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[March 15,

Technology, Massachusetts Historical Society, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, State Library of Massachusetts, Mr. Stephen P. Sharples, Boston, Mass.; Museum of Comparative Zoology, Profs. George Lincoln Goodale, J. D. Whitney, Dr. Justin Winsor, Mr. Robert N. Toppan, Cambridge, Mass. ; Free Public Library, New Bedford, Mass.; Essex Institute, Salem, Mass.; Prof. Elihu Thomson, Swampscott, Mass.; American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, Mass.; Providence Franklin Society, R. I. Historical Society, Brown University, Dr. A. S. Packard, Providence, R. I.; Mr. George F. Dunning, Farmington, Conn.; Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford; Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station, Yale University, Profs. O. C. Marsh, H. A. Newton, New Haven, Conn.; New York State Library, Prof. James Hall, Albany, N. Y.; Buffalo Library. Society of Natural Sciences, Buffalo, N. Y.; Prof. Edward North, Clinton, N. Y.; Profs. T. F. Crane, J. M. Hart, W. T. Hewett, Ithaca, N. Y.; American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Columbia College; American Museum of Natural History, New York Academy of Medicine, Historical Society, New York Hospital, Academy of Science, Brevet Brigadier-General H. L. Abbot, Captain R. S. Hayes, Profs. Joel A. Allen, Isaac H. Hall, J. J. Stevenson, Dr. Daniel Draper, New York, N. Y.; Geological Society of America, Rochester, N. Y.; Prof. W. Le Conte Stevens, Troy, N. Y.; Oneida Historical Society, Utica, N. Y.; United States Military Academy, West Point, N. Y.; Free Public Library, Jersey City, N. J.; Prof. Robert W. Rogers, Madison, N. J.; Profs. C. F. Brackett, A. B. Fine, W. Henry Green, Princeton, N. J.; Dr. Charles B. Dudley, Altoona, Pa.; Dr. Robert H. Alison, Ardmore, Pa.; Dr. Charles F. Himes, Carlisle, Pa.; Prof. M. H. Boyè, Coopersburg, Pa.; Hon. Eckley B. Coxe, Drifton, Pa.; American Academy of Medicine, Dr. Traill Green, Prof. J. W. Moore, Rev. Thomas Conrad Porter, Easton, Pa.; State Library of Pennsylvania, Hon. Robert E. Pattison, Mr. Andrew S. McCreath, Harrisburg, Pa.; Haverford College, Profs. Lyman B. Hall, Allen C. Thomas, Haverford, Pa.; Mr. John Fulton, Johnstown, Pa.; Academy of

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Natural Sciences, Hon. Henry Reed, Profs. Andrew A. Blair, James MacAlister, William Pepper, Samuel P. Sadtler, Albert H. Smyth, Dr. D. G. Brinton, Messrs. R. Meade Bache, Richard S. Hunter, E. V. d'Invilliers, Samuel Wagner, Mrs. Helen Abbott Michael, Philadelphia; Mr. Heber S. Thompson, Pottsville, Pa.; Rev. F. A. Muhlenberg, Reading, Pa.; Dr. W. H. Appleton, Swarthmore, Pa.; Dr. John Curwen, Warren, Pa.; Philosophical Society, Hon. William Butler, West Chester, Pa.; Wyoming Historical and Geological Society, Wilkesbarre, Pa.; Agricultural Experiment Station Newark, Del.

