. Senator from the State of Oregon.

Pratt, James, and Alan Levy, American Institute of Architects.-

Prepared statement, with attachment...

Somerset County Park Commission, Sommerville, N.J., prepared state-


S. 3151, prepared statement on, by Daniel M. Kelley, publisher, College &

University Business Nation's Schools, with attachment..

Vlasin, Raymond, D., assistant chancellor for Community Outreach, the

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay; and Assistant Chancellor for Ex-

tension, University Extension, The University of Wisconsin, prepared


Westell, Dr. Casey E., Jr., General Woodlands manager, Packaging Corp.

of America, Filer City, Mich., prepared statement...

Wick, William Q., professor and head, Oregon State advisory program,

OSU Marine Science Center, Newport, Oreg -

Prepared statement, with attachments---


Appendix-Questionnaire submitted by Scnator Gaylord Nelson and

responses received...

Articles, publications, and so forth, entitled:

"A New Role for American Education,” by the Office of Education,

Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, May 19, 1970.---

Commissioner Allen's comments concerning the Advisory Committee

established by S. 3151, extension of....

Commissioner Allen's response to Senator Cranston's question con-

cerning population as an environmental problem..

“Education and Ecology,” by Garrett DeBell, Washington representa-

tive, Zero Population Growth, Inc.---

Environmental education within Office of Education, submitted by

Commissioner Allen ---

Suggested amendment to S. 3151 requested by Senator Nelson..

Communications from:

Parker, William J., 21 Arizona Circle, Madison, Wis., May 25, 1970-

Communications to:

Chaney, Ed, editor, Conservation News, National Wildlife Federation,

Washington, D.Ć., from Walter A. Jones, chief naturalist, Director

of Environmental Education, Somerset County Park Commission,

Sommerville, N.J., June 17, 1970.---

Labor and Public Welfare, Committee on, from Cynthia E. Wilson,

Washington representative, National Audubon Society, National

Capital Office, Washington, D.C., December 12, 1969.

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Communications to—Continued

Pell, Hon. Claiborne, a U.S. Senator from the State of Rhode Island,
Callison, Charles H., executive vice president, National Audubon
Society, New York, N.Y.:

February 12, 1970.

June 8, 1970.-
Crow, John H., assistant professor of botany, Rutgers, the State

university, Newark, N.J., June 5, 1970.-
Du Bois, Alan, assistant director, Museum of Fine Arts, St.

Petersburg, Fla., June 19, 1970---
Hawkes, Alfred L., executive director, Audubon Society of

Rhode Island, Providence, R.I., June 24, 1970, with enclosure.
Howe, Eugene É., Ph. D., vice president for Community Action,

Franklin Conservation Club, Somerset, N.J., June 2, 1970.---
Howell, Joanne L., secretary, Township of Bernards, N.J.,

May 28, 1970.

Zimmerman, Charles F., Radnor, Pa., June 19, 1970..
The Chairman, Committee on Labor and Public Welfare, U.S. Senate,

Washington, D.C., from Edwin J. Kirschner, director, Trans-
portation, Travel and Tourism, Research and Consulting Group,
Washington, D.C., May 15, 1970, with enclosure..
Williams, Hon. Harrison A., á U.S. Senator from the State of New

Jersey, from Murray F. Buell, director, ecology program, Rutgers
University, Department of Botany, New Brunswick, N.J., June 1,



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