Accessions to the Library were reported from the Government Observatory, Madras, India; R. Geographical Society, St. Petersburg, Russia; État Independant du Congo, Bruxelles, Belgique; K. K. Zoologisch-botanisch Gesellschaft, Vienna, Austria; R. Accademia d. Scienze, Turin, Italy; R. Academia de Ciencias y Artes, Barcelona, Spain; Society of Antiquaries, R. Meterological Society, London, Eng.; R. Geological Society of Cornwall, Penzance, Eng.; Theological Seminary, Andover, Mass.; Essex Institute, Salem, Mass.; Prof. O. C. Marsh, New Haven, Conn.; Oneida Historical Society, Utica, N. Y.; American Academy of Medicine, Easton, Pa.; Free Public Library, Jersey City, N. J.; Mercantile Library, Academy of Natural Sciences, College of Physicians, University of Pennsylvania, Indians' Rights Association, Mr. Henry Carey Baird, Philadelphia; United States Naval Institute, Annapolis, Md.; Enoch Pratt Free Library, Editor of the Journal of Philology, Baltimore, Md.; Historical Society of Southern California, Los Angeles; Mercantile Library Association, St. Louis, Mo.; Society of Natural History, Cincinnati, O.; Mr. William R. Head, Chicago, Ill.; State University of Iowa, State Historical Society, Iowa City, Ia.; University of Wisconsin, Madison; Prof. J. L. Campbell, Crawfordsville, Ind.; University of Kansas, Lawrence; Colorado Scientific Society, Denver; Ob. servatoire Météorologique Central, Observatorio Astronomico Nacional de Tacubaya, Direccion Général de Estadistica, Mexico, Mexico; Sociedad Cientifica Argentina, Buenos

Aires; Agricultural Experiment Stations, Amherst, Mass., College Park, Md., Experiment, Ga., Fort Collins, Colo., Lincoln, Neb., Corvallis, Oregon, Lawrence, Wyo.

The following deaths were announced :

M. Victor Duruy, Paris, France.

Sig. Giovanni Battista Rossi, Rome, Italy.

A portrait of the late Dr. John Le Conte was presented on behalf of the donor, Mrs. Le Conte, by Dr. Horn, who referred to the services to science rendered by Dr. Le Conte. Dr. J. C. Morris followed with a tribute to the memory of Dr. Le Conte's personal and official career, and moved a vote of thanks to Mrs. Le Conte for the gift of the portrait. Carried.

Mr. Benjamin Smith Lyman read a paper entitled "Folds and Faults in Pennsylvania Anthracite Beds."

On account of the large number of engravings required by the paper, on motion of Dr. Brinton it was referred to a special committee of three, to be appointed by the Chair.

The following paper was read by title by Prof. E. D. Cope: "The Structure and Origin of the Zygomatic Arch in the Mammalia," by Daniel Slade, Mus. Comp. Zoology.

Dr. Cope presented a paper, for the Proceedings, illustrated by a number of specimens, on some "Extinct Cetacea." Pending nominations 1306, 1307, 1308, 1309 were read. And the Society was adjourned by the presiding member.

Stated Meeting, April 5, 1895.

President, Mr. FRALEY, in the Chair.

Mr. Henry C. Mercer, a newly-elected member, was presented to the Chair and took his seat.

Correspondence was submitted as follows:

Acknowledgments of election to membership were received


R. T. Glazebrook, F.R.S., Cambridge, Eng.

C. A. M. Fennell, Litt.D., Cambridge, Eng.

Prince Roland Bonaparte, Paris, France.
E. A. Wallis Budge, Litt. D., London, Eng.
Sir George Grove, C.B, London, Eng.
William Huggins, D.C.L., London, Eng.
Rev. James Legge, LL.D., Oxford, Eng.
Rev. Isaac Taylor, LL.D., York, Eng.
Prof. W. Wundt, Leipzig, Germany.
Dr. Ernst Curtius, Berlin, Prussia.

Mr. Joseph Wilcox, Philadelphia.


Mr. Henry C. Mercer, Doylestown, Pa. Prof. Gabriel de Mortellet, St. Germain-en-Laye, France. Letters of envoy were received from the Government As. tronomer, Madras, India; K. K. Astronomisch-meteorolog. ische Observatorium, Triest, Austria; Université Royale, Lund, Sweden; Bureau des Longitudes, Paris, France; R. Academia de Ciencias y Artes, Barcelona, Spain; Meteorological Office, British Association for the Advancement of Science, London, Eng.; Royal Irish Academy, Dublin; Oneida Historical Society, Utica, N. Y.; Dirección General de Estadistica de la República Mexicana, Mexico.

Letters of acknowledgment were received from the Institut Egyptien, Cairo (142, 144, 145); R. Zoological Society, Amsterdam, Netherlands (145); Royal Library, The Hague, Holland (145); Colonial Museum, Musée Teyler, Harlem, Holland (145); Friesch Genootschap van Geschied Oudheid en Taalkunde, Leewarden, Holland (145); Académie R. des Sciences, des Lettres, etc., Bruxelles, Belgique (144, 145); Prof. Peter R. v. Tunner, Leoben, Styria (144); Naturforschende Gesellschaft, Bamberg, Bavaria (145); Naturhistorische Gesellschaft, Hannover, Prussia (142, 144, 145); Prof. Carl Vogt, Geneva, Switzerland (145); Accademia R. delle Scienze, Torino, Italia (144); Philosophical Society, Cambridge, Eng. (145); Public Library, Boston, Mass. (143, 146); Profs. William W. Goodwin, Alpheus Hyatt, C. R. Lanman, Cambridge, Mass. (143); Rev. Edward E. Hale, Roxbury, Mass. (146); Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Holl, Mass. (143, 146); R. I. Agricultural Experiment Station, Kingston (143, 146); PROC. AMER. PHILOS. SOC. XXXIV. 147. u. PRINTED JUNE 12, 1895.

[April 5,

Prof. Levi W. Russell, Providence, R.I. (143); American Journal of Science (143), Prof. H. A. Newton, New Haven, Conn. (142, 144, 145); Prof. B. G. Wilder, Ithaca, N. Y. (143, 146); N. Y. Academy of Medicine (141, 145), Editor of the Popu lar Science Monthly (143), Hon. Charles P. Daly (143, 146), Prof. Henry F. Osborn, New York, N.Y. (143); Oneida Historical Society, General Charles W. Darling, Utica, N.Y. (143); Profs. William Libbey, Jr. (143), C. A. Young, Princeton, N. J. (143, 146); Dr. E. D. Warfield, Easton, Pa. (143); Mr. S. M. Sener, Lancaster, Pa. (143); Profs. Henry F. Bitner, H. Justin Roddy, Millersville, Pa. (143); Profs. Andrew A. Blair (142, 144, 145), J. Solis Cohen (143), Drs. Persifor Frazer (146), John Marshall (146), D. K. Tuttle (143), Charles Stewart Wurts, (143, 146), Messrs. Arthur Biddle (143), Arthur E. Brown (143, 146), Robert Patterson Field (143, 146), Joseph C. Fraley (143), William A. Ingham (143, 146), Thomas Meehan (143), Robert Patterson (143), L. A. Scott (143, 146), Joseph Wilcox Philadelphia (143–146); Patent Office Library Washington, D. C. (143); Captain William N. Casey, U.S A., Norfolk, Va. (143); Academy of Science, St. Louis, Mo. (146); College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, Mesilla Park, N. M. (143); Museo Nacional (144), Société Scientifique du Chili, Santiago de Chile (142).

Letters of acknowledgment (143 and 146) were received from the Smithsonian Institution (6 cases, 446 packages), Anthropological Society, Bureau of Ethnology, Library Surgeon-General's Office, U. S. Naval Observatory, U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, U. S. Geological Survey, U. S. Department of Agriculture, Rt. Rev. John J. Keane, Profs. S. F. Emmons, C. V. Riley, Charles A. Schott, Dr. W. J. Hoffman, Mr. Lester F. Ward, Washington, D.C.; Mr. Jedediah Hotchkiss, Staunton, Va.; University of Virginia, Va.; Prof. J. W. Mallet, University of Virginia, Va.; Hon. Lyon G. Tyler, Williamsburg, Va.; West Virginia University, Morgantown; Agricultural Experiment Station, Raleigh, N.C.; Georgia Historical Society, Savannah; Agricultural Experiment Station, Knoxville, Tenn.; Experiment Station Library, Auburn, Ala.;

